Fed-up taxpayers aren't asking, they'...

Fed-up taxpayers aren't asking, they're demanding

There are 24 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Jan 14, 2008, titled Fed-up taxpayers aren't asking, they're demanding. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

As a property owner in Johnson County, I was shocked when our property tax bill increased by $5,000 without notice last year.

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Carl Hoffman


#21 Jan 15, 2008
Can anyone tell me the correct value of any home, business or vacant land? No you can not till someone buys it and money is in the bank. That is when it should be taxed if it has to be. Property values are falling only thing going up is taxes.
They will go higher to make up the short fall from other sources. Does it really matter where the funds come from to support government. Allow real ownership of the land we are not willing to ve serfs any longer. They say the money cannot be made up by sales taxes why? Are we goudgeing the property owners to much? Only tax payers pay who are workers, it all comes from them. Sales tax allows them to decide when where and what to buy. It also takes the control from goverment.
Carl Hoffman


#22 Jan 15, 2008
Ron in answer to your questions yes to all. I did and in fact I lobbied for police and firemen. I have no regrets for doing so. I feel the same here about law enforcement they are under paid adn overworked in my opinion. I think I know where you are going. No where do I say we should not have taxes. What I have said is they should be fair to all and all should pay them. It really makes no difference where they come from does it? What is unfair and I see it happening is on property the real value is never known till it is sold. Second it make us serfs, look up the word. We never own a home and many seniors have paid ten times what they purchased the home for when they bought it, via taxes. I have no problems with sales tax at any number if they can show a need to have it there. What I do have a problem with is the propety owners having a tax no one else has to pay.In California we passed propersition 13 to ensure home owners were protected to some degree. It should have been more but it was the best we could do. The housing bubble has burst and it will see many lose their homes. None should lose them because of taxes owed.CITI is barrowing billions and laying off 20.000 workers asked them who will pay their tax bills. The money is not coming from USA it is China, I do not care to have China holding any mortages on American citizens propery in any way.
We all know taxes are needed and most will pay them. We can do away with the property taxes and allow real ownership by citizens. Government is wasteful and can cut. I supported Micht Daniels I was working in FSSA here in Indiana and saw the waste, he had to cut and act and he has. I still support him but if a candidate comes along willing to remove the property taxes I will support that candidate with time and money. Land is the root of the freedom we have here in America given a choice I think most citizens would like to say they really own something.
Carl Hoffman


#23 Jan 16, 2008
First anyone who does not believe we are in financial trouble has been in a deep cave.

Our major banks have barrowed billions from foreign nations to remain solvent. China, Saudi Arabia, have stepped in to make the loans, as our government could not. The M-2 by which the government controls the cash flow cannot stop what is happening.

In laymanís terms here is what I think. Not looking for any bashing we are all in the same boat as taxpayers.

The taxpayers are like a California hillside that has been burnt off. They have now been rained on for many years (high taxes). They can take no more so a mudslide has started. Foreclosures of overpriced homes. The banks that loaned the inflated prices are not able to stop the mudslide. The government cannot stop it with the M-2 as it reacts to the movement to slowly and banks do not have the cash needed. Hence the barrowed billions form foreign nations.

CITI is discharging twenty thousand people. They will not have the same incomes so we are going to see a shortfall of income taxes, just when the government needs to collect more so it can help the banks. We will see more of this happening. As it happens the mudslide will get larger and affect more or our economy.

The mudslide will not stop till it is at the very bottom. When it has stopped many will be without their home, business, and lives. Ruined by something they had no control over.

That is why I feel property taxes should be completely and totally done away with. People who have paid their mortgages off should be free of worry of having their land taken by not being able to pay taxes. The other reason is they really own something of value so they can if need be secure a loan to assist a family member, buy something else. This means citizens control the cash in part not just the banks and government. The way it is now when the mudslide is over the banks and government will again start the process all over and decide who gets what and for how much.

The other reason and main one is I am tired of being a serf. Look up the word. You will see it fits the American taxpayer better then it did the Russian pheasants who worked the land or the one of old English medieval times.

Register and vote citizens we are the only ones who can stop the mudslide.
Carl Hoffman papa serf


#24 Jan 19, 2008
update Marion will not mail the tax bills till after the election. Wonder why? The internet is changeing the way we find out the information we need to make our votes count. Stop being a serf and register and vote.

This story again points up the reason for complete removal of all property taxes. Every tax on real estate should be removed once and for all. It makes no sense government gives business a tax abatement to entice them to build a business in Indiana. Why not just say you will pay no property taxes? We will tax what you make or sell or the income you report. That way the rise and fall of the value of the real estate is removed from the process of assessing the value. Large or small business get treated the same, fair to all and no special deals to anyone. Not one person can look at a steel mill and tell the value of it, or the homes in a given neighborhood.

Assessors should be called guess workers at best. Removing the property taxes does away with a layer of government that is outdated. It will allow real ownership of land keeping some wealth in the hands of the ones who earned it, the common citizens. I do not think the banks or government should be entrusted to hold all the money, wealth and decide whom and what amount is will allow the serfs to use. What we see happening now only confirms my point of view. The government is talking about giving us serfs some of our tax money back so we can lift the economy.

When they fail to be prudent and get into financial trouble the banks and government turn to the serfs in the kingdom to solve the problem. Well this time the serfs are going to change the kingdom and become real citizens and demand ownership of the land. Remove the property taxes or be removed from office as the mayor was in Indianapolis.

If giving tax abatements to entice business to select Indiana for building a new business giving serfs the same right to own land seems only fair. Given a choice to really own your home, farm or business or rent it every year by being forced to pay property taxes where would you go? If I eat at a restaurant and pay the bill plus the tax added for the stadium they do not send me a bill every week just because I ate one meal there. However if I save and build a home in any state I will get a property tax bill twice a year that I will not even know the amount of till it arrives in the mail.

Let Indiana lead the nation by removing all real estate taxes and moving to a sales tax. That way all pay the same property owners use no more or less in services then any other citizensí use. Sale tax is fair and all pay legal or illegal. The main thing is the citizens choose what when and where to buy.
If land has to be taxed it should be when sold and real value known. Every citizen knows the government needs taxes to operate, we just want to be sure they do not need to give us serfs refunds after taking too much and killing the economy.
Register and vote serfs or remain a serf and never see the dream of owning your land free and clear. We earned the wealth we should hold title to the land, not a bank or government once we paid the loan off. Property tax is the only tax serfs have no control over that is not fair! We should move our state out of medieval times into the free nation our founding fathers intended it to be.

Carl Hoffman papa serf.

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