America is now officially a Communist Country!
Early last year in 2013 of course: Hendry Regional Medical Center refused to give me medical attention because Communist America`s Medicaid turned my case over to Staywell Insurance that no medical institution will accept. Because of this Communist policy right here in America, I have not had the necessary medical attention for nearly a year now.
In addition to this; I am starving and badly malnourished…otherwise called anemia. The reason is; my SSI income is not enough to cover the monthly expenses and buy food. They used to give me $200.00 food stamp; however, they cut it down to $40.00. Because there is no one to help me, I have no choice but to live on fried dumplings daily and drink brown sugar mixed with tap water. I cut-up my t-shirts and old underwear to use the pieces as toilet paper.