Hart County Woman Charged with Child ...

Hart County Woman Charged with Child Abuse

There are 37 comments on the WBKO-TV Bowling Green story from Sep 3, 2010, titled Hart County Woman Charged with Child Abuse. In it, WBKO-TV Bowling Green reports that:

Crystal R. Underwood, 25, of Munfordville, is in the Hart County Jail. Troopers arrested her Thursday, after being told by the Hart County Office of Protection & Permanency, of an apparent physical abuse that occurred Tuesday at a residence on Cub Run Highway.

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Fort Smith, AR

#1 Sep 8, 2010
I hope this B*tc! gets what she deserves. I always knew she was evil! how could anyone beat up on a child especially a 4yr old??? but really any child? you are worthless and I can only pray to god that they keep that baby boy of yours away from you forever!!! And pray that you get everything you deserve!! my heart goes out to the child and families involved!
innocent until

Glasgow, KY

#2 Sep 8, 2010
She is innocent until proven guilty.
I agree with WTF

Cave City, KY

#3 Sep 9, 2010
Innocent until proven guilty??? She sent the child to Kosairs I think thats enough proof!!!
concerned one

Elizabethtown, KY

#4 Sep 10, 2010
I hope they throw her in jail and let her rot. I know Crystal in a round about way, she will get what is coming to her. I have said it before, and I will say it again you can only w$oR* around and use people, for so long. People will figure you out, sooner or later, looks to me like sooner rather than later!!!!! A little four year old, WOW!!!! So was the child getting her daddy's attention and poor little you not getting enough yourself? You sure made headlines, but I don't think these are the ones you wanted to be on are they? I hope they take Tyler away from you.
Concerned in Glendale

Greensburg, KY

#5 Sep 11, 2010
I think that it is very clear that it happened. Did she do it intentionally? Who knows, the question you should ask yourself is does it matter? If you unintentionaly kill someone, are they any less dead because you didn't plan it?

This girl has mega superiority complex and believes that anything that she does is okay as long as she is the one that does it. Her parents are the ones who taught her to be so narcisitic and shallow. When one has this false belief of an unatural self worth, they justify everything they do as "okay" If we do not throw the book at her, we will send her a message reaffirming how important she is and that it is okay because she is "Crystal" the great Underwood. Our great polititians will nail her wanna-be "Christ" ass to a tree. Aw, the wonders of election year!
concerned number 2

Elizabethtown, KY

#6 Sep 12, 2010
We hope GOD is with everyone
not enough

Glasgow, KY

#7 Sep 12, 2010
I agree with WTF wrote:
Innocent until proven guilty??? She sent the child to Kosairs I think thats enough proof!!!
its not enough proof as you don't know why the child went to Korsairs. Kids have been taken away, even sent to the hospital only to turn out the parent did nothing wrong! Look at that lady whose child just died. The child had a history of medical problems and was the same weight as when she was recently discharged yet since she died at home they arrested the mom!

If she abused the child then throw the book at her BUT don't prejudge her, thats what the courts are for!

Glasgow, KY

#8 Sep 13, 2010
the news poorly reported the story. what's new?! the newspaper will be no better I am sure. so yes most of us are going on little facts. but there is 1 fact that is very important and undeniable proof that something went very very wrong! the child was taken to KOSAIRS! no 'treated at a local hospital and released with minor injuries'.

Glasgow, KY

#9 Sep 13, 2010
I will say wait for the evidence. You could be talking about a child with a known medical condition. the police would certainly not take the womans workd if the child appeared to be underweight or have multiple broken bones. yes there is a condition that makes a childs bones so fragile they can break ribs by just sneezing(Osteogenesis imperfecta)! Other dieseases such as cystic Fybrosis often require punding on the childs back to help them breathe. I am not saying there was not abuse, only lets wait and see before we rush to judgement.
Crystals Mother

Trinity, TX

#10 Sep 14, 2010
I want to let all of you people know who have nothing more to do than run your gossipping, lying mouths, that before you open your mouths, you need to get your damn stories and facts straight.
Crystal may have been charged for this crime but she is innocent UNTIL proven guilty. There is another party involved and that person has not been charged YET but probably will be before this is over.
And for your information there is a lot that has not been told or investigated yet. But don't listen to me or trust me, just keep watching the news, this WILL NOT BE the end of the charges.
And as for the person that leaked that this was a four year old or my grandson's name, that is his piece of shit daddy and/or step mother that do not want nothing to do with him, just started paying child support 3 months ago minimally after ordered to after 13 months. Never picked up the phone to even see how he is doing. Never kissed him, held him, loved him or hugged him, never sit through a sick night with him or rocked him and sang him to sleep.
But you all have Crystal convicted and you do not know the half of it. She was only with these children three weeks, working most of that time, and they came here with lots of bruising and lots of issues. These kids have been through hell and all you want to do is pin it on my daughter. Well sorry, three weeks didn't do what these 2 girls have been through. My daughter and I actually had a major break through with these 2 girls the short precious time that we were able to spend with them. But you know if you had your facts straight you would have mentioned all of this and that there were 3 children involved one being Crystal's own son and two kids that were not hers. Now no one has mentioned that my grandson and the other girl were not hurt.
I will not stoop to your level by trying to convince any of you with guilt or not guilt, just watch the trial.
Terry and Naomi I can tell you that this topic with releasing information that you should not have, can and will land you in jail as I see the date this topic started and that just happens to be the same day that YOU Terry tried to pull a fast one ( and you know what that was ) I can't mention it on here because unlike all of you I don't air peoples business.
My family does not bother no one or hurt people. We go to work and home and that is it. We have better values than to sit around and talk trash and to make up shit about people and constantly talk about people. And I guarantee you we have a lot more fun and a happier life than any of you do. We are just a bunch of fun people and I can uarantee you we love our lives more than most of you do.
And as for Crystal having low self esteem as mentioned above, that must be the vision you have for yourself because she has a strong will and determination for her and her son, and anyone who REALLY knows her knows all of that and everyone knows that she is not the person you all describe here.
But WE as the family of Crystal knows the truth and that is all that matters and in the end you all will too.
But I am sure it will not matter to any of you, all that will be said is OH, OK. and laughed off as I was wrong. But no one will care that by running your mouths that someones life has been disrupted and 3 children were hurt by lies and their precious lives hurt by all of this. THEIR lives will never be the same, no matter how all of this turns out. And in the long run no matter what you all think at least, for these TWO girls through all of this, will get the help and feeling of safety THAT THEY NEED AND DESERVE as children they hopefully will not have to live in torture or fear anymore. Hopefully they will not be able to remember any of this as they heal and get older. Hopefully for these 2 girls they can have a normal happy life through all of this, no matter what any of you think or say.
So before talking shit think about the children, adults can defend theirselves but children can not.

Dickson, TN

#11 Sep 18, 2010
Bravo, Bravo Mrs. Underwood...Standing ovation on the story that you just wrote. Ma'am, if I was an outsider looking in, I would think that you actually had a leg to stand on, and had a heart of gold standing up for the children you are in reference to. Unfortunately for you on this thread, I am not an outsider and was very much a part of the children's lives. I would have kept my mouth shut and left this whole thing alone from day one if my family would have not been mentioned more times in this case than should have.
In case anyone cares to know, I am the individual that these children lived with for the last 3 years before they were introduced to you and your daughter. And the reason for me responding to your artical is to correct your "facts". Things that you think you know and you really have no clue about.
The children have NEVER been abused mentally or physically in the 3 years that they were in my care. They were never scared, they never lived in fear or torture as you worded it. They were loved and cherished and are now horriably missed. I have ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM testifing in court and the proper athorities have all my contact information if they need to hear from me.
So, from here on out, nothing need to be mentioned about the children's prior care from Dickson, Tennessee.
As for your daughter, NO MATTER WHO ELSE IS INVOLVED IN THIS CASE, YOUR DAUGHTER ADMITTED TO THE CRIME SHE HAS BEEN CHARGED WITH. Say what you will Mrs. Underwood, but your daughter is guilty of child abuse.

Cookeville, TN

#12 Sep 24, 2010
is there a website i can go to the hart co ky jail website
karma blue

Vine Grove, KY

#13 Oct 31, 2010
Can anyone get the fathers number or contact. Im interest in getting a polygraph done for this person and getting in touch with nancey grace I will pay for justice in this because this bitch is evil and has ran her mouth to much.Only if her parents and her family knew what she said about them but shes a good suck up.Please this person needs justice and im sure her family is doing a lot of lyeing thats the way her and her mom is. Ive done heard the petro rumors someone please come foreward and get this bitch back in jail how she got out is crazy but that shows the justice system and bet shes seeing her child already I hope terry gets his son because this bitch dont deserve him as well as her lyeing mom.Nice working with you all now im going to do what i can to help this person since you all ran your mouth about me.
honest lady

Vine Grove, KY

#14 Nov 1, 2010
No need to try talking to father he want talk due to legal issues I even mentioned about hitting it with the news he said not now but will later.Thats all I could get out of him besides hes going trying to get steve harvey and someone else to possibly look at a lifetime movie of what happened since he moved to KY when hes able to talk about it.I do know hes working on something but he want say.You know theres great fathers out there and I hope he gets justice.I remember him saying he just wanted a mother for his children.That Sherry girl was the closest thing them girls had to a mom. To bad they couldnt work it out. I thought crystal and him was going to do ok but dam she didnt last long as a mom congrats sherry if you read this. Deep down everyone knows the father loved his girls I seen him crying at petro missing them I just hope he doesnt loose it during this he gets emotional sometimes and hes been thru alot raising them kids with no help from the mother not even one payment of child support I remember him saying if it wasnt for sherry it would had been ruff.The biggest relief he had was leaving petro and he seemed so happy when I saw him in etown wal-mart.Said him and crystal got a house and things was going well.Dam shame she must not known real love or how to be a family.Crystal if your reading this the bullshit rumors you have told at petro needs to stop its obvious whos at fault im suprised you admited what you did or at least thats the way it appears. Face the truth stand up for what you have done and get out of your routine of blaming others.I know you loved him and deap down probly still have feelings no need to destroy this man he loves his children and everyone knows that.Hell who knows this child probly saved a life your sons. sorry truth hurts now stand up and admit things and get it off your plate so when your done serving time you have no quilt. What would you do if you caused this man to take his life over this because of the bullshit hes going thru. To be honest he aint looking to good hes lost alot of weight and just crys when I ask him how things going which he cant even talk about.I hope when you look at the stars you see him and the kids.
fat bread

Rocky Mount, NC

#15 Nov 4, 2010
this bitch is just plain dumb what tha world ndd she sorry as hell!!!!!

Since: Oct 10

Seebre, KY

#16 Nov 4, 2010
i dont know this chick but if she hurt her kid or kids like that she needes to be taking out side and beat the living daylights out of her no kid deserves this kind of treatment
rumor boy

Vine Grove, KY

#17 Nov 4, 2010
petro underwood rumors still going and seems like travis underwood dont know shit.So keep telling yourself what you want to hear and looking dumb.Lets see I just asked someone if they knew the law was looking for a certain person they hang out with. Amazing this person stated he was with him and dropped him off and waited on him at ky state and sherriff office in hart co.So you can get your facts straight he came back out of both places thats all this person would say.The rumor I heard came from you Travis so wheres the warrant at? Thats what you said.....You know your friends are mine to as well as the people involved so do like the father of these kids and shut your mouth THIS INVOLVES A CHILD NO NEED FOR LYES OR YOUR FAMILY DRAMA ENUFF HAS BEEN DONE DONT DRAG YOURSELF INTO THE BS petro drama......besides anyone that knows this man knows he wouldnt do anything to harm his children. just stop please all familys been thru alot no need for this.

Vine Grove, KY

#18 Nov 10, 2010
Well seems like the underwoods lyed again just like that rent for petro tonya got away with pretty slick from what ive heard from avery reliable source.Tonya you admitted to photo coping them fake checks for rent to your daughter or thats what this reliable source said. Oh which Petro has been notified but dont worry you did it good its ok stand up to your inner family and admit it.You sound like you and your daughter has done a good one on this person to.I called theres a warrant im sure he will be heading back to ky because hes a stand up guy.I thought your daughter was but the truth just hurts her. Well I dont know all the details but It looks like she admitted to one thing guess its the underwood trend to lye because it appears that way cause I know the father and all others that know him knows he wouldnt do this or if knew it was going on would had been gone along time ago.From what im hearing he didnt have any chance to react think they said his kids was here a month and looks like this happened while he was working.Oh yeh I saw his girl when he took her to hospital I work at sister schubert.People he was shook up but he did say crystal said she was playing with tyler and fell but its questionable.I hope they look into that to.Please polygraph this bitch get justice for kids.I ask the father how he knew where cavern was he said he had to go with crystals little boy once there.This concerns myself thinking about whats happened why was her boy going there?I mean you got away with theft at petro free rent to a house they rented Tonya.I hope you all get the hell out of town several people are fuming even the ones your son is running his mouth to.Oh which uncle tony and son travis who gave a job to.Yeh Petro but the father of these inicent children gave them a job but for some reason this father was raised right it seems from what im hearing.You know keep your head up tell the truth kids need great fathers Robert. Jesus be with you the wait will be worth the pain we all will see you soon. Rally up troops.Time to but the truth to test in hart county.Media times coming just wait till this is over the world will know truth.....everybody that knows this father lets go to silent mode you all know the contacts thanks we will be seeing you underwoods your friend too but hate liars.....
cant be honest

Duffield, VA

#19 Nov 11, 2010
why cant you all be honest your not going to get any worst,Why you got to destroy other familys.My god have some kind of respect. Your going to make an inicent person that you all know is suffered.Lets be real children are the future and the people that handle this isnt seeing the truth if hes got to go spend time for something we all know isnt true. Wake up social worker its about kids they are our future.What you cant admit when your wrong well polygraph will show I hope you get sick in next couple days maybe then you will see.The father is a just man and you have destroy the family its time to listen instead of making aquisitions your on her side and this bitch has done damage wait till the polygraph comes out I hope you loose your children if this doesnt change because you will be proven wrong get some sleep so you can do your job benson bell if your the one in munfordville,ky you know justice isnt done you stated you just want retirement. now what screw someone elses family god knows you know and you aint man enuff to face the truth.Do your job your names on internet about your dad thats how I assume your dealing with this case.Please do your job suck it up your on the wrong side she admitted to fault the father has a sound record dont messs up a 4 or 5 year olds life these kids loved the father again if you dont believe it I hope you get sick maybe then you will. Funny maybe but I hope you rott in hell cause your wrong if your involved in this.Jesus forgives and you need him if you think the fathers involved hes a just man with no mean bone in his body.Your call im sure but remember you got to answer to god.Why destrroy a human and kid from another state you know the media with the polygraph or voice analist is coming hit the mainstream being wrong that will look good. by time to be a real worker hum be mad but I know deep down its coming.....no threat want justice......bye.....
stop this please

Duffield, VA

#20 Nov 11, 2010
Listen people I know this is messed up but god knows whats right and anyone that knows Crystal knows she can make peoples life hell,but she has admitted to doing wrong.Maybe she can be honest because she and her family knows the father hasnt hurt his children.He told me how he wanted to be the best thing for tyler and how he stepped in when she needed comfort.How he was sleeping at hospital those days he was born.He walked him in stroller,he watched him while parents worked,played with him as if he was one of his own children.But he didnt want to get to attached he said because he wasnt sure if Crystal was ready for family and he was still working thru some other things with Sherry.I find it odd her son named Tyler and Roberts son named tyler which his is older. I think she was jealous and suckerd robert right in just like she tried with Terry.The different with Robert is his relationship with Sherry was strong but both knew they had to part ways.They talked from my understanding and didnt want to because they knew each other loved them girls and he didnt want them to not be away from Sherry so they split.Crystal came to tn stayed a week with kids was great from what he said so he was comfortable moving to ky.He begged her to move to tn but she said she wanted to be close to her mom because they had helped her with tyler.Im a close friend to Robert and he just wanted a mother for his children.It was ruff for him 6 kids and he paid his child support but received none on the ones he had custody of.So at one time it was him and Sherry raising these kids Robert mainley working providing financial needs sherry raising children while robert paid child support on two.I believe 500 a month.Anyone that knows these two did a dam good job.Just want to brief you all please its time to let the courts deal with things.Its hard when no one from Roberts family cant talk so we have to let things run its course.I do know one thing Robert just stated things isnt right he dont know who to trust if he says anything hes accused of aquisitions when crystal can say something its not.That was said in beginning by robert.Now he want say nothing because he got in trouble for talking about case.The only other information I know is the statement she made to him when he carried his daughter to hospital and she got upset for him doing this she stated her and her mom would make sure he never saw his kids again if she lost tyler.Just because he carried his daughter to hospital she was afraid of loosing her son because the injury progressed as day went on and robert thought it was a broke nose but to find out there was no broken bones.Children have accidents and believe me robert was concerned but did he even have the means or know what to do if he did think something was going on.Obviously he didnt think nothing was going on or just couldnt believe it.I know he stated he asked his kids and it was an accident but he knew nothing about last one that caused his child to have surgery.Honest father trapped into crystals myths. I hope she can stand up and not destroy these kids she knows they love there father enuff damage done reverse the situation you know robert would stand up and tell truth he has before. At all cost he would even if it meant getting hisself in trouble he would be honest.No need to pin things he wouldnt,couldnt,and didnt do.You know he cryed when you henderd him about discipline his kids because he didnt want them yelled at or spanked.but know you kept saying my mom and dad said you need to bust there but.The corner wasnt good enuff for you.Oh well this is all I know folks everyones shut down.Its sad but all we can do is pray.Just no need to get ill and post things wishing people would get sick there will be a sign coming from the author above we just got to support the familys all of them.No life taken when it could been worse her 18mth tyler, but guess the underwoods dont see that.

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