Man dies while in custody at Stevenso...

Man dies while in custody at Stevenson jail

There are 57 comments on the Daily Sentinel story from Jul 5, 2007, titled Man dies while in custody at Stevenson jail. In it, Daily Sentinel reports that:

“We don't see anything at this time to indicate that any foul play was involved.”

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department is investigating a death that occurred in the Stevenson City Jail Friday night. via Daily Sentinel

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What a shame

Covington, LA

#1 Jul 13, 2007
I heard he had taken an 8 ball of cocaine, and several pills and had been drinking, and was sick & wouldn't go to the hospital, and his wife called the police to try & make him go, and Instead they took him to jail.
He was dead for 6 hours before they even realized it! They knew he had taken all those drugs & had been drinking before they put him in there. Why didn't they take him to the hospital before they locked him up???
I hear his family is filing a lawsuit... They should, because someone wasn't doing their job!
unknown soldier

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#2 Aug 8, 2007
i wish everyone really knew what happened he was a wonderful man but he was neglected when he should have been taken care of. the one place you shouldn't die is in jail. THERE ARE SO MANY DRUG DEALERS IN STEVENSON BUT SOMEHOW THEY GET OVERLOOKED!!!!!!!!!!

Knoxville, TN

#3 Aug 12, 2007
I live in Stevenson and I known how Stevenson Police are. We have only about one or two good cops. I was stop once at night when I was about 19 at 10:30 at night coming home from work and was made to "do the walk". The cop later was jailed for rape. I don't want my kids to grow up here anymore. Too many meth dealers/coke dealers/etc.. here. They only have the dispatcher at the jail and she or he (since we only have 2) have no trainer whatsoever in any thing except how to answer the dispatch. The guy should had been taken to the ER!!!!!! They should fired everyone included the mayor!!!!!!!!!!
friend 5805of Police


#4 Aug 13, 2007
Were you drunk when you wrote that mscarpenter? Maybe you just didn't learn simple grammer in school. I guess that was Stevenson Polices fault also. What an idiot to blame what 1 cop did years ago on todays officers. Lets blame the Police since this less than model citizen died. Of course we can't blame the drug overdosed idiot who killed himself taking dope. I guess the Police shoved it down his throat. You are quick to want everybodies job. Maybe the smart folks will wait for forensics to determine what happened to the guy. Ever consider the fact that he may have died no matter if he had been in ER or not? You are right about one thing though, they don't have enough people or training. I am sure you will not bitch the next time they raise your taxes to fix that problem. If you want to be a Police expert, why don't you go and become a cop yourself? No, I think you are a coward who just wants to berate them when something bad happens, and all you know about it is hearsay.

Saint Louis, MO

#5 Aug 18, 2007
mscarpenter...well yeah it seems that getting out before the kids came along would have been wise see'in as you were there as a kid and you know the cops suck. So why did you stay? I was always sure I was leaving, and then I did. And it doesn't matter what we were then...we grew up. RS gets to be the Mayor. Live with it or leave. He's a heck of a lot better than what B'port is living with. And he's a heck of a lot better now than when he was raisin' hell back then. Live with it!

United States

#6 Aug 31, 2007
Its amazing really that people could loose sight of whats really important. I knew Lee on a personal level and it makes me sick to read some of the coments that have benn posted. Just so all of you out there know Lee left two children behind and those children have access to the internet. How do you explain to a child that the comments left by people are not as important as the legacy that a father left for his children. As for the person known as Friend 5805of police, from your tone and caustic words I pray that you are not a member of the blue line. Its people like you that make people that are hurting and in trouble afraid to call for help. Regardless of how someone lived their life, to die alone, hurt, and scared without being able to apoligize for the hurt you may have caused or told the people that you love just how much they really mean to you is NO WAY TO DIE.

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#7 Sep 19, 2007
lets see
loved one

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#8 Sep 26, 2007
wished everyone could see his children how sad they are and not to mention his wife and family. the police knew what they had to do but they didn't instead they stuck him in a cell and let him die!!!!!!!! thinking oh well he's just messed up let him sleep it off when in fact they should have taken him to the hospital. but you see that's how stevenson is (dirty) what about protect and serve all they do is chase after women and forget about all the drug dealers on the street (or do they?) i have seen lee's son he is so scared of the police he can't be around them. all he knows is they took his daddy and never brought him back and his daughter has to listen to all the rumors at school. it's a shame but i hope justice will be served and i know it will. the stevenson police never liked lee all they wanted was info and he wouldn't give it to them!!!!! go figure. all the drugs everyone's talking about that's not true there was no cocaine, crack. maybe the cops should have patted him down before they threw him in the cell and he might still be here. i hope the family sues the hell out of them and maybe the state of alabama will see what kind of people work for them. i even heard the arresting officer had some very serious anger issues and could not even keep his own children. hope none of you (stevenson police) have to go through what that family has. if it was an accident why didn't any of the law enforcement pay their respects and visit the family or come to the funeral home that goes to show that they don't care.
dirty cop hater

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#9 Oct 3, 2007
the stevenson police have always been dirty and will continue to be until someone steps in. I hope the lawsuit against them will stop all the nonsense. also heard the arresting officer was fired and should have been if he wasn't. but ya know him and his wife were the only one's there at the time of death or should i say when they found him. so far i heard there is not a time of death yet considering they let him lay there for hours dead. just think how his wife and children feel they still don't know what happened and probably won't till around christmas time what a way to spend christmas!!!!!!! what comes around goes around. most of these cops really need to go to church or at least read the bible. i don't know what else to say it's just sick to think your loved one could go to jail for something so simple and never come back. hope this is weighing on alot of people's mind especially the so called police.
Who is reading

Atlanta, GA

#10 Oct 7, 2007
I think that the tragedy is an awful thing......I also think it is very pointless to write to bash on a certain individual, if this the case then you came to bash the other before hand and that is a load. I look at children that are hurting and miss their father.....the "wife of the deceased" should have tried to get him help or treatment before she had to call the police. You don't get the police called on you for a one time drug he was prolly very use to what he was doin. I think the family should have helped him with his problem before it got to a point of calling the authorities. As for the officer....he prolly showed up and was concerned for the kids because if he was on all that crack and booze, he could have hurt a child and not remembered. So the officer done his job. As for him passing away in the cell..........well he wouldn't have been there if he would have kept his act together. I don't know Lee but by rep. So until any of you were there that night and watched a sleeping officer, a uncaring dispatcher or anyone that would say leave him in there to die........then shut it! Stevenson has its problems.......but it is better than most small towns. True that Stevenson has/had some dirty cops! how do you know the arresting officer is? You don't and its people like "Dirty cop hater" that needs to read his/her bible and join a local church because the bible says God is love and that we are to love our neighbors as we do ourselves and! that we are to love our enemies cause it is like hot coals heaping on their head! so don't say this cop needs to be in church when you need to go find one yourself! You never know, if this officer is a and every other basher is in a HEAP of trouble! the "Dirty cop hater needs to worry about the bible saying if ANYONE OFFENDS my children then it is best to have a millstone tied around his neck and dropped off in the deepest ocean! so watch who you are talking about. You might be talking about a servant of the Lord, and you made your first mistake. Don't make judgement calls based on something you obviously KNOW NOTHING about!
deep subject

United States

#11 Oct 7, 2007
the stevenson police never liked lee all they wanted was info and he wouldn't give it to them!!!!! go figure. all the drugs everyone's talking about that's not true there was no cocaine, crack. maybe the cops should have patted him down before they threw him in the cell and he might still be here. i hope the family sues the hell out of them and maybe the state of alabama will see what kind of people work for them.

This person is clueless! A cop doesn't arrest you for being a good person! True, Cops never like people that are corrupting their city with drugs! and put the family in danger (I heard that is why he was arrested anyway for being violent in his home.) If he wasn't why was he arrested? Why did someone call the police? I'm sure it wasn't cause his tv was to loud and he refused to turn it down.


#12 Oct 9, 2007
to you "who is reading" lee's family did try to get him help way before this happened and to let you know his children were offened, they no longer have a dad. i have found myself and as far as the bible it also only God can judge so maybe your in the wrong also by judging me. and how do you know it was the first time his wife called the law just maybe she called to have him removed from the home and i promise that's exactly what happened. or just maybe she was scared for her and her children's safety. no one knows what anyone will do when they are on drugs and the night in question anyone would have been scared. so unless you were there that night and i know you wasn't don't judge his wife, kids, or family. lee was a good person but drugs took over. as far as the police station THEY DID NOT DO THERE JOB POINT BLANK.
Loving wife and kids


#13 Oct 9, 2007
We just wanted to wish you, Lee a happy birthday even though you are gone your in our hearts and thoughts ever minute of every day. This is the first birthday i have missed in 17 years and instead of baking you a cake or buying you a present me and the kids have to visit you at your grave. It hurts so bad to see the kids standing over your grave wishing you a happy birthday but thats what we have to do and will continue to do every year at the same time. october 10 lee would have been 34 yrs. old and has a 14 yr. old daughter and a 3 yr old son and has been my only true love. we will get though this together and always remember the wonderful times we shared and trust me there were way more good ones than bad ones. We will always love and remember you as your son said 2 days ago you will always be in his heart and in ours. Happy Birthday husband.
just wondering

United States

#14 Oct 24, 2007
i recently heard that the family had not received his autopsy yet, wonder why they say it will take 6 months on several occasions i have seen the news and it only took 1 to 2 weeks sometimes a couple of months (wondering if they are trying to hide something, kind of seems strange)
Best Bo and Wife

Cumming, GA

#15 Oct 25, 2007
To "loving wife and kids" We love you!! and we love Lee! He was a wonderful person, and for those of you who really knew him, all he ever wanted was, was to do better and to provide for his family. Aren't you people educated enough to know that drug abuse and addiction is a disease? A disease that a person has to fight everyday of their life? It is a sad thing that drugs took over Lee's life and we should all use this experience to educate and retaliate against what is happening in small towns throughout America, and yes I would pay more taxes to make a difference if it means saying lives with humility and integrity! The authorities take an oath to serve and protect. Because Lee was under the influence or not,or he was right or wrong, his life should have been saved, or he should have been monitored more closely due to his wife;s statement. You are right, It is taking a long time to get the autopsy back, but due to the over abundance of drug abuse in small towns across Alabama and the US, it may take a while, but who is really to blame? The mayor, the town, the people, small town politics or the State for taking a BLIND EYE? Time will tell, but for now let's respect his Wife, his baby boy, and especially his teenage daughter who is probably the most effected and will never be the same. Let's just pray Justice will be served. Show some compasion and empathy.
To the family

Richmond, KY

#16 Oct 28, 2007
I agree. Drug & alcohol abuse is a disease. NO ONE wants to help. Everyone wants to criticize and look down on the victims of it, and the families who are affected by it.
It's a shame that we don't have a stronger community to help these people & save their lives.
Now and days, not one family isn't touched by drugs and alcohol in one way or another.
We need to support each other and the families, wives, husbands, and children who are left behind.
To the opinionists, Don't judge Lee by what he was doing at the time, he was human... and before drugs, I knew him personally, and he was a good person with a good heart who would have done anything for anyone, and who also loved his family.
What if he was your child, husband, cousin, father, etc...?
Everyone has their issues in this lifetime. But NO ONE deserves to be written off and forgotten... or left in a cell to die.
I feel for this fanily. His children who are now fatherless. His wife who has had her heart broken. His mother & father who have lost a son.
I pray that you all gain the strength to get through this, and that your hearts will heal enough to forgive the people who have never had their lives affected by drugs or alcohol who are stating their "Opinions".
It is a poison that enters your life and ruins it from every aspect. I know. I've had it crawl through the cracks into my life too.
To his wife & kids, his mother and father, sisters, brothers, cousins, and entire family... I wish you peace, and pray for your hearts to heal, and I will be praying for you.
Keep your chin up. You are not the ONLY ones who have ever been affected by drugs & alcohol, nor are you the ONLY ones who have lost someone to them.
I know it doesn't feel like it, but you have many many people supporting you & cheering you on. My prayers are with you.
Support group

Richmond, KY

#17 Oct 28, 2007
Drugs and Alcohol have ruined several lives and otherwise loving families. But search for a support group around here & it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If anyone knows of any, please post the numbers.
steph and kids

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#18 Oct 29, 2007
Thanks to you, the one's who knew Lee, me and our children. Thank you for not critizing me it's means alot to know that you all knew the situation and the stress that comes along with this disease, I truly hope these people that have these harsh things to say don't ever have to deal with what this family has and will have to do the rest of our lives, and to you Bo & Amb Thanks for being there for me and the kids we love you and so did lee. "OLE BO"
Shit Happens

Cleveland, TN

#19 Nov 22, 2007
I never knew this person but everyone who has mentioned his name to me or claims to know him are the ones around Stevenson & Bridgeport that does Drugs. I have not heard one person who does not do Drugs even mention knowing him. This was a very alwfull thing to happen to a man who had a wife and kids, but if the Police was called on him and he refused to go to the Hospital I think the only place he could be taken to was the Jail. If I was in Jail and I have been a few times and I was asleep I would not want nobody wakeing me up or messing with me while I was in the cell. I heard he was laying with his feet crossed and hat over his face and looked to be resting good and asleep. He did Drugs for years and put his life and body in jepordy ever time he used them so I fell like it was his own faught or even Family for not getting him help. I know what is like because I have family members doing the same things and even knew him. I don't think the Police or and public official can be blamed or diserve to be blamed for him dieimg this was just a terrible thing that happened, He could and probally would have went to sleep at home and died the same death. I have lived in Stevenson all my life and I Love Stevenson and Bridgeport and if I did not I would leave and never come back. There are a lot of people in the world that would love to live somewhere this beautiful.
Shit Happens

Cleveland, TN

#20 Nov 22, 2007
I mispelled something very improtant and it is where I am talking about the Police ane Public Officials they CANNOT be blamed for his death.

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