Wade Demers Saved His Daughter!
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Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#21 Sep 27, 2008
Also, on another occasion, Pastor Demers and his wife were attending a Good News Jail and Prison Ministry banquet where the speaker was nationally known guest speaker Jack “Murf the Surf” Murphy. Chaplain Marks harassed and insulted Pastor Demers and his wife, even to the point that he had them escorted from the building and detained by security, after they had already been admitted and had given in their purchased admission tickets. He was trying to prevent them from attending the banquet! Chaplain Marks was so rude to Pastor Demers and his wife in this public environment, that the sheriff who is over the prison system that Chaplain Marks works for, had to reprimand him privately, and then had him go back and apologize to the Demerses, and to allow them to enter the banquet. It was only because of the sheriff interceding that Chaplain Marks’ tirade and insults did not prevail.

It would be interesting if this sheriff whom Pastor Demers and his wife had visited privately to explain and discuss the situation with Chaplain Marks and the prison ministry, were to decide to act in a Serpico-like fashion, to bring to light what’s being done in Meridian, Mississippi. This certainly might be a catalyst that would serve to lift the media freeze and the denial of these people’s equal protection under the law in the restoration of their heretofore deprived rights.

And, it might even reverse the effect of the slander and media freeze that was accomplished years ago here in New England. It seems like a “win, win” situation—it’s a great story, and the public would be served by becoming more cognizant of how pervasive corruption in government is, and how the materialism and greed which has entered in and become so pervasive to organized religion, has given the clergy access to the power of government to bring pressure to bear against those with whom they have bias and prejudice against…and how that corruption is used to execute wrath in cases of prejudice, bias, and bigotry.
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#22 Sep 27, 2008
And, of course, this would allow this man’s ministry to move forward unimpeded and thus more people would be receiving the benefit, and people like me could find something better to do, because then the normal guarantees of the constitution and the state and local laws, common sense and ethics, and Judeo Christian principals would be being applied. It’s a sad testimony to this nation that private citizens have to gather to speak out against such horrendous violations of the supposed principles of our country and that so-called “Good Book”. We and the others are willing to do this and whatever it takes, but it would be quite nice and a lot easier for all of us if we just allowed the rule of law and treating others like we would want to be treated, common sense, and ethical and moral principals to dictate our lives rather than greed, avarice, materialism, bias, bigotry, and prejudice. I hope that there are a lot more of you out there that agree with me, and that you have only been apathetic because of your ignorance as to the reality of the terrible and corrupt situations and circumstances that are surrounding us all the time in the dark…a darkness that is controlled by corrupt government and controlled media.

About a year ago, a very telling thing that happened was that a Meridian City Councilman, Jesse Palmer, told Pastor Demers and another member of the church that they were supposed to pack their bags and run when those people burned their house out and “don’t you know what they did to Martin Luther King when they couldn’t stop him? They had him killed”, and “if I get mad at you, I’ll tell you to your face and hit you with a 2 by 4; not these people, they’re sneaky—they’ll go behind the scenes; and there is no limit to their capability”. In the context said, Jesse Palmer was referring to the mayor, the city council and other center of influence people in the city.

So, looking back at the matter regarding Nicole…obviously either Pastor Demers is a very lucky guesser, or he heard from God, and subsequently what he had been saying was confirmed by the information he got at the RI Hospital Medical Library.

It’s more than disgusting that this slander has been going on for so long…this has been going on for years, because of the hatred many people have for him, apparently just like they hated Paul and Stephen and Jesus in the Bible. The people who are detracting shouldn’t be detracting, and the people who are believing the detractors shouldn’t be believing them. It’s time for it to stop. It’s the age old thing; they hate the message so they attack the messenger. You don’t have to agree with the person but you don’t do this type of thing to someone when you disagree with them!
Speaker of Justice

Boston, MA

#23 Sep 27, 2008
I would like to issue a challenge for you to write back to this forum and ask,“Who’s that person and who’s this person?” I’ll tell you who the people are who are detracting and I’ll tell you what their axe is to grind and what they are trying to cover up in their own life as they attack this man. In future installments I will be naming more names. Challenge us: use their computer name; we’re tracking them all down; we know who many of them are already, and we’ll get to the rest.

This slander has been going on long enough, and many people in different parts of the country are just fed up with it. And so, we’ve done our investigation and we know that this pastor is telling the truth; and anybody who says anything contrary is fabricating. Every time when we look into it, we find that they have some kind of mental problem or are involved with some criminal activity or some type of perversion. So yes, what we are finding out is that all of the people who are detractors of Wade Demers are either perverted or have a mental, moral or ethical problem.

The people who are detracting are saying things that are not true, either from their own mind or from slander that they have read and/or heard and repeated…but just like in this case here, to the contrary of what they are doing, we can document what we are saying. Those people whom you think are right who are saying these terrible things--ask us who they are through this forum, and we will tell you who they are through this forum and we’ll tell you what their problem is.
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#24 Sep 27, 2008
For example, there is a supposed preacher named Terrence Roberts, who does oral pornography, describing sexual acts in graphic detail. They call him “the King of Erotica”. When he does this oral pornography, he does it at various clubs and venues around the city of Meridian, Mississippi. He also has been involved in threatening various members of the church where Pastor Demers is pastor, and, in a public place used racial slurs against a woman who attends church there. He was also personally involved when one of his cohorts in the erotica tried to assault Pastor Demers. This same person, on a subsequent occasion, threatened to kill Patricia Demers at an NAACP meeting. Her name is Sandra. It should be noted that both Terrence and Sandra are among the internet detractors of Wade Demers and his ministry. And, like I said, this man Terrence Roberts is supposedly a preacher! Amazing.

Terrence Roberts has an interesting set-up in downtown Meridian, Mississippi where he has a combination restaurant/coffee shop, which also has banquet rooms, a dining room, and a theatre room (all of which he rents out to the general public for such things as private parties), and other interesting activities in a building he calls his “church”.

Yes, we will go through all of the people involved…to use plain language; there are a lot of “cuckoos” and perverts out there. That’s the problem with this type of forum…any moron with an axe to grind can say things, with no proof whatsoever. Think how you would feel if it was done to you!

I want the people in Mississippi to see that there are a number of us from around the country who are fed up with all this, so we’re going to take from our personal time, and we’re just not going to allow it anymore.

Forgive the wordiness but as I said before, this is so huge in scope that it will take much truth to counteract the many lies.

It’s interesting, Pastor Demers quotes the Bible a lot, and I’ll share with you a quote which seems appropriate here. It’s a quote from him, but it’s from the Bible:
“‘No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; and every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their vindication is from Me,’ declares the LORD.” Isaiah 54:17

…and perhaps if there is a God, He’s said that enough is enough. Whatever God has decided or not decided, if He is, we have decided that enough is enough, and so we will proceed.
Speaker of Justice

Boston, MA

#25 Sep 27, 2008
In later installments I will be explaining how a murder was committed by three of the young men who were frequently at the home of Jacalynn Demers during that time frame. This murder happened as a result of the horror that was going on in the marital domicile (under the sole control of Jacalynn Demers, and the oversight of Judge Fay and the oversight of Rogeriee Thompson and DCF). This was all being covered up so the judge and the lawyers could continue to bleed the Demers estate. Things at the marital domicile went out of control with children and young people doing sex, drugs, and booze after the husband and father, Wade Demers, had been put out of the home.

These things happened through the intentional blindness of Judge Fay, Rogeriee Thompson, Nicholas Colangelo and others, as they continued to cover up what was happening, while Pastor Demers was attempting to get help from the authorities, the media, government officials, and anyone he could get to listen, to expose what was going on and to get help for his children. Yet he was shut down at every turn, because politics controlled the authorities, and the media was controlled by policy and politics (remember the Debra Horne comment).

Yes, horribly, one ultimate result of all of this was that some of the young people that were doing the sex, drugs and booze in Jacalynn’s home (with Jacalynn’s, Judge Fay’s, Rogeriee Thompson’s and Nicholas Colangelo’s permission) committed the murder of a woman in Smithfield named Mrs. Marcotte. The three young men (Timothy Jackson, Leroy Olney, and Ralph Manchester) who committed the murder were among the numbers of young people who were constantly “partying” and out of control and many times living at Jacalynn’s home, and who said,“We can get away with anything now that Judge Fay is the Chief Justice.”

The way this came about was: at one point during the horror at Jacalynn’s house, prior to the murder of Mrs. Marcotte, Ralph Manchester was with Kirk Demers in the open loft on the second floor of the Demers home, when they overheard Rogeriee Thompson say to Jacalynn:“Now that Judge Fay is Chief Justice, we don’t have anything to worry about with Wade.”

She meant that they didn’t have to worry about Pastor Wade exposing anything they had done, and that they could keep on doing what they were doing and not have to worry about any repercussions, because Fay was Chief Justice and would be able to prevent anything like that from happening.
Speaker of Justice

Boston, MA

#26 Sep 27, 2008
But the boys translated that in their minds to “we can do anything we want and won’t get in trouble for it”, and subsequently, Ralph Manchester, Leroy Olney, and Timothy Jackson saw Pastor Wade preaching on the streets in Smithfield and they said,“We can get away with anything now, Judge Fay has us covered.” Pastor Wade said “How do you know that?’ and they told him about Ralph and Kirk overhearing Rogeriee talking to Jacalynn.

So, they progressed from the more minor infractions of their drug and alcohol use, etc. to armed robbery and murder. Ralph Manchester even supposedly said, in his defense, that he didn’t mean to become involved in a murder, he was just trying to score some money so he could buy some more cocaine, not realizing that it was an armed robbery leading to murder. Remember, they believed that they could get away with anything because Judge Fay was now Chief Justice, as Rogeriee Thompson had spoken.

Yes, Judge Fay had been promoted to Chief Justice by this time…and dates and times indeed show that the framing of Wade Demers was timed so that Pastor Demers would be “out of the way” and in jail to keep him quiet about Judge Fay’s crimes, during the time of the public hearings regarding Judge Fay’s appointment to the office of Chief Justice.

In fact, Pastor Demers was let out of jail one day early, with no explanation, the day after Judge Fay’s hearing was held where the public had a chance to present evidence in a public forum contrary to Judge Fay being put into the office of Chief Justice. This is interesting because it is the same thing that is happening in Pastor Demers’ current city (Meridian, Mississippi) that keeps the evil from being exposed there. The City Council and media in Meridian, Mississippi did the same thing. They didn’t frame him but they are using any and all tactics to keep Pastor Demers from speaking in these public forums regarding the crimes that have been committed by local officials. Also, the media in Meridian is true to form because my research has shown that Crystal Dupre, the publisher of the local paper, The Meridian Star, has told the Demerses and someone else,“you’ll never get the truth out in my newspaper.”

I will, in future installments, also provide details of an extortion committed by Rogeriee Thompson, Judge Fay, and Nicholas Colangelo in which they threatened him that if he didn’t “bury” the evidence that he (Pastor Demers) had against them, they would frame him with charges so that he’d never get out of jail. Pastor Demers replied,“You’ll have to kill me. I’m going to get help for my children.” OH yes, people out there, you don’t know what REALLY happened! Now is the time for you to find out!
Speaker of Justice

Boston, MA

#27 Sep 27, 2008
Some more thoughts:

All of this certainly brings up the same question in the minds of all of us…WHY?

Why were government officials as well as the clergy from all denominations (more on this in future installments) working cooperatively to stop this man’s ministry, and hurt this man and his family personally?

After the truth concerning that which is slander is revealed, and his detractors and their motivations are exposed, the more important story will be told…

Just what is Pastor Demers’ work? What is his mission? And why does government and organized religion want it stopped?

As I plow through the documentation and speak directly to those involved, thoughts of Indiana Jones, Morpheus, and Neo and Trinity seem to be overshadowed by this true-life saga.

And, interestingly enough, the words “quest”,“good over evil”, and “David vs. Goliath” come into play.

Bear with me; I am not an author. I’m just a fellow American citizen who just acts as observer, researcher, and reporter. And like many of you, I’m just fed up with standing on the sidelines. For as I read somewhere recently,“when the good men fail to act, the evil men will thrive”.

Perhaps we can see something in the example of Chippy, whom I mentioned before, who was convicted of manufacturing marijuana cigarettes with intent to sell, and subsequently became a dealer in hard drugs. Ironically, many of his customers in his hard drug dealing were young homeless people who derived their income from stealing or male prostitution. Many of these same people were the ones whom Pastor Demers was ministering to on the streets of Providence, Rhode Island at the time.

These were the same people that Chippy was dealing drugs to, that Pastor Demers was trying to get off the drugs and away from the homeless lifestyle and back into normal life. So, we can see the motivation and the anger from this detractor, the “close relative”…Pastor Demers was bad for Chippy’s business.
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#28 Sep 27, 2008
Perhaps that’s the reason why clergy and government are so angered at this man and want to “take him out”…he’s bad for their business!

For those of you who don’t know, Pastor Demers gave up everything, has taken a vow of poverty, gave away his fortune, and gave away his business to act in a fashion that many people would like to see their own pastor act. And, he doesn’t pass a basket where he preaches, and many times he helps people who don’t have anything.

The corruption that is part and parcel of American government, as well as the greed and materialism that is condoned and supported by organized religion, are diametrically opposed by the principals taught and through the ministry of this man, Pastor Wade Demers.

It appears that Pastor Demers just firmly believes, lives and teaches that we need to go back, not to just talking the talk but to walking the walk embodied by the Judeo-Christian values as allegedly delineated by the Creator in the book called the Bible.

Or, quite simply put: government and organized religious clergy lose much of their illicit and improper income when people understand and live the truth. Just like with Chippy, for them, Wade Demers is bad for business.

One more thing regarding this: one of the insiders told Pastor Demers that the bad guys were going to try and stop him by hurting his children.

And they did try to stop him by hurting his children.(And you don’t even know the half of it yet.)

After all, what do you do to a man to try and stop him? It’s an old Mafia tactic, only these people are worse than the Mafia, because they do it under the guise of law. The tactic is: you threaten them, and when that doesn’t work, you attack their property; and when that doesn’t work, you attack their person; and when that doesn’t work, you attack their children (the most heinous of all tactics, in my opinion, and I think you would agree); and perhaps when that doesn’t work, you have to kill them. Why do you think that Meridian, Mississippi city councilman warned Pastor Demers?


Because I had heard so much controversy concerning this man and his ministry, I myself, before getting involved in this type of activity, had to find out for myself just what is this man all about? And what does he teach?

As a college educated professional who has had various experience in business, education, and social work, and who has been a participant in various forms of traditional American Judeo-Christian religious experience, I would like to share some personal insights I have observed regarding this man and his teaching.
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#29 Sep 27, 2008
One of the observations that I think is important to note is that Pastor Demers has no new ideas, but he has many that have been forgotten and are no longer taught nor are practiced in today’s organized religion. But he has many old, old ideas that are in the Bible, his teachings come from one resource: a book that‘s been around a long time: the Bible, and I have attended services and Bible studies at which he has taught. Pastor Demers literally says, at the beginning of his meetings, that if he says anything contrary to the Bible, any person there should interrupt the meeting and point it out to everybody because he (Pastor Demers) is not right, the Bible is right.

He also states that if anyone sees him living anything contrary to the Bible that they should,(either openly at a meeting or by contacting him privately), let him know, because he only wants to follow the Book.

In my over half a century of living, I find this quite interesting and refreshing, as in my over half a century of living I have never encountered a preacher or teacher of any subject or religion who is so open to criticism. And, if one confines it to religion, I have never seen a teacher or preacher or rabbi who is so purely dedicated in their teaching to the Bible, and isn’t relying on personal conjecture or outside materials. I’ve heard Pastor Demers state that he refuses to interpret the Bible; but that, like any other wise and intelligent person, when God inspired the Book, God said what He meant and meant what He said. And that, although in isolated context, there may be what appear to be questions or contradictions in the Bible, these apparent questions or contradictions are, according to Pastor Demers, easily resolved, without interpretation, elsewhere in the Bible.

From my observation, this man is just a very fundamental and conservative teacher and practitioner of the teachings in the Bible, and is a close and meticulous adherent to the teaching and concepts in a book that a great number of the people in this world consider a good book: The Bible, and some people even say that this nation’s constitution was founded on principles from that book. The very principles and guarantees that are being tromped on by those who are attacking this man and his ministry. Interestingly, in doing my research, I found out that many people do not realize that this man’s ministry goes beyond state lines and even internationally.

I can almost find myself thinking that I wish that when I was growing up I had encountered this type of person, who could have taught me many values I had to learn through the “school of hard knocks.” I could have avoided “learning the hard way”, because many times the foolish person has to learn the hard way, whereas if a person receives wisdom beforehand, he can many times avoid some of the common pitfalls of life.
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#30 Sep 27, 2008
For now, I just want to state, in closing, that my objective is that the truth be exposed; and my research has proven to me that if this man’s ministry becomes unfettered by all of the nonsense, that many hurting people can get some relief and get some help that they can’t get from government or organized religion. There’s a lot of pain and hurt and misunderstanding out there that is not being addressed, and people and their families are suffering for it. I hope that others of you will join us in our quest for justice here. If you’d like to, please email me at justiceseeker@ymail.com.

Here is a little known fact found in our research…decades ago, when talk radio started as just casual chat sessions in New England, it was Pastor Demers who, by his input and questions, turned it, in many cases, towards a tool where people could speak out against things that they saw wrong in government. The greatest serendipity that may come from what’s been done wrong to this man may be that the pervasive corruption of our society can be somewhat diminished or controlled if others take the time to do the research and the exposure such as we are doing in this case. It should be interesting to see where this bus takes us!

This is the end of this installment; look for me to be back here, and also start thinking about: youtube, myspace, chat rooms, and perhaps “The Justice Seekers Blog.” Send us your email address; be the first to receive transmittals in your own email box!

As I sign off, I truly feel like the early journalists in this nation who wrote their articles and then printed them on printing presses hidden from the evil ones whom they were exposing…and then, once the ink was dried, distributed it to those to whom they knew that this new-found knowledge would make a difference. A difference for good. A difference for justice.

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