harlan ARH strike!
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Hazard, KY

#348 Sep 11, 2007
this is a radioactive comment. stay at work feed your kids and get on with life.
norma rae

Hazard, KY

#349 Sep 11, 2007
there was a time and a place and this is not the time or the place union history is strong but that's all it is HISTORY, because of union power abuse. remember the history and remember who we are we used to get paid for what we did but now we think we should get paid for what we don't do, what is wrong with this picture? or this piece of history later slayers

Hazard, KY

#350 Sep 12, 2007
hey man where are yu without any strike pay we are alot of single parents and how dare youmake thi9s difficult for us/ you are a bunch of spineless pigs and you should be negiating in our good faith we have kids how dare you subjent us and our families to your stupidity, we should find anothwer union like seiu or uaw who cares about our familieis and Pat Tanner you are dispicable, you had your husbands insurance so you don't care about us and Wilma you are a loser

Grethel, KY

#351 Sep 22, 2007
It's rather interesting how you have been able to spell the names of the people you slam, but are unable to spell quite a few simple words. I believe that union busters who are pretending to be others should take their spineless selves back to New Jersey and find someone else to slander. I personally know both Pat and Wilma and they are two of the finest ladies I have ever met. FYI, Pat isn't married. Get your facts straight. The woman left her position as KNA president in order to help the KNA/WVNA local units out during negotiations and is doing it free of charge. You should be very ashamed.
normarae wrote:
hey man where are yu without any strike pay we are alot of single parents and how dare youmake thi9s difficult for us/ you are a bunch of spineless pigs and you should be negiating in our good faith we have kids how dare you subjent us and our families to your stupidity, we should find anothwer union like seiu or uaw who cares about our familieis and Pat Tanner you are dispicable, you had your husbands insurance so you don't care about us and Wilma you are a loser

Charleston, WV

#352 Sep 24, 2007
I find this blog very interesting. I have been in healthcare a long time and have never been in a union. I have seen the 3rd proposal on the ARH contract and it is better than most places I have ever worked. I have a problem with RN's whom strike for economic purposes. THE PATIENTS SUFFER FROM THIS UNION!!! The biggest bitch is about 36/40...well guess what...suck it up...most people in America work a 40 hour work week. There is not ONE nurse that deserves 208 free hours a week averaging $4,000 -$5,000 annually for hours not worked. Hell...ARH nurses like to call in "sick" all the time because they do not like to work and the union protects this laziness. All in all...ARH has great nurses...they are just ignorant because the union feeds them propagandan and withholds needed info. DID ANYONE VOTE TO STRIKE??? No? Yes? Hell...you guys do not even know. In the Union by-laws it only takes the President or Vice-President and 2 people from the steering committee to vote on a strike....thousands of families at risk without money or healthcare to be decided by poor leadership. Lets get unions out of healthcare...not needed...USW??? DO you see a steel I-Beam in your beds or patient? Wake up AMERICA....

United States

#353 Sep 25, 2007
Nurse4life is a traveling scab. First of all she posted from a New Jersey hospital, and then from a Florida location, and then I believe it was Virginia. She also stated on the playhouse that she would be back in Hazard. Just in time for the strike it seems.
If you re-read her post you will discover that she doesn't work for ARH and isn't in the KNA. She was banned from the harlanplayhouse.

Also take a look at the above post. RNUNIONFREE. Beckley WV. I would say that was from management in Beckley. Why else would they pretend to care so passionately over a situation they are not involved in?
UNION and Proud

Deerfield, IL

#354 Sep 30, 2007
if YOU dont stand for something you will fall for anything..
Take a stand for the union ,,OUr forefathers fougth , and gave their lives for the union..And we let a scab come along and try to destroy everything they built our country on.
Guess money talks at times.. USW be proud and Stand firm...Stand up for your rights.. If you have a president that isnt doing his job ..Get him out and put someone in that will.
ANd I think the person who said it take the only takes the President or Vice-President and 2 from the steering committee to vote
a strike, you sure know alot about it ..Can we assume you were in the Union once..?

Chesapeake, VA

#355 Oct 4, 2007
Just keep the prayer going for the KNA and especially for the LPN in there We will be praying for all you all
Just Wondering


#356 Oct 13, 2007
If you call the replacement workers scabs then what do you call those nurses that cross the lines?

How is it going to feel to be in a small town with better that average income and lower than normal expenses(conpared to the rest of the US) and no nursing job!

It seem that this whole thing rests on questioning of promoting or hiring the best qualified for the job and not the person that has worked at the hospital the longest.
scab hater


#357 Oct 15, 2007
i think it's a shame that the people of our community is letting our hometown people get treated this way. scabs working and getting paid big bucks while our nurses are on the picket line so they won't lose their benifets. please stand on the picket line with your friends and families. show arh that you support the rn's. nurses that cross the picket line are union scabs.
just curious

Auburn Hills, MI

#358 Oct 21, 2007
I for one have alot of respect for nurses because my grandmother was one before she retired and i know and have worked with alot of wonderful people who are nurses and i think they are the backbone of healthcare. I also think they deserve their benefits because they do work extremely hard and work alot of overtime and most dont complain because they care about their patients so i just pray that this will be over soon for their sake.
Kathleen Durland RN


#359 Nov 1, 2007
Part 2
These are all practical questions. Every effort should have been made to avoid such an action to not only protect the patient's best interests and healthcare but also the short and long term impact that a job action would certainly have on a dedicated employee and the hospital itself. It appears through media reports, that neither side went to the mat before allowing the situation to spiral out of control. But not all things are reported or reported accurately -- this we know.

I am a registered nurse and have been for thirty years. My starting pay was $6.50 an hour and that was considered good money for a woman at that time. Great advances have been made in the compensation of the nurse and this effort steadily continues today. There are hospitals in my area where nurses are unionized. I worked for a very long time for a hospital where the nurses weren't unionized but the critically important support staff of the majority of the departments were represented by a union. The same issues have historically been present in all hospitals. What seems to be different is the lengths both parties will go to before allowing a job action to come between the employees and the employer and their patients. The drama of such a job action, as reported in the media, never seems to mention the residual effects on all parties concerned even after settlement. In the end, due to the nature of the actual dispute and the simple fact that such things as staffing cannot be strictly legislated due to situations of need, neither party will be satisfied. Most nurses will feel a sense of guilt for leaving their patients to go out on strike. In the end, the nurses, the patients and ultimately the hospitals will bear the brunt of the higher end managers who suffer no loss of income during this time, well intended machinations.

Kathleen Durland, RN
Kathleen Durland RN


#360 Nov 1, 2007
Part 1
Nurses are the backbone of any and all hospitals. Nurses are professionals and have pledged an oath similar to the Hippocratic Oath of a physician. A main proponent of these oaths is "first do no harm." Your plea for financial aid for the striking nurses is emotionally manipulative and subjectively presented without any actual facts for the public to review for themselves. It makes that request, however unintentional, suspect.

Legislating nurse to patient care ratios is not practical and creates risk for in-patients when faced with a modern population who renders care via contract and job description over patient need. This is not to say that all workers follow that pattern but in the medical field, even a small percentage of scheduled employees evoking their "rights" can cause havoc on a hospital floor and patient care always suffers.

ARH presents their side of the issue with their version of the facts as do the nurses and union officials. Both are adamant in the validity of their statements. This is common in such disputes. That they are so diametrically opposed leads one to wonder about counsel given before the drastic, disruptive and potentially, dangerous to the patient, decision to strike. Demands made in open ended, broad terms are difficult to mediate. "Eliminate mandatory overtime." "Nurse/patient care ratios are too high." "These conditions must be improved." Those are broad statements, not proposals.

I feel for the nurse who has spent her adult working lifetime dedicating herself to her patients and the institution that cares for them. He or she must stand with the union and follow their directives even if that means possibly loosing their jobs.(I will refer to the nurse as "she" for the rest of this note. Men are part of this workforce but at a much lower percentage.) Now, one of the nurses referenced in the plea for donations has worked for 34 years in one place. Add 34 years plus 21 years old (the average nursing graduate's age) and you have an individual who is close to 55 years old. ARH has made their intentions of hiring permanent replacements for striking nurses known and to date, has received 750 applications between their combined hospitals. Is this the time to change jobs? That individual will face many types of hidden discrimination such as age and judgments about the reason(s) she lost her job. If fortunate, she will be hired by another institution but will it be anywhere near her home? Will there be difficulties adjusting to another institution's policies, procedures and guidelines. Nurses are a very close nit group. Will she have difficulty joining that new group? Her salary that has aged over decades will become a starting salary with some compensation for experience but still will not be close to her former salary. It is likely, given the times and the area of the country where this dispute takes place, she may be the primary source of income for her family. How will her pension and retirement benefits be effected? Will she loose retirement benefits through participation in a job action? If not, will she be able to regain the momentum of it's growth once starting over for a new employer?


#361 Nov 1, 2007
Harlan ARH Worker wrote:
What does everybody think about the hospital going on strike? I am scared to death, but yet I'm not going to sit here and let them run over me.
See bottom of pg 18
regina grenier

Elizabethtown, KY

#363 Jan 9, 2010
what i think about harlan ARH hospital they ant worth crap they ant no good for anything all they do is take babys lives that could of made it in this world but no that dame hospital is to dame cheap to save a childs life they let them be born and let them lay on the bed to take last breath or pull the cord away from the mother to take that little childs life including the mothers by bleeding to death

Manchester, KY

#364 Jan 14, 2010
will it like this i am for the union and i hope the workers get everything they want but when i need to go to the er i have to go i am in bad shape but i hate that they r talking about strike i hope the union people get off of there asses and get a contact that they r worth nothing stupid i hope that it don;t come to a strike

Charlottesville, VA

#365 Jul 8, 2010
what is it over

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