Not all Ingham County Road Commission employees were unhappy with the consultant's report. Only the 32 employees who signed a petition on behalf of the Road Commission's Director of Operations were unhappy with the report after they discovered that telling the truth would cause "their good ole boy", to lose his job. The other approximately 68 persons who completed the survey that helped with the completion of the report do not seem to be unhappy with the reports contents. At tonight's Board meeting what you saw was a circus in which the Director of Operations, Finance Director and Managing Director (who are all deficient in their ability to manage)were the ringmasters directing the focus of the media away from the facts. Besides the consultant's report, I am sure there are other factors such as the $100,000.00 embezzlement by a Finance Clerk (who was managing the finance department), the misuse of county funds, equipment, and personnel, the mysterious reappearance of $1.5 million in the Road Commission's budget, theft, safety violations, disregard for Road Commission policies and procedures, and other offenses which I am sure have helped lead the County Board of Road Commissioners to question the employment of the three directors. I commend the Ingham County Board of Road Commissioners for taking the right stance in the face of adversity. Stand strong commissioners. The news media should be supporting these commissioners as they go about their job of protecting the public's interests.