Both Husband & Wife are sorry POS, if anyone has made the mistake of sleeping with them go get checked,sseriously. They make people feel bad for them to get help then steal and wreck peoples relationships and lives. Drag people down then they end up in trouble for being in the wrong place, and with a little help from one of these 2 putting it off on the person,(ask ANY one he hung with,funny all these people end up in jail,some guilty, some just for knowing the pos) look and see should of been in prison long ago, but by snitching and parents money avoided it. these are the ones that need to reap what they sow, but watch nothing will come from it. Guess Jerome ran out of little girls to do this for him, time to use the wife again.Didnt she just get caught with her child &David kline when he escaped and they was in possesion of stuff? this could all be fact or Rumor you decide,but if you or any younger girls slept with him or used after him,get checked he admits to having stuff.