On 10/18/08 I recieved a phone telling me that 2 of my dogs had been shot and were found on the side of the road. One of my dogs were shot with a 22 pistol thru the side of the head which came out of his throat. The other dog was shot in the throat with a buckshot. It took close to 3 hours before the sheriff deptment arrived. The Officer said that this was STUPID season and there was nothing that we could do. But the Officer stated that there is a man that lives in VA and drives a white Chevy 4 door Truck that is doing this.But they did not have proof to get him on this.I have pictures of my dogs that were shot. My Dogs would never harm anything or anyone and I want to see this person pay for what he has done. All Hunting Clubs are being notified about this situation. If anyone has any suggestions on how to handle this I would appreciate any help that I can get. I need to get this individual for what he has done. Because there is no telling what else this person is capable of doing next. If he can kill two dogs that have not one bad bone in their body then he will try or has done something else. Please Help me find this person!