who are the rats in harlan?

Macon, GA

#174 Jul 16, 2011
Tired of trash wrote:
<quoted text>
I love Rats!!
All you shit eaters need to stick together.
Sounds to me like you just love trash!!!

Macon, GA

#175 Jul 16, 2011
blue jay wrote:
they should post all the drug dealers instead of who all is ratting,i would rather be a rat than a drug dealer.
They are the same drug dealers and rats are like one.

Clarksville, TN

#176 Jul 23, 2011
I wish I knew a crime to report. We need a fourm on here about people bragging about reporting crimes. BTW whats the number for reporting drug and theft crimes?
Concerned parent

United States

#177 Jul 26, 2011
worried wrote:
whos been snitchin
What about all the people who travel out of town to get prescriptions to bring back to Harlan County to be sold. I know of at least 3 people to go to Lexington every month to get prescriptions and bring back to Harlan to be sold. They do not take this medication, they just give it to the head Man up Cloverlick and we all know who he is Jerry W and then he sells for them. Why done you do something legal to make money instead of wasting time on this.
Just wondering

Broken Arrow, OK

#178 Aug 29, 2011
Who cares.. Don't deal drugs mor do drugs and you have nothing to worry about ... Losers ..
combat veteran

Harlan, KY

#179 Aug 31, 2011
ur so great wrote:
<quoted text>
Ok thats a real nice thing to say. I know dealing drugs is bad and against the law, but do you really think that god is gonna like you tellin someone you hope they get murdered and burn in hell. Where do you think your gonna go for saying stuff like that?? Its not your right to judge! You must not have to much education...
.......... shut up idiot you r the one dealing thr dope dirtbag

United States

#182 Sep 8, 2011
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Richmond, KY

#183 Sep 16, 2011

Jackson, KY

#184 Sep 16, 2011
all you want to do is every month just call in some of these ones with the big order of pille and when they dont have them then you know they sold them just cut them off and then black ball them every where thay go that would help some.

Nerinx, KY

#186 Oct 4, 2011
all you want to do is every month just call in some of these ones with the big order of pille and when they dont have them then you know they sold them just cut them off and then black ball them every where thay go that would help some.
wtf? it sounds like you're the one doin' pills!
know derrick robinson

Baxter, KY

#187 Oct 6, 2011
derrick robinson who is with heather yount is a rat you all better watch out for him he will get ya i know who he has told on and signed statements on true true!!!!!
I agree

Elizabethton, TN

#188 Oct 14, 2011
Spectre wrote:
<quoted text>
First of all it's "too much of an education"... NOT "to much education" (I don't think I need to say anymore about that)Secondly, I am tired of people selling drugs around here. The dealers are not going to stop selling, because there is too much money involved. That's why I believe that we, as a society would be better off if these people were dead. That way, they are not poisoning our children. If I offended you with my "burn in hell" comment, then I apologize. I still feel the same way toward the dealers, but perhaps I will try not to be so callous on here if it bothers you. By the way, you have no right to judge me either... but you sure did... didn't you.

I am so sick of all the drugs in Harlan county and i am sick to death of the acceptance and the tolerance in whih people treat the problem. Everyone, well almost everyone, acts as if it's just a normal way of life. Being a drug addict or selling drugs is anyting but normal. Is this really what our world is comming to, when people start to love their money and their next fix more than their own children, family, and friends? I have personally seen first hand what drugs can do to an entire family and being raised my whole life in Harlan county, I've seen what drugs can do to an entire comunity. With that being said, I agree with that statement completely. If the people dealing that poison to other people's children died, I would consider that justice. They made a decision to sell drugs no one forced them. Their decision is killing other people, and for the people who choose to get high rather than having a life, well they are already dead, the sad shame of it all is that not only is their drug habbits killing them, but it's killing everyone else around them that they love. I guess their drugs are more important to them. I wish all the good people in Harlan would take a stand together to clean that God forsaken place up.

Jackson, KY

#189 Dec 31, 2011
who cares

London, KY

#190 Jan 13, 2012
fly on the wall wrote:
Jim long and his entire family are losers from Wayyyyyyyy back. The root is mostly his own bible thumping mom for making excuses all the time for thier actions and the dad for showing them how to be losers. Jim's life pretty much speaks for itself. screwing anything that will let him, leaching off anyone that will let him, backstabbing friends constantly, even left one to die after he was shot. I heard the guy was shot because of Jim.
why dont u say that to jims face coward

Baxter, KY

#191 Jan 31, 2012
iF WE SET AN named all the rats in Harlan county half would be on it, you can drive down the road an spot them miles away from you or walk down town Harlan an no the ones who are, Tracey Taylor is a well known rat blah blah blah i could set all day an name them an i go to church an live right you dont have to see it you hear half the talk in ur stores an on the streets walk down town harlan an you will hear more then you really care about or go into the coal camps or the small camps youll see an hear alot to me they are to take the rats down an maybe there drug problems would be over instead they release them an send them back out on the streets this will be a never ending thing in harlan or anywheres else you go because the drug heads are being used an payed to rat on something they are doing them selves

Richmond, KY

#192 Feb 9, 2012
cumberland visitor wrote:
i dont know about Harlan but i do know Ron Halcomb in cumberland is a rat. He turned in loads of peeps for $100.00 a piece to unite. He is opening up a bar in cumberland too with a silent partner lol shhhh jim helton and wife shhhhhhhhhh thats a secret lol I wonder how many innocent peeps will get into troubles in that new bar?
If they are innocent,what the hell are they doing in a bar to start with.Watch what names you use they are about 3 Ron Halcombs from Cumberland.

Richmond, KY

#193 Feb 9, 2012
Marlboro Man wrote:
<quoted text> I know of that ronnie halcomb, he busted my brother and some innocent girls. He sweet talks them and bammmmmmmmmm he turns you in. I will never go to cumberland to HIS bar. If anyone else does they are asking for troubles too. The law is to hot there anyways. Use to go up on weekends and the police in cumberland stopped every car coming and going.......i will just stay in Harlan
The cops have easy access people coming out of the bar drunk, makes their job easy. They watch the flamming star as well. Just see, late on saturday nights,cops r parked across the street!!

Richmond, KY

#194 Feb 9, 2012
who cares wrote:
<quoted text>
why dont u say that to jims face coward
You HEARD, think about it, your making comments that you don't even know the facts about!! Heard is along way from the truth!!
Stupid People

Richmond, KY

#196 Feb 9, 2012
gay wrote:
And if you are gay, you are going to rot in hell!!
the truth

Lexington, KY

#197 Feb 18, 2012
hell hole of ky harlan co most are drug heads and rats allways running ther mouths abouts someone to make ther self look or fell better truth is the law dont to stop drugs.war on drugs is but in place so the top dogs can run it all.and the sheepel will never wake up and see what is relly going on.

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