Just wanted to tell the people of Haralson County that the low cost spay & Neuter clinic will be there Wed- May 31 AND June 7 at the Haralson County Animal Control--
What we Offer....
Cat Spay (girl)-$60
Cat Neuter (boy)-$40
Dog Neuter (boy)-$60
All spay and neuters get a free Rabies vaccine-tag-certificate
Extra charge on cat spays that are pregnant or lactating- 5-20$ extra
We offer other services...
Leukemia test -$14
Heartworm test-$14
Leukemia vaccine(cat)-$10
Distemper vaccine (cat)-$5
Dog DHPP vaccine-$10
Dog Kennel Cough vaccine-$10
Tape Worm treatment-$10
Flea treatment (Advantage)-$10
Antibiotics-$10 (recommended with surgery)
Pain shot (for sugery pets)$5
Rabies Vaccines are free with surgery but for others -$10
I am Sorry but We are not offering Dog Spays (girl) at this time.. due to not being able to do follow up care.
Please call ASAP for an appointment
For Wed- May 31... you can stop in for vaccines or testing- after 3pm but spay & neuters need an appointment.
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