Gregory refusing to give Bldg Commr a...

Gregory refusing to give Bldg Commr applicant information

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Know the law

Lynnville, TN

#1 Dec 7, 2010
The Times is reporting this week that Steve Gregory (County Mayor) is not going to release the Bldg. Commr applicant information requested by the Commission (by passed motion) and stands behind TCA 13-7-110 which states "The county building commissioner shall be appointed by the county mayor, subject to the confirmation of the county legislative body." This is true, the County Mayor gets to APPOINT UPON CONFIRMATION OF THE LEGISLATIVE BODY; HOWEVER, the County Mayor needs to read another law TCA 10-7-503 (Freedom of Information Act) which states "(f) ALL records, EMPLOYMENT APPLICANTIONS, credentials and similar documents obtained by any person in conjunction with an employment search for a director of schools or any chief public administrative officer shall at all times, during business hours, BE OPEN FOR personal INSPECTION BY ANY CITIZEN OF TENNESSEE, AND THOSE IN CHARGE OF SUCH RECORDS SHALL NOT REFUSE SUCH RIGHT OF INSPECTION to any citizen, unless otherwise provided by state law. For the purposes of this subsection (f), the term “person” includes a natural person, corporation, firm, company, association or any other business entity."
I would think a County Mayor would be well versed on the law if he/she where going to use it. Should a citizen decided to walk in and request to inspect the applications for the Bldg. Commr. job and it was denied, the County (and Mayor Gregory) most probably would find themselves in a Court of law and would most probable to loose at the taxpayers expense because this law is very specific to what one has to adhere to (excluding any personal identifying information such as ss#, address & phone number that would violate a protection of order judgemet) and this includes a County Mayor who leaves the impression he/she has a choice in the matter. Is this refusal a tactic of abuse of authority or of ignornace should we ask? Everyone needs to do there job, follow the law and quit playing politics to the 'good ole boys'. There are people who applied that have college, contractor's license and yes even some who have actually been a licensed inspector before and have ACTUALLY PASSED THE TEST according to the rumor among the applicants. So why exactly is the names of the 19 applicants with their credentials (that the legislative body ask for) being so protected one should ask. Do the math!

poltics as usual

Dickson, TN

#2 Dec 8, 2010
it appears the mayor already knew who he wanted for the job. it didn't matter if he was qualfied to do the job or not. that is done more often than not. we need term limits on these county and state jobs. some people think they can do anything they want to and no one should say anything to them.

Calhoun, LA

#3 Dec 8, 2010
I will tell you why because first off Steve Gregory and Dwight Sullivan are big buddies. This county has the worst case of nepotism I have ever seen. If you are not related to a high ranking official and are applying for a job here you might as well hang it up you are not getting the job it does not matter if you are more qualified or not. Just to let you know the GOOD 'OL BOY NETWORK is alive and doing well in Hickman County.

Calhoun, LA

#4 Dec 10, 2010
why haven't more people been upset with mayor gregorys choice for that job.if i was investing in building a new structure,i would want the best inspecter the county can get.the mayor has many party buddies,why not let them all have a piece of the gov did his last choice work out?
Centerville Resident

Murfreesboro, TN

#5 Dec 11, 2010
Gregory is as crooked as a Virginia Fence
Watchful Eye

Lynnville, TN

#6 Dec 11, 2010
I ain't never seen a Virginia fence but if you want to drop by the Ron Dee Voo Club or Abiff Pub you can see a fence at night that isn't the same during the day. Sit back and enjoy the lap dancing and such as entertainment for the cheap price of a drink. The site will only enhance your opinion.
Centerville Resident

Calhoun, LA

#7 Dec 12, 2010
Oh I already know that he likes to go out and drink at night. I hope the Sheriff's Department nails his rear end.

Calhoun, LA

#8 Dec 15, 2010
Oh thats been tried they have been paid off. He gets a heads up on road blocks.
Know The Law

Lynnville, TN

#9 Dec 18, 2010
Kuddos to Brad Martin (Editor of Hickman Times) for taking the time to get the names but mostly for requiring the law to be followed. It would have been of importance to have known their education & work experience to know 'who was best fitted for the job'. The Times said that according to Gregory that one reason Sullivan was the best pick was because he had to work with him. Now what exactly does the Mayor have to do with this position but the approve warrants, approve budgets unless the Mayor has his nose stuck into the building permit approval & denial process. Sounds like a bunch of bolognie just to claim a buddy should get the job. Oh by the way, rumor is that two of the applicant's now have both residental & commerical certifications (it's not Sullivan)-MAYBE BRAD WILL CALL THE APPLICANTS AND DO A GOOD JOB OF REPORTING ON THIS STORY!
Concerned Taxpayer

Devault, PA

#10 Dec 27, 2010
Again lets try to keep the "faces" out of the mix.

The idea of how to choose an inspector, should be to get the most professional person that you can.

I have have first hand knowlege of how the current process has and is working.

If the individual nominated is the best, great let the Mayor show how he came to this choice.

It only fair to the taxpayers and to the individual put up for the job.

Again, unless the voters call their commissioners, and let them know they are actually watching. NOTHING will change.
Concerned taxpayer

Mount Juliet, TN

#11 Dec 29, 2010
Monday night the commission voted to reject the mayor's choice for building inspector.
Regardless of how you might have felt on this issue, let your commissioner know how you feel about the way he or she voted.

Unless the commission knows we are watching, how can we expect change.

Capps, Nash, Puckett absent
Bates, Adkinson, blackwell abstained.
Booker, Gammon, shaynes, mangrum murray voted no
All others voted yes.
Jack Snapper

Franklin, TN

#12 Dec 29, 2010
My Commissioner told me that 4 abstained not 3 as mentioned above. He said this electronic voting machine that Michael Wayne Thomasson is apparently pushing for makes it difficult to see how everyone is voting and that the public that attends the meeting is being shortchanged on knowing how their commissioner's voted. On top of all that rumor is the cost of this voting machine is between $15,000 and $17,000. Right now we (the taxpayer's) don't need any more bills to pay and we need to know by the show of hands or voice vote how our Commissioners vote. It doesn't take anymore time to raise hands than it does for the stalling of casting the vote. Bad idea (voting machine)
Mr. Thomasson and this vote is lost for next election. You are put there to cut the budget, not add to it! This machine looks like it allows some Commissioner's to flip flop on their vote and consealing it from the viewing public.
Concerned taxpayer

Mount Juliet, TN

#13 Dec 30, 2010
The voting machine is not what we need.

this came up in a previous court.If the court members have not got the time to vote. Then let someone else do the job.

Lets spend the money on our children.

Or at least the debt that our children will inherit.
concerned taxpayer

Franklin, TN

#14 Jan 6, 2011
one applicant has passed the residential building inspectors test nov 29 2010 ,books ,testing fees and time came out of his pocket ,about $500 . at least he would be legal to inspect residential for the county ,then he could test for the commercial side
Common Sense

Ashland City, TN

#15 Jan 6, 2011
concerned taxpayer wrote:
one applicant has passed the residential building inspectors test nov 29 2010 ,books ,testing fees and time came out of his pocket ,about $500 . at least he would be legal to inspect residential for the county ,then he could test for the commercial side
I think if you call the State Fire Marshall's office and ask if a Bldg. Commissioner can inspect only the permitted building he/she is certified in - I believe you will find the Bldg Commissioner has to be certified in both to do any inspections.
concerned taxpayer

Franklin, TN

#16 Jan 6, 2011
one candidate has passed the residential test at his own expense ,nov 29 2010 ,at least he would be legal to inspect for the county

Calhoun, LA

#17 Jan 6, 2011
When the hospital hires a doctor,nurse ,or e.m.t.,they all must be certified.When the school system puts a teacher or even a bus driver to work they must certified or have the proper licences.If my kids or grandkids build or remodel a home,I would sleep better knowing a certified inspector had checked everything out.Call and ask your commissioners that same question,or had they rather have the county mayor drinking buddy.
Watchful Eye

Nashville, TN

#18 Jan 27, 2011
I heard the Hickman Tea Party sent all the commissioners information on each of the applicants who applied. I also heard from my commissioner that we have a new building commissioner by the name of Gordard (?sp) that is experienced in housebuilding, codes and has passed one of the 2 test required to be inspector. Now we are on the right track. Keep it going commissioners.

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