Hart County Woman Charged with Child ...

Hart County Woman Charged with Child Abuse

There are 37 comments on the WBKO-TV Bowling Green story from Sep 3, 2010, titled Hart County Woman Charged with Child Abuse. In it, WBKO-TV Bowling Green reports that:

Crystal R. Underwood, 25, of Munfordville, is in the Hart County Jail. Troopers arrested her Thursday, after being told by the Hart County Office of Protection & Permanency, of an apparent physical abuse that occurred Tuesday at a residence on Cub Run Highway.

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Spring Hill, TN

#22 Nov 12, 2010
To the lady who has decided to post the following quote: "hes been thru alot raising them kids with no help from the mother not even one payment of child support I remember him saying if it wasnt for sherry it would had been ruff." First of all, I AM THE MOTHER OF THE GIRLS! SECOND OF ALL YOU NEED TO SHUT YOUR MOUTH! I am personally tired of my children being exploited all over the internet when nobody is supposed to be discussing the darn case at all to begin with! So all of you need to mind your own damn business! MY CHILDREN DO NOT DESERVE TO BE TALKED ABOUT ON THE FREAKING INTERNET! SO ALL OF YOU GET A FREAKING LIFE! Thanks to Mr. Benson Bell being contacted my children are now safe from harm. Sherry is a good woman so leave her out of it as well! She has enough to worry about with her new baby.
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Mammoth Cave, KY

#23 Nov 15, 2010
rumor boy wrote:
petro underwood rumors still going and seems like travis underwood dont know shit.So keep telling yourself what you want to hear and looking dumb.Lets see I just asked someone if they knew the law was looking for a certain person they hang out with. Amazing this person stated he was with him and dropped him off and waited on him at ky state and sherriff office in hart co.So you can get your facts straight he came back out of both places thats all this person would say.The rumor I heard came from you Travis so wheres the warrant at? Thats what you said.....You know your friends are mine to as well as the people involved so do like the father of these kids and shut your mouth THIS INVOLVES A CHILD NO NEED FOR LYES OR YOUR FAMILY DRAMA ENUFF HAS BEEN DONE DONT DRAG YOURSELF INTO THE BS petro drama......besides anyone that knows this man knows he wouldnt do anything to harm his children. just stop please all familys been thru alot no need for this.
well Robert you are now sittin in jail so you wont be seeing this but we all know this post was from you. Crystals mother was right, there was another party in on this all so yes innocent until proven guilty. Crystal has 2 charges, NOT TEN. so please all of you HATERS out there, stop with the postings its obvious who was doing the abusing and who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I really just find it humorous all of these posts on Topix; I mean do you all posting all of this shit not have anything better to do?? Do you wake up in the morning and think hey I have no friends or no life so ill go chat it up with all of the other losers posting lies on topics. I can pretty much pen point, who most of the post is from its not hard, But 99.9% of you have kids, obviously your kids are not getting the care they need or you have no job in order to have time for this shit. Think about how pathetic you look, getting on a website posting, reading, replying to this shit. Life is very short you should spend your time wisely and cherish it not be on here checking if there is a new post every day. I know I have heard about the posts for over a month now and decided I should get on here and check them out and itís amazing to see all of the BULL SHIT in them. I mean does anyone even know the real story?? Like seriously, it doesnít appear that away. I really like the response above though. Innocent until proven guilty, Robert Thompson I guess that works in your favor too though right?? All I see on here is Crystal Underwood, child abuse. These kids did not get 5 years of hurt done in 3 fucking weeks of living with them. She didnít even know the kids when they were that small. Seriously people; Find something better to do. Itís obvious none of you know what in the world is going on. Save yourself the embarrassment in the long run because there are lawyers involved in all of this and Lawyers can trace who has posted what and lies are considered ďslanderĒ an thatís against the law its self, so instead of gossiping on someone elseís case you better watch not catching one of your own, and hell If you have nothing better to do than this but love sitting on the computer I have a few computer games I no longer have time for due to having kids and a job. But I can more than gladly send them to you if you just want to reply back with your address. I just donít have time for them anymore, Ever since I had children and grew up there just isnít time for it anymore. That tends to happen whenever you take responsibility though,

Vine Grove, KY

#24 Nov 16, 2010
Ok, this is Freddie, Roberts friend he has been living with me for about two months now. He is currently locked up this is not my business but i want to set the record straight he was using my computer so you can trace whatever its all good i am not going down for his bull shit. I honestly dont know who to belive like I said its not my drama I looked and seen he has seven not ten counts on him... I just need to know if i have been lied to...I guess i have because hes sitting in jail but as far as i know crystal was also i just hope justice is served to all who abuse the children if its both of them so be it. I never expected this out of any of them but i guess time will tell.....I just want my name out of it thats all
no name

Huntsville, AL

#25 Nov 16, 2010
I wish she would try to hit me like she dd that little girl.Hittng a 4 yea old for having an accident in her pants come on.Now she is walking free.What is wrong with the court system.I bet she wouldnt do it to her son.
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Mammoth Cave, KY

#26 Nov 17, 2010
Well its clear that there was investigating done, Crystal was only charged because she whooped her with her hand and was a big girl and admitted to it,but not with a spoon, a belt nor made them do military shit. and a accident?? No you come on. you was not here in kentucky cleanin up piss every 30 minutes because of them pissing in there pants constantly and claimed Sherry let them wear pull ups while they were at her house. Crystal worked with these kids every day and got them both re potty trained when Robert claimed they would never go back to tn or al because he thought there was more going on. She got things out of these kids no one could. Before all of this went down the little girls really opened up to Crystal and her family and i am a whitness of that. and for you Freddy, yes Robert did abuse his kids as well as other people in his family. The little girls have told that to many people and how they hated going anywhere but with Crystal. So if some one who lived with them for 3 weeks was abusing them would they really want something to do with Crystal?? Crystal bought there school clothes, school supplies, food, took them places, took them to school. Yes, Crystal was locked up but thats because she took the fall for alot of it due to Robert already being in trouble with the law and being on probation, this was before she realized how serious it was and she started telling what she knew. The investigating is what proved how long the abusing had been going on how many parties etc. Crystals son also had the same things done as the girls and Crystals son came back normal, so if she was a child abuser, wouldnt she do it to her own son?? and wouldnt the abusing being done be done in the 3 week time frame that they were in her care?? but I dont think anyone from out of state whom was not here to whitness anything and dont know shit should probably just keep it shut. So how about you go see Robert in jail and let him hit you like he hit his girls. Its clear he is the one who did the abusing... Court system?? Yeah they got the one who was doing abusing. So i dont reakon anything is wrong with it =)


this is real shit not some lies dumb bitches are posting on topix. I'm done writing to this stupid website, I feel like i have waisted so much valuable time already, like what does gettin on here writing really do?? Obvioulsy Ms. Underwood doesnt give a shit, i havent seen one post from her.. lol. now i really feel dumb for commenting. and its clear who did the abusing so i think we should just leave it at that an stop all the dumb bull shit, like seriously. Just wanted to clear things up Mr. Freddy. your names out of it
paul thompsonjr

Huntsville, AL

#27 Nov 17, 2010

Sylacauga, AL

#28 Nov 17, 2010
don't know Crystal, but known the dad since he was little boy. no way was he involved in hurting his little girl. no way. this has affected him greatly along with all his family. i am praying for justice in this matter, which i hope will be resolved quickly.

Elizabethtown, KY

#29 Nov 17, 2010
Seems to me we will have to wait till the end to find out. To bad she should be in jail right now, not later. him to if he is guilty. As far as tyler is concerned, he has been hurt according to the allegations. Thats all right, because the honest, loving, caring, nurturing people he needs is investagating the trips he took to the caverna emergency room with crystal. I wonder if Mr. Bell has looked into this or has the underwoods brainwashed him. hopefully not, seems to me he could loose his job for neglect. People cant seem to keep their noses out of others business. I am a freind of someone else the underwoods are f&^% with right now,my suggestions is to stop while your ahead. And how nasty do you have to be getting involved with the person current husband, and ex husband. Can you say leftovers? She still has a few more names and numbers if you need someone else's world to screw with.

Lexington, KY

#30 Nov 17, 2010
It seems that everyone has an opinion. If as Robert's supporter say, he has never abused his children and it would go without saying that Crystal hasn't. Who has? Possibly Sherry "the nanny" of the girls, who has given birth to atleast one of Robert's children maybe two, who was messing around with Robert when he was married to the girls mother. Or would it be the mother of the two little girls? After all, where has she been all this time. Just food for thought!
Then we get to the father of Crystal's son. The sanctimonious bastard who managed to get her pregnant when he was married to Naomi, then leave her to deal with a pregnancy. Everyone blames Crystal for him cheating but ... he was the cheater not her. He was married not her. So who is at fault there? Not that I approve of what she did, I don't! But she didn't do it by herself. But she has been raising her son without help from daddy dearest, right up until she got a paternity test. He was denying that little redheaded boy.
Thats my two cents worth!
A Councerned Aunt

Huntsville, AL

#31 Nov 18, 2010
Ok opions are like asses everyone has one.The truth will come out eventually.Who has coustody of Christals son now.She can see her son when she wants too.Why can't the realatives to the 2 girls see them.They may enjoy seeing them or at least some of them.Now the grandparents can't see them is that fair no its not.No justice is not being done.
Clearing Tennessee Air

Dickson, TN

#32 Nov 18, 2010
Since everyone wants to continue to put alligations up on the net, I would like to clear the air on this end. We will not contribute to the bashing on either side, and quite frankly, all we want is to know what really happened to those two girls. This is not about anybody but them. They are the ones who this is going to have the greatest affect on, not Robert, Crystal, or any of us. We just want what is best for them.
It seems to me that many people are posting things that they seem to believe are facts. I honestly have no clue what happened in KY, so I will not speak on that. I will tell facts from TN, or at least there stay with us.
1) Sherry was no "Nanny." Her and Robert were together for 3 1/2 years, regardless if HE was cheating on her with Crystal or not. Sherry is one of the sweetest human beings I have ever met in my life. She put up with more drama than she deserves. She took care of the girls like her own children, they even wanted to call her Mama Sherry and she wouldn't let them out of respect for their mother. I don't know who said what, but no matter what any of you may think, Sherry and Robert were together and Robert was going back and forth between the two women in two different states.
2) The girls were happy and loved by the entire family here. We planned birthdays, holidays, parties, and activities for them just like we did our own children. They shared everything with our kids and we have hundreds of pictures of all of them to prove how happy they really were.
3) Robert IS the father of Sherry's TWO children. There is no maybe, no could be, and no chance of. Sherry has never cheated on Robert or been intimate with anyone since. As far as the comment about Sherry messing with him while he was married to the children's mother, they were split at the time, and if I am correct, I believe she was seeing someone else too. All I know is that Sherry did not knowingly mess with him while he was in an active ongoing relationship. If that was the case, she did not know they were still together. As a matter of fact, Sherry, the children's mother,and Robert all stayed in the same apartment together.
My point in all this is that no matter who is mad at who, or what has gone on with the kids, Sherry needs to be kept out of everyone's mouth. She is the one who was the rock in their unstable life. She is the one who raised the kids, and who taught them to all they knew.
For the record, the girls were potty trained here in TN, and the reason I know that is because my wife is the one who helped Sherry. THAT IS A FACT. The youngest had accidents at night, just like my 2 year old does now. Other than that, they were excellent. Sherry DID NOT put the girls in pull-ups, except at night.
Our purpose here is not to offend anyone or take sides. We just want to know the truth as to what happened to the girls. And we want to let everybody know the truth from our end. People are throwing out alligations that are not true. I understand that there is a lot of emotion in this case and there are a lot of lives that are going to be affected by the outcome. All we are saying is that those who have done the harm to the girls, need to be incarcerated, NO MATTER WHO THAT MAY BE. We just want some answers.
o my freakin god

Raywick, KY

#34 Nov 20, 2010
O my freakin god crystal is seeing his wifes ex husband? How f&ckin nasty can you be? This truly shows what a sychopath she is. She couldnt have terry so she went after naomis EX-husband? I knew she was a loser, but add perry to the mix and things are sure to get ignorant. this is a man that would rather spend money on going to court instead of suport his children. I dont k now how the biggest idiot is, crystal or perry! i hope to god that they cant have children cause that much stupidity breading could create one monster retard. I dont know rether to ask crystal how she taste or perry how he taste, but plain NASTY ASS WHORE! I hope you rot in prison. I guess two birds at once, i'll be seeing you soon.

Elizabethtown, KY

#35 Nov 23, 2010
Hold Up Wait A Minute Let Us Put Some Churchin' In It!!!!!!!!!!
All you need to stop. Anyone who knows the UNDERWOODS knows they love attention, chaos, and being in the center of it, all along, being the innocent victims they are. Now we know they did not do anything so just stop it, stop it I say!!!!!
for the record

Lexington, KY

#36 Nov 24, 2010
For the record or the lack there of. While I am not sure who took advantage of whom, it is blatently apparent that there is no end to her use of bad judgement. The latest one is dating the ex-husband of the wife of one of the husbands she slept with. Now even a fifth grader could figure out that this is just her being used and it will end up smaking her in the face. I hope that she wises up because I hate to see any mother or father drug through all of this. She needs to let the past be the past, get along with the father FOR THE BABY'S sake and figure out how to get on with her life without PERRY LOSSER CECIL who would rather spend money fighting with his ex then just paying the child support to help take care of his children. If he refuses to pay to take care of his own children then how is he going to help her with her's? I hope that she pulls her head out of her a$$ before she gets into anymore trouble. Custody and child care cases are about money and who runs out of it first and while neither of them have any money, he wont run out of money and is not making the bad decisions that she is.

Glasgow, KY

#37 Nov 24, 2010
bad situation all around

Glasgow, KY

#38 Nov 24, 2010
sad wrote:
bad situation all around
i agree,kids are the ones that this hurts.

Huntsville, AL

#39 Dec 10, 2011
Truths coming see who has most if any charges in end.Dont think no bonds going to keep you out this time dear.Which by the way thats the only reason you was out or you would have been locked down to.Which just an fyi the girls has stated several times daddy didnt do nothing....Go ahead and make someone elses life miserable...God knows and all his children and family has heard and knows daddy did nothing....

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