oh take an ol country boy an make it look like he was cooking large amounts of meth and all he was probaly doing was for himself but sheriff heath it raised your hero statis up a notch but all in all there was more manpower an money spent putting on your BIG BUST show!! news media swarmed to it like flies on sh?t,people this man wasnt what the news or the BEULAVILLE BERNEY FIFES was making it out to be its a shame they had to fabricate it as a BIG meth warehouse operation ,we need to look between the lines of how the duplin county jones county sheriff depts use little crimes to blow up into big news just to make those clowns have there "im the big hero ego "its all a bunch of sh?t an you no that it is duplin county jones county esp the beulaville police dept need to come down to size like the people you really are..barney fifes!!