When is someone in the media going to finally recognize the multi-year pattern of incompetence in the Franklin County WA auditor's office. Auditor Zona Lenhart's latest feat was to misplace about 300 ballots...she says they got lost in the mail or something...or maybe it was a printing error...or someother excuse she will come up with soon. This is on top of the state's auditor reports showing she has previously left ballots unsecured, messed up ballot counting in the Aug 2010 primary, couldn't balance her office financial accounts, spent public money in ways that violated state law, and on and on and on... Lenhart touts her 20+ years of experience. Someone should remind her that experience and compentence are not the same things....just as practice does not make perfect, it only makes permanent. It looks to me like her 20+ years have made her perfectly incompetent. It is time for a change in that office.