who are the rats in harlan?

Baxter, KY

#87 Dec 20, 2009
Okay for one I go to church never have done drugs although i have had some friends killed and hookied because of drugs but as i see it the ones that are rating do drugs to and they get by with what they do, It just doesnt make since to me someone go rat on another person, and they get time off of there jail sentance that is so mean, People that do drugs they are good in them and they get put down so bad, as if they were scum of the earth ya they get bad enough to rob steal and kill because of the drugs they get hooked on but i know alot that are really good people behind the drugs they would do anything for you, i think the people that are rats should be put behind bars as well, as the people selling them, they should be a law against this, using someone thats on drugs to bust another how sick can that get, the law should catch them and stop paying someone else to do it, this is wrong , and cheap of the state do let people do this, they should use one of there own to bust them go undercover or something and stop using another person thats hooked on drugs to, wrong wrong wrong,
no for sure

Dayton, OH

#88 Dec 20, 2009
brian hooker from linefork gordon ky is the biggest rat yall got to look out for hes working for ksp and drug task
i do no

Elizabethtown, KY

#89 Dec 20, 2009
i do no that randal nantz is raten to keep his lil a?? out-ta trouble and for 100.00 for each that he does

Delavan, IL

#90 Dec 21, 2009
trust no one willliam johnson aka billy crider is a rat abd so is his wife
know it all

Hickory, NC

#91 Jan 6, 2010
truth wrote:
heather stevens is videoing every1 she can they r giving her 100 dollars to do it. i dont know how they can let a junkie rat on some1 else. the word is out that she is moving to cumberland .better watch your back
i know for a fact she is,,because i saw the video with my own 2 eyes
know it all

Hickory, NC

#92 Jan 6, 2010
dont forget about harry shuler, he got a good friend of mine,,,big wes, should have none better, he's daddy big harry was a none rat too...
blue jay

Macon, GA

#93 Mar 10, 2010
they should post all the drug dealers instead of who all is ratting,i would rather be a rat than a drug dealer.

Menasha, WI

#94 Apr 16, 2010
i do no wrote:
i do no that randal nantz is raten to keep his lil a?? out-ta trouble and for 100.00 for each that he does
I wish you "could" learn how to spell. Your communication skills are terrible!!

Menasha, WI

#95 Apr 16, 2010
I love RATS!
warning baxter

Baxter, KY

#96 Apr 20, 2010
Danny perkin's and Alta Lowe are cleaning house on everyone who let's them in their house. I know this for a fact. That's funnier than Shawna Napier and Glen Blevins taking the stand against the Collett man, And I loved it when Hurlan and Teresa Couch ratted on their best friend Bim bo Shame on them when your as quilty as they are you should keep your mouth shut. My dad taught me if you can't do the time don't do the crime? Chrisy roark is a rat too.
warning baxter

Baxter, KY

#97 Apr 20, 2010
Danny Perkin's and Alta Lowe are ratting on everybody, And some chick name Cristy roark and Belinda Davenport are eating a little cheese too! so anyone who reads this and don't believe me I promise you I will soon see you on Russel's court show.

Harlan, KY

#98 Apr 20, 2010
I refuse to accept the "we need to entertain the drug addicts" excuse. Don't do drugs. Don't have anything else to do? MOVE!
Someone Who Knows

Middlesboro, KY

#99 Apr 27, 2010
William(WILLIE ALDRED)Of Wallins Got a Lot Of My Friends Saw Tapes. YOU BETTER WATCH HIM.
been there

Harlan, KY

#100 Apr 27, 2010
I agree,there's nothing to do around this place and people turn to drugs.It's easy to sit and talk crap about something you have no knowledge of,but someday this problem will hit home.It seems that everyone that likes to run their mouth are the so called 'rich folks'around here,they can afford to go out of town and do things that regular people can't.My best friend wore a wire on me for $100,I did my time and diden't talk,but shes still doing dope and treating her kids like dirt.You can be a 'doper' and still be a good person,jail is not the awnser to this problem.
lil miss peeps

Versailles, KY

#101 May 10, 2010
did you know that amanda and cathy creech are working for unit those girls are so nasty they are both on drugs and don't take care of there kids that is so pathetic watch your backs there rats...
miss thing

Baxter, KY

#102 May 31, 2010
watch out people in cawood like nancy abbott
cat man

Pikeville, KY

#103 Jun 2, 2010
i have a big rat under my sink how can i catch it i have tried to get it out with the prommis of money and drugs but i cant catch him but maby a big chunk of cheese.

Richmond, KY

#104 Jun 4, 2010
don't forget about the big rat" DAVID BLANTON".. "DD" MY FRIEND FOR 20 YEARS!!!! who needs enemies when u got friends like him!!!! he got all his friends, 4 a non supervised probation sentence... way 2 go buddy!!! "THANKS FRIEND" YOU BIG RAT!!!!!
from the court house

Baxter, KY

#105 Jun 22, 2010
ashly smilwood is a rat do get her nothing

Harlan, KY

#107 Jun 23, 2010
Brian "jonsie" Jones is rattin too.driving a green pontiac saw him exchange info with det.

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