Judge Jackie Lee
Curious George

Holly Springs, NC

#1 Jan 24, 2013
RE: A civl case in Harnett County with Judge Lee. I got some really negative vibes from her. Her ruling didn't seem to make any sense based on what happened in the courtroom. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Elm City, NC

#2 Mar 16, 2013
Had the same expereince with her, she did not look at all of the evidence.She is very cold woman.

Elm City, NC

#3 Mar 16, 2013
Had the same negative vibes she is a very coldhearted woman, I hope I don't ever have to see her, justice is a joke in her courtroom.
Hurt mother

Raleigh, NC

#4 May 20, 2013
She screwed me over with custody of my kids. Said she wasn't fond of the military( my husband is Navy) and said we chose to move to CA. kids were with me up until she took them away. No proof that ex is better and she also said she doesn't see how San Diego is any better or different than Coats, NC.
Curious George

Rocky Mount, NC

#5 Jun 7, 2013
"Hurt Mother" from May 20, 2013 posting.
If you are willing to share, I would like to hear more about your case. I am in the same situation you are.
Please contact me at your convenience: [email protected] oo.com.

Sanford, NC

#6 Jun 10, 2013
I did not do well with her at all. My ex husband was catered to without hearing both sides. Awful experience.
Curious George

Rocky Mount, NC

#7 Jun 11, 2013
Breeze, Momwithhope, Hurtmother:

Please consider contacting me at [email protected] oo.com.

I am also a mother who was treated very unjustly by Judge Lee. I filed a complaint with the NC Judicial Standards Commission. You will be happy to know that she is currently under formal investigation by the Commission.

I would like to hear more about what happened in your cases. Your information may be of value to the investigation.

Take good care, ladies, and take heart. Don't forget to love on your kids, no matter where they are or what the circumstances. They will always remember that.

Lethbridge, Canada

#8 Jul 3, 2013
Did your kids have other family in NC? Was there an established
close distance visitation with ex there for kids?

Lethbridge, Canada

#9 Jul 3, 2013
Were there extended family there for the kids in NC? What about in CA? Did the kids have established
close-distance visitation with you ex?
Just wondering how my case with her will go!

Murfreesboro, TN

#10 Jul 16, 2013
junebug wrote:
Were there extended family there for the kids in NC? What about in CA? Did the kids have established
close-distance visitation with you ex?
Just wondering how my case with her will go!
it most likely wont go well with her, she is not a moving judge. make sure you have a damn good attorney.
Curious George

Raleigh, NC

#11 Jul 17, 2013
Mom With Hope:
RE: "She is not a moving judge."
My experience was that she *is* a moving judge... As in she took my kids away from me and sent them to live with their father in New York. They were 11 and 13 at the time, and had lived their entire lives here.
Mom With Hope

Sanford, NC

#12 Aug 27, 2013
Oh my,how horrible. Why in the world would she do that?? That doesn't make sense at all.

Smithfield, NC

#13 Oct 6, 2013
I would prefer to have Judge Lee over Judge Robert Bryant any day. I have seen not only my case, but another where Judge Bryant presided, where a woman who has two children and lived in a trailer with a boyfriend who has a corroborated (as well as self-admitted under oath) history of abuse retain their children over a stable, hard-working father. I would applaud Lee. Not many judges can (or are willing) to see the forest for the trees and actually give children to the parent who is 1) stable and 2) provides the best environment for them.

And yes, get a good attorney. I would recommend a female attorney (particularly if you are a father) as an ex-wife's crocodile tears wouldn't put them at a nonplus.

I understand all cases are different, and i'm not trying to steer either way on your particular cases. But I've been to court 5x for my kids, and anyone will consistently lie under oath and badmouth the other parent for selfish reasons. Judge Lee sees this. If you have more tattoos than teeth, if you have a boyfriend who looks like a dirt-bag and has a shady history because that's the best you can get, then those kids deserve something better over personal "wants" colored by the veneer of you "caring" for your kids. If you are a parent, be a parent. Don't be the stereotypical trailer-trash that can plug-n-play into a caricature.

Fayetteville, NC

#14 Jan 27, 2014
Right on James! I went through a nasty custody battle with an ex wife that had another man living in my homen (with my kids) while I was fighting in Afghanistan. I came home and sued her for custody of the kids and I told her I was keeping the house. She spends a lot of her time partying and doing things that good mothers just dont do. She was abusive to the children and even put my youngest boy (15 months at the time) in the hospital with severe feveral seizures. We went to court with Judge Lee and she awarded me primary custody and didn't even allow the kids any overnights with my ex. We went back to court for our permanent hearing and got stuck with Bryant. My ex did a lot of crying and said that she had changed. She swore that her and the adulterous boyfriend were done and would never get back together. Judge Bryant cut our custody in half. 50/50. Oh yea, and she owed over $1500 in child support and judge Bryant just whiped her clean.
Less than a month later I was filing a motion to change the existing order because my ex got a DWI. Her boyfriend (yes, the same one she "wasn't with annymore") got a DWI the weekend before her. They both were driving with my children in the car without a license. The case went before Judge Lee again the third time and she awarded me sole custody of the children and orderd my ex to pay child support. She also lectured my ex on being a good mom. That's the problem, a lot of these moms (and dads) like the idea of being a parent but are unwilling to put away their wild, party/ single ways and actually step up and be a perent.
Judge Lee is the most fair judge I've seen in the court room. If you are a good parrent and you are truly puting your kids first then you will be fine with judge Lee. She has no tolerance for immorality.

Sanford, NC

#16 Mar 31, 2014
These posts about Bryant make me nervous. I'm going before him this year for custody modification. It seems he has a reputation for 50/50 arrangement.. That would be a nightmare in my case. I hope he doesn't consistently do that.
Frustrated Activist

Wilmington, DE

#17 Wednesday Jun 28
Cam the dog was shot 10 times while it was being filmed by Jarren Heng. Heng received what amounted to a slap on the wrist sentence plus community service. It is a sad day when a presiding judge sentences an animal abuser to serve at an animal shelter. The last thing those poor animals need is some black hearted monster committing acts of cruelty on them when no one is around. This is like sending a rapist to a woman's shelter. Shame on this judge and this miserable "structured sentencing" hillbilly law that is no justice for Cam at all.

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