LOLOL - this again.

Over the years I've met hundreds of women in these relationships. True, some women are in some relationship thru sheer terror & coercion. In which case I think the relationship should be considered borderline sexual assault because the woman is being extorted to stay in the relationship.

Other than that I've discovered that women WANT TO BE WITH these types of men. They are sexually attracted to dangerous, violent pyschos. It turns them on. They think they're going to "change" the bad boy.

They think they're going to make him become a good guy. That or like when you see a white woman around here with a black guy its usually he gives her drugs & booze & doesn't require anything out of her whereas white men expect stuff from their women.

But if a woman is in some kind of freaky bdsm relationship with an abusive alcoholic loser I say arrest her ass every time she calls the police after the first or 2nd occurrence.

If a woman is voluntarily in one of these relationships & if officers can document that there's been a past history of this kind of abusive crap going on -- arrest them both. The stupid drug addict drunk for beating her ass & the stupid woman for wasting police resources.

If women want to date these losers -- let them take on the consequences on their own. Stop asking the taxpayer to subsidize your "bad boy" fetish.