Animal adoption changing

Animal adoption changing

There are 30 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Feb 6, 2008, titled Animal adoption changing. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Next week, the county's Humane Society will begin arranging to have adopted animals spayed or neutered before they are taken home, as part of a partnership with area veterinarians.

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Carmel, IN

#23 Feb 6, 2008
JKL wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you going to reimburse me for my expenses?
If your claim is authentic, of course we'll reimburse you.

Uniontown, OH

#24 Feb 6, 2008
Ron Kielkowski 1 of 2 wrote:
JKL and Doggone Mad: As a board member of the HC Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic, I was greatly disturbed by your harsh comments for several reasons: 1) If you are real pet owners who have had problems as a result of surgery from our clinic, we need to know about them. To date, we have not received a call from either of you expressing any such concern. My name is Ron Kielkowski and my email address is [email protected] I invite you to email me to talk more about this in detail. If either of you call me I will post your response on this same page. But honestly, I don’t think either of you are real pet owners or customers of the Clinic!
Doggone Mad: I believe your story is complete fiction and here is why – you say you came back later that night and that the clinic was closed. But yet you talked to a woman mopping the floors?! When our clinic closes, our personnel have already swept and mopped the floors. There would be no one at the clinic after we close the doors! Much less a cleaning person who has access to medical instruments! And like JKL, why haven’t we heard from you about this?
To everyone else, please know that as a board member, I am deeply concerned about any anomalies which we experience during the course of our surgeries. In less than a year, we have performed over 6800 spays and neuters. We are not perfect and we have had complications, but in each case, the customers who had problems called us and we immediately had one of our vets or examine, diagnose, and correct the problem, or after hours, an animal is sent to an emergency clinic, and in every case, the HC Low Cost Clinic has covered the cost of this!
I am even more concerned about continuing hostilities between the HC Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic and the HC Humane Society. It seems to me that the Humane Society, which has several wealthy, powerful vets on their board, has always been opposed to a low cost spay neuter clinic. It concerns me that while we have 5 other Humane Societies and 25+ rescue groups both inside and outside of Hamilton county using services of the clinic, the HC Humane Society doesn’t. It concerns me even more that while the Humane Society and the Low Cost Clinic have always had a program in place to spay and neuter pets, that their executive director would send out a press release and tell a news paper reporter that they the Clinic does not have a program with the Humane Society.
Let's fact check for a second.

First, I did bring up to your clinic what happened and there was no concern only blame to me and my wife that we did not care for the dog, post-op, like we were supposedly instructed to. Fact.

Second, why in the he-- would you hear from me about doors being closed and floors being mopped when that was not me. Fact.

Third, I went to the Humane Society webpage and found only one vet on the board of directors. Where are the "several, wealthy, powerful vets"???????? You are spreading false information to the public. One wonders why your organization has such issues. FACT.

Fourth. Why doesn't the H.S. use you? If you were that good and valuable, why wouldn't they use you? My bet is they have had horrible experiences with you and do not want any more animals hurt. FACT you can't admit to or are too blind to see.

Fifth. From what I can tell the press release is saying they are spaying and neutering ALL animals before they go home NOT about a program with you or other vets. Prove me wrong on that one.

Your whole argument, or better yet, LIES, is false. You make me sick and I, and others, will continue to educate on the horrible job your group does. FACT!!!!

Be very ashamed of yourself.

Uniontown, OH

#25 Feb 6, 2008
Ron Kielkowski 2 of 2 wrote:
Finally, it concerns me that when Tania E. Lopez, the reporter of this story called OUR executive director and asked about the Clinics spay neuter program for the Humane Society and was told about the program ALREADY IN PLACE, she fails to report what she was told about our existing program! Am I the only one who longs for truth in reporting?
Here is the offer which has always been in place between the HC Low Cost Clinic and the HC Humane Society. If you adopt a pet from the HC Humane Society, you will receive a coupon for a spay/neuter of your pet. If you bring this coupon next door to the HC Low Cost Clinic, we will spay/neuter your pet for FREE! The Humane Society then reimburses the Clinic for the cost of the operation. But for the owner of the adopted pet, THERE IS NO CHARGE for the surgery. This policy has been in place since our first few weeks of operation, and yet the Humane Society almost never tells people adopting pets about this!?
We commend the HC Humane Society for finally taking a stronger stance on spaying/neutering every pet adopted. It is our hope that the HC Humane Society will tell everyone who adopts a pet about the free program offered by the HC Low Cost Clinic. And if they fail to mention it when you adopt your pet, please stop by next door. We’ll be happy to tell you.
JKL and Doggone, if you are real, you are welcome to email me with your comments. As I stated earlier, I will post any response I get here, but I doubt I will hear from you.
Let's continue to call your a-- out!!!

The new program they announced is the policy of having all animals spayed and neutered BEFORE going home with the new owners. It says NOTHING about a "program already in place"....NOTHING. I found the press release and read it, you should to before opening your un-educated mouth again, spewing lies.

If I worked at the Humane Society I would not tell anyone either. There are REAL vets out there willing to do the same thing you are, spaying and neutering animals for free from the Humane Society. Why would anyone bring their animal to your butcher shop when they can get the job done professionally? Answer that!!!

Your trying to cover your own a--es by these lies your are spewing here. I am now going to make it my mission to disclose what has happened at your clinic, I promise.

Come to think of it.....maybe I should get in touch with this reporter and have her write a story of, not only me, but the others who have had the same experience as me. I do know of others who have had awful experiences with you guys. Perhaps I should contact Ms. Lopez tomorrow and educate her on what has happened there. Maybe she can then share that info with her readers.

I will not be contacting you for anything. You have shown what you are made of and I want nothing to do with you or your butcher shop.

Once again, please, please respond to my accusations of your constant lying. Idiot.
Rebecca Stevens

Bloomington, IN

#26 Feb 6, 2008
(1 of 3)

It is clear by your comments that you did not read our press release. We never said that the clinic wasn't a participant in our program. As a matter of fact, we said that they have been a part of our program and we have asked that they continue to be in 2008.
Our clients have always had the option to choose the LCSN as their provider for spay/neuter services. It is the client's choice. All of our other participating veterinarians offer additional services along with the FREE spay/neuter such as a complimentary Rabies vaccine, a wellness exam, and the opportunity to do pre-surgical bloodwork. VCA also offers our adopters a $50 credit toward any medical expenses that arise during the first 48 hours after the adoption since our free pet health insurance kicks in on day 3. It is for these reasons that our customers gravitate toward the choice where they feel they're getting more for the money. That is the nature of any consumer.

The fact that the clinic could not provide the same value added services to our adopters has placed them at a competitive disadvantage, something that I discussed with your Executive Director from the very beginning.
Rebecca Stevens

Bloomington, IN

#27 Feb 6, 2008
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It is very disappointing that none of the referrals we send next door are mentioned here, nor are the spays and neuters that we have indeed done with your facility. Every single Return to Owner we process, meaning, pets who were lost and then reunited with their families, is referred next door if the animal is not already spayed or neutered. I have personally taken people next door and provide LCSN pricing information on a regular basis. Your organization is promoted on our website. I would venture to guess that a great number of your clients have directly resulted from our adopters, our visitors and our referrals.

I wish I could say that we have received the same support from your organization in promoting the many great services we provide the community.

I am certain that you and other members of your organization must not understand, as I cannot imagine we would be having this discussion if you did, that if we did not partner with the vets in the community, we would be unable to afford the daily medical care for those animals arriving with serious illnesses and injuries. The adoption aspect of our program is what makes the relationship a mutually beneficial one for the vets participating in our program. Take that piece away, and there is no longer a reason for them to offer us the significant discount on their services for the thousands of animals we serve each year. Discounts that range anywhere from 50% to 75% off to treat those arriving with hit by car injuries, heartworm disease, parvo, and a slew of other possibilities. Because of their generosity, we save the majority of the animals who arrive each year (over 3,500 in 2007) in need of emergency medical care. Our placement rate is one of the highest in the United States.
Rebecca Stevens

Bloomington, IN

#28 Feb 6, 2008
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Our decisions are based on what is best for our business and for the animals who are depending on us for more than their spay or neuter. Their lives depend on the relationships we have with our veterinary partners, and since you are well aware that the clinic is not a full service one that is capable of treating the thousands of animals we see each year with illness and injury, I think it is very short sighted that you or anyone would expect us to sever those relationships simply because you are located next door.

The reality is, your organization is doing quite well, I think it was over 8,000 spays and neuters last time I looked. You are serving your purpose in this community which is to provide a low cost solution to those who need one, or to those who simply would not have paid the higher fees at a full service clinic.

And, the Humane Society is also doing quite well and serving its purpose in the community. I would like to see more focus placed on the many positive accomplishments our organizations have achieved rather than the continued negativity being directed at our organization for not discontinuing our program with local vets--a decision that would bear a very dear price to the thousands of animals we simply could no longer afford to provide the second chance at life they get today.

Kudos to your organization for the excellent work you do.

Rebecca Stevens
Executive Director, HSHC
Rebecca Stevens

Bloomington, IN

#29 Feb 6, 2008
1 of 3 was lost....


We never indicated to Ms. Lopez or in a press release that the clinic was not participating in our program. As a matter of fact, we indicated that you did participate last year and that we have asked you to participate again this year.

Our adopters have a choice of where they want to redeem their free spay/neuter. Our participating vets include a free Rabies vaccine, a wellness exam and the option for pre-surgical bloodwork. Additionally, VCA offers our adopters a $50 credit toward any medical care needed in the first 48 hours since our free pet health insurance doesn't kick in until day 3. The clinic has not offered any of these value added services, therefore our clients gravitate toward the options where they feel they will get the most for their money. That's simply how consumerism works.

I discussed with your director when the clinic opened that not offering the same services to our adopters would put them at a competitive disadvantage, and it has. The choice is driven by the customer.
Earn It

Carmel, IN

#30 Feb 7, 2008
Victor Vond wrote:
So- the low-income, by nature of their ecomnomic status...
deserve to have their pets mutilated?
Wow- how elitist of you.
An aside: We need to stop calling it 'adoption'. I love my pet, but it is an ANIMAL, not a person. It isn't adopted, it is OWNED.
<quoted text>
Not at all - but like with our own medical care you get what you pay for. If you surgery and money was not a factor would you go to a private hospital or the local community hospital? Of course you would go to a private hospital because normally that is where you would receive the best quality of care.

Your animal is no different. You'd prefer the very best but you get what you pay for. Running surgery assembly line style is cheaper but it does have inherant risks that go with the territory.

The fact that you don't understand the difference between purchasing an animal and adoptiong one shows that you really have no place in this discussion. Your understanding of the issue of animal over population, resuce and animal issues in general is poor.
Earn It

Carmel, IN

#31 Feb 7, 2008
dances with wolf wrote:
<quoted text>
It is a requirement of most animal adoption groups that you be able to afford a vet if you want to adopt an animal. Most groups also require that the animal be spayed/neutered before being adopted. The cost is rolled into the adoption fee.
True - but clearly the population we are dealing with in this situation did not get their dogs from rescue. With low income households the dog often came from the neighbors litter of puppies or from a "free to good home" ad.
Earn It

Carmel, IN

#32 Feb 7, 2008
JKL wrote:
<quoted text>
What a moronic post. I HAD TO SPEND THE $750 on the dog because this clinic screwed up in a major way. How else was the dog to get better? Should I have just left him to die and suffer?
Shame on you for not thinking things through. Dumba--!!!!
No, you should have spent about a third of that and gone to a "regular" vet where the animal would have gotten pre-op blood work, would most likely have stayed overnight for monitoring and you would have had 24 hour support.

I've not used the particular clinic in question but as a rescue I have used plenty of low cost services. And every time I do it is with the knowledge that I am subjecting the animal to a bit more risk than if I used a more traditional clinic.

However, since I specialize in "chain dogs" they normally have a laundry list of medical needs and the adoption fees seldom cover even a fraction of the total cost of caring for the dog. Since I'm not independantly wealthy I do shop around to get the most bang for my buck when it comes to vet care.

While this may or may not be fair to the individual animal it is the only way I can be ensured that I can continue to afford to help other animals.

It is the same with low income families. They may be placing the animal under additional risks but that is far better than not spaying/neutering at all.

So I repeat again - you chose to go low cost rather than the traditional route when clearly you had at least $750.00 to spend. You took a surgery slot from a truly low income individual. All to save what $100.00?

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