Lawsuit filed against West Virginia D...

Lawsuit filed against West Virginia DHHR related to abuse case

There are 85 comments on the story from Sep 21, 2008, titled Lawsuit filed against West Virginia DHHR related to abuse case. In it, reports that:

A lawsuit has been filed against the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, alleging an underage victim was molested by a convicted sex offender who operated a day care center in Greenbrier ...

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Humble, TX

#21 May 23, 2009
buzzing around wrote:
Thank you FLAN8TV and Wicked for your comments. My son has the freedom to come and go as he pleases between his father and I. We started out when he was a baby doing the appointed visitation days, but as he got older, we both saw how it hurt him when there were certain days he needed his mother, or needed his father. We quit that because it isn't about us controlling him, it was about what makes him happy, and why would we want to keep him away from either parent when he has been allowed to love us both freely. We don't have to like each other, but we both love our only son.
My husband is the one struggling with the ex,evil no-good-for-nothing he had the bad judgement of marrying when he was younger. And like the one you are referring to, FLAN8TV, this female will also be in for a rude awakening. We don't have all that much longer for the age of 18, and when we do, it will be bye-bye for the DHHR for her then. Our prayer is that our lawyer will help us with that before that magical age, and we feel we are getting closer everyday.And I truly hope God will dole out his reckoning for her evilness when He sees it is time. We have already witnessed some of that, so I do have faith and hope.
I haven't been on here for awhile, so, like your post. Here is a little update, my sis's boyfriend are planning to marry sometime later on. His daughter is getting married today and out of school yesterday, graduating. She joined the military and get this.......... He just had surgery(major). He can't go back to work for a couple more weeks. He went to DHHR to let them know his daughter will be grad, marrying, and military. He asked him how much his cs is going to drop. This STUPID IDIOT at DHHR told him he still had to pay child support on her until the last one turns 18 which will be 10 more years. Have you ever heard such bullshit in your life. If you knew this guy, you would think he is totally awesome. His kids are so spoiled by the filth they live in at the home of their mother's, that when they go to my sis's, they ask what that nasty smell is. She tell's them, it's called cleanliness. My sis is a cleaning freak. They are getting used to a little cleanliness, now. People like this girl, make decent guy's like him look bad. I just hope all the prayers and with GOD's help, this girl will be taken down the next court date. I would so love to say her name. But, due to respect to this guy, I couldn't do that to him. Pass this on with the prayers of luck his way.

Humble, TX

#22 May 23, 2009
DUH wrote:
Dave Saunders is a worthless joke.
Next election, I thiink he should be voted OUT! He is a joke!!! He is ruthless and I have no respect for him.
true greenbrier cnty boy

Marlinton, WV

#23 Jun 18, 2009
you are absolutely right. Myself and my son are going through hell bcause of the dhhr. I have to do drug tests, parenting etc. They have come to my house and my job and have seen that my son and myself have a bond that is unexplainable. But when I catch them in their lies and call them on it, then they want to try and take your kids and put you and them through hell.They mess with children that doesn't need help and the poor lil ones that are being abused rapped mistreated and god only knowes what else are just looked over. The damn dhhr wrkrs should be treated like these children are. For example,I had a worker come to my hose cause my son was riding the lawn mower with me. come on thats abuse grow the fuck up. We parents need to stand up for our babies. And the ones that need help.

Lubbock, TX

#24 Sep 29, 2009
pissed off wrote:
about time someone does every time you call into them and take you're info. They seem to lose it or the do nothing withit. mabe this will get there dam shit strait.
Go back to school, get a job, learn how to spell, and you won't need DHHR services! Ta DA- problem solved
just wondering

Ashburn, VA

#25 Sep 29, 2009
I know for a fact dhhr greenbrier co., office doesn't give a shit about the kids they take, all that they are looking out for is their sorry ass. If they cared a child I know would not be with their sorry ass dad right, who they know has molested children in the past and has several charges on file in another county, they know that also. And you think the courts care, the female prosecuter in greenbrier co., has destroyed evidence for case workers in the past, they care less.
momzkidzloveredb ullz

United States

#26 Oct 4, 2009
hello ones spelling,and schooling has nothing to do with child support DHHR. there service go after dead beats unless your like me owed 44,000 dollars so FAQ [email protected]!!!!!! I support 3 kid until you have been there struggling. don't pass judgment cause someday you may be in that office asking for help......... life has no guarantee.........
i understand

Princeton, WV

#27 Oct 14, 2009
you are right walfare is a joke ,you go to work to do better for youself and cait get help thats why people sit on there assas and let drrh take care of them ,they need clean up and get new workers in there to do the job

Morgantown, WV

#28 Jul 14, 2010
The Dhhr hurts more people than what it helps. the hotline to report changes puts you on hold for over an hour and then hangs up on you, the workers dont give a shit if you starve to death, they dont have any people skills whatsoever. They drive people to the point of wanting to blow them up. I can see how this happens with their ignorance. when I am a practicing lawyer, the fist place I want to take down is the WVDHHR!!!!

Marlinton, WV

#29 Jul 14, 2010
buzzing around wrote:
The CPS "workers" are a joke!!! Instead of looking at vengeful, sick women who cry wolf and victim at every single thing that does not go her way correctly, they will allow these bitches to come to them and listen to their bullshit every time, and take away kids from actual decent, damned good fathers! There are great fathers out there, and horrible mothers, but if these bitches are allowed to yell abuse time after time when it isn't true , guess what happens? CPS feels they have the right to take away kids from fathers that don't deserve it!
And guess what people? I am a mother! I have been abused in the past by my child's father, had that bitch Trudy from FRC tell me she would see me again after the LAST time he abused me(I told her to go to hell), and have moved on with my life! I did not feel any reason to keep a child away from a father who loved that child, and they have loved each other for sixteen years with no interference from me, and how I feel about him.
But according to the systems like CPS, FRC, and family court, if you are a vengeful, hateful "mother", you can continue to put any man through hell for the rest of his life, whether he deserves it or not!
WOW!!!!!!!!!! A VOICE OF SANITY!!!!!! thank you so much for saying that. and that is exactly what my ex is doing. i never abused her or my kids. she used family court and the FRC to her full vengeful advantage.

Marlinton, WV

#30 Jul 14, 2010
FLAN8TV wrote:
<quoted text>Next election, I thiink he should be voted OUT! He is a joke!!! He is ruthless and I have no respect for him.
and now look where that dick is at. family court judge.

Chesterfield, MO

#31 Jul 14, 2010
u don't get help from DHHR unless u are a non working drug addict or alcoholic... If you work u don't get Help! Its as simple as that... I don't even know y they are open, they don't do a Damn thing 4 people who really need the HELP

United States

#32 Jul 14, 2010
It is not up to them to see that you get food stamps or any other assistance. They have to go by the guidelines and they don't make those up themselves. Stop your whining and get a job!!!

Chesterfield, MO

#33 Jul 14, 2010
Tha ppl who work hard every dam day stil cant get help . so i know thats a lie

Chesterfield, MO

#34 Jul 15, 2010
"LOL" just because u need help with something doesn't mean that u don't have a job... My husband and I work our asses off for our family... I am talking about others that i know that do need the help and can't get it so shut the h*ll up!!

Lewisburg, WV

#36 Jul 15, 2010
Well Joke!!!

There are so many that don't work. If you are working why do you need help?

Chesterfield, MO

#37 Jul 15, 2010
Well LOL... Obviously u should learn how to read because i never said that i needed ANY HELP!!!(Go back and read carfully or have somebody read it for u if u can't):)

Pinckney, MI

#38 Oct 10, 2010
CPS/DHS is corrupt. They are corrupt in every state of the union. CPS worker lie. But, they have immunity. So, it's OK for them to lie to take children. If you piss off a CPS worker "she" (yes, they are mostly women) will destroy your life. She will tell any lies necessary to take your children. They get Title IV-d social security money. They ARE trafficking your children for money. It's all about the money at the top levels and all about the power at the bottom. CPS workers get a "high" from controlling you and your family. Here is how the law must change: Remove all immunity from CPS workers the second they lie. If they lie to remove a child, prison for the worker is the only answer. Remove immunity from judge, prosecutors, LGAL's and lawyers who lie. Anything short of this will not solve the problem. Also, the state must stop hiring CPS workers with criminal histories, poor and/or no education, history of mental illness, etc. In other words: "Hire qualified people".

Marlinton, WV

#39 Oct 10, 2010
if you file a complain with CPS you practically have to threaten them to go over their heads before they'll do anything.

Ogden, AR

#40 Oct 10, 2010
I knew an elderly woman on socialsecurity that payed her rent but couldnt buy food ,she went to ask for food stamps but because she owned a grave lot (that we bought her)they denied her because she owned land.That is just broke.she didnt own anything else.You cant live on 600 dollars a month now But when i had her there ,people in new cars wearing levi jeans and leather jackets ,expensive tennis shoes were in there getting help.needs fixed.

Marlinton, WV

#41 Oct 10, 2010
buzzing around wrote:
But according to the systems like CPS, FRC, and family court, if you are a vengeful, hateful "mother", you can continue to put any man through hell for the rest of his life, whether he deserves it or not!
i'm still hoping my ex will get over the past. what happened between us had nothing to do with the kids. but she to this day will not get over her hatred. i hope she can get over it and move on and be a calm, rational reasoning adult and think of the kids first and what they want. me and my kids never had a problem.
what she does not realize, as long as she holds onto that hate, it will always be bad for her mentally and emotionally. and does not look good in the kids eyes in the long run. and i don't want them to look at their mom and say, i want to see my dad. and end up hating her.
she doesn't have to use the courts or whatever, all she has to do is contact me and talk. she knows how to.
i've healed and moved on. it took awhile, but it is finally just an itchy reminding scar.

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