This man and his deputies are as corrupt as they come! He nor his deputies was interested in solving the Jennifer Short case but rather looked a scape goat to try and pin it on. They seized many a persons personal property, fire arms etc that many families have yet to recieve back even though it has now been some 3 years later.... do you think ballitics would have already been ran on those firearms? You bet ya...only they sold them, reselling, to line their own corrput pockets rather than returning them to the families they technically stole them, all under the name of the law and justice in the Jennifer Short case! They harrassed, manipulated and frightened people placing some even in jail to prove they had the power to do just as they pleased. Now, the truth comes out as to what type of criminals they themselves are. I hope the federal government throws the book at them throwing away the key! I cant think of anymore more deserving than that of Henry Countys finest of criminals, Frank Cassell and his fellow officers of corruption.