Sheriff Zach Scott Texting and Driving
House guy

Brooksville, FL

#22 Jul 5, 2012
The truck is blurry be cause it is going the other direction.
That's all the got right on the fake photo.
The police car is dark brown or black, where is the reflection of the white car in the police cars paint?
The rear view of the white car shows its parked, looks like its in a garage by the painted floor and lighting. Where's the cops head. Nobody drives with their head that far back.

Waukesha, WI

#23 Jul 6, 2012
Regardless of whether or not the picture is fake the lesson remains the same, distracted driving, in whatever form it comes in costs lives. In this picture, the driver has both hands off of the wheel, and is in between two cars that appear to be moving. It makes it worse that this is law enforcement. The picture seems to be taken at an angle which is why you can't see the driver. Too bad the person taking the picture didn't get the liscense plate or a second picture as further evidence. It's a shame. Radios are for communication...or just use a hands free device. If this had been reversed and the police officer saw thus occurring with a citizen, then the citizen would have received a ticket. I respect officers and their commitment to their communities but this is ridiculous.

Catlettsburg, KY

#24 Jul 7, 2012
Anyone who thinks this is fake is a complete moron! Go buy a cheap cellphone, drive down the road at @ 55-60mph, and snap a picture of a vehicle you are passing. Post to Facebook and see if it isn't blurry like that one. Oh, and like other people said, you can simply use Google and see proof that the picture is real. Pull your head out of your ass and deal with the fact that you are proven wrong!

Chino Hills, CA

#25 Jul 8, 2012
The truck is NOT going in the opposite direction. it is at least a three lane highway/freeway.The focus on the truck is blurred because the main focus was on the cop car. The truck was travelling at a different rate of speed.

Cincinnati, OH

#26 Jul 9, 2012
The cop and photo taker are in two left-hand turn lanes and the truck is in a straight lane on a green light (hence he's moving and the lettering is blurred). Obviously the white car (the one taking the photo) and the cop are stopped. Look in the side view mirror of the white car - you can clearly see a vehicle very close to the back end of the white car. Even idiots don't drive that close to each other. FURTHERMORE, if the cop AND/OR white car were moving, the sheriff star and word "SHERIFF" would be blurry, just like the truck's "PITT OHIO" is.

Also, the truck is not going in the opposite direction of the cop car and white car. Just look at the writing - it says "PITT OHIO", but I only know this b/c I live in Ohio. Even if you don't, just seeing the word "OHIO" written as is, you know which way it was traveling.

Sheriff Scott probably did remind his force about personal phone use while driving HOWEVER, I highly doubt it was in the way that the media portrays it. Scott probably sent out an inter-office email or notification, showed the picture, said "This is ridiculous and don't do it again." Cops in Ohio are allowed to use their cell phones while driving for business use only. There's no real way without a ton of fuss (and $$) to prove if this cop was using it for official use or not. I'm sure Scott only said something b/c of the public uproar.
Jet Jagger

Channahon, IL

#27 Jul 12, 2012
The semi is not headed in the opposite direction. It is headed in same direction. The pic was taken with a lower-resolution camera (2MP probably). But, the point is that a deputy is texting with both hands while driving which is extremely dangerous. The fact that the photographer had time to grab his camera and position himself while the deputy was texting indicates that the texting was persistent while the deputy was driving. The other point is that cops are above the law which makes them little more than prison guards of society...and we are the prisoners they need to keep in line.


#28 Jul 12, 2012
I'm going to venture that the Sheriff's car is stopped as is the photo shooting vehicle. The person taking the pic saw an opportunity to have some fun with this pic!! Also, look at both of the rear view mirrors.
KeenerEyeThanTho u

South San Francisco, CA

#29 Jul 14, 2012
The photo is not fake. However, anyone who thinks the deputy is texting while the car is in motion needs to try to be a bit more observant. The truck is the only thing moving in this shot. If you look through the back window of the sheriff car, you can see a guardrail--which is affixed to a vertical post, which is not blurred! So the cop car, the photographer's car, and the guardrail are all traveling at the same speed...which would be ZERO mph. Given how close other cars are in the side mirror, it looks like everybody might be stopped for an accident, and only the slow lane is moving. That deputy might not have even had his engine running.

United States

#30 Jul 16, 2012
Photo forensics 101. The background. The guardrail on the far side of the highway seen through the cruiser's rear windows shows zero motion blurr. The TOHIO truck shows a great degree of motion blurr. This cruiser isn't rolling, it's parked. We want to beleive the caption based on it's indignant exclamation, but it's a lie.

Murray, KY

#31 Jul 17, 2012
Wow the anger is intense in here.

The Sheriff did have a meeting about this, so it must have been real. Also, there is a "law" that the officers CAN text while driving if it is about work.

Is it dangerous... yes
Should they do it... no
Are the rules different for "them' and "us"... yes
Is it irritating... yes
But we live with it.

Now, I know when I take a picture with my camera it automatically focuses on the center object. That could be an explanation for the slightly blurry truck. Or... it could be going the other direction. Or... it could be faked.

But, grow up people. Don't be so hateful. No wonder the world is in the shape it's in.

Madison Heights, MI

#32 Jul 23, 2012
Why is it fake than, Einstein.....I feel sorry for YOU

Detroit, MI

#33 Jul 28, 2012
fake picture wrote:
dont believe everything you see, the picture is fake. observe it, if you cant figure it out then you prob believe most of these pictures are real and i feel sorry for you
Sorry bud... but you're retarded. The picture is real. I'm a photoshop guy, and even I can tell that that it is taken with a low-res camera-phone going about 70-80mph.

Try NOT sticking up for yourself... obviously, you're the cop.:P

Portage, WI

#34 Jul 29, 2012
low wrote:
<quoted text>
Anyone that thinks this is fake needs to pull their head out of their ass. The semi is obviously heading the opposite direction of the pic and sheriff cars. Google it and the pig admits it to be true. So anyone that says its fake is just plain ignorant.
Really? The semi is going in the opposite direction?? So it says OIHO on the truck??? and not OHIO? Dipshit!
KeenerEyeThanTho u

San Francisco, CA

#35 Jul 30, 2012
Hey Photoshop guy, you might want to compare notes with Physics guy. Maybe you guys could figure out why the guardrail post clearly seen through the back window of the patrol car is in sharp focus.(Hint: it's NOT because the guardrail is also going 70-80mph!)

Plus, the images in the mirrors makes it clear that there is a white pickup truck about five feet behind the sheriff car. Perhaps the Logic guy could weigh-in as to the likelihood that someone would tailgate a cop that closely at such a high speed.

Seems more likely to me that all lanes of traffic are stopped, and only the far right lane is moving (the one the big-rig is in).

New Bern, NC

#36 Jul 30, 2012
Lol. Morons. The Sheriff s stopped. In a double left turn. If you look, you can see a pickup, right behind the Sheriff. If you look in the photo takers vehicle, look at that mirror. You can clearly see that everyone was stopped. And the rig was going through the light. Of course the Sheriff Department was going to make a statement, cause there was something involving one of its deputies.
Some Guy

Canton, OH

#37 Jul 31, 2012
Perception is reality, and this is bullshit. Total crybaby, potential cop-hating liberal bullshit that is akin to propaganda. If you look at the side mirror of the photo taker's vehicle, you can clearly see the reflection of a white truck VERY close to the Sheriff's vehicle in the picture-taker's window, suggesting that the two vehicles are both stopped. It is highly unlikely that someone would follow that closely to a police officer while travelling, at speed on the roadway. Also, in the same side mirror of the photo-taker's/con-artist's vehicle, you can clearly see the shadow cast on the roadway by the vehicle sitting closely behind their vehicle as well. I would guess that this picture was taken at a stop light, and at a highly traveled intersection. Perhaps near an interstate or state route. They're no doubt in a double "left turn only" lane with a red light, while the semi is in a "straight/right turn only" lane with a green light; hence the motion blur, and the suggestion that all vehicles pictured are at speed. Opposing traffic most likely has the same lane set-up, with oncoming traffic either going straight, or turning right. Come to think of it, both the Sheriff's vehicle and the photo takers vehicle may also be parked in adjacent parking spaces at the edge of a parking lot with traffic moving on a parallel driveway through the lot. If taken at the right time when a vehicle, in this case, a semi, is driving by, it could also give the illusion of all vehicles traveling at speed. Even if this was taken on the road while traffic isn't moving, it's still propaganda suggesting that this officer is texting with both hands while traveling at speed, and endangering the lives of everyone around.

Do you want to know who make self-righteous, bullshit posts like this, and then tell you to repost them to everyone? Pompous assholes who text with both hands while traveling at speed, and endanger the lives of everyone around them.. but who think they're the only ones allowed to do it. Dipshits who are bitter that there are now laws being put into place that forbid them from actions inspired by their, "I'm entitled to do whatever I want regardless of who it effects" bullshit attitude.

With the understanding that these laws must be put into place to help stop morons, idiots, and dipshits from killing other motorists with their lack of common sense and judgement, I am all for laws that prohibit so much as even talking on a cell phone while operating a vehicle on public roadways. As far as this officer is concerned and being in his position, I don't think he should have been double-fisting his cellphone, even though he's obviously stopped, waiting in traffic, and endangering no one. However, the representation of this picture, and the people posting it with bullshit and total assholes, respectively.

United States

#38 Aug 2, 2012
dummy finder wrote:
<quoted text>
Because you apparently don't have the cranial capacity to understand that the deputy was more than likely doing a lesser speed than the semi, and the photo vehicle was pacing the deputy in order to get the snapshot. If it isn't real, why would the Sheriff, Zach Scott, give an interview on the subject and warn his deputies about personal texting? You know, if you don't use your head, you may as well have two assholes...
Just a minor correction. The tractor-trailer in the right-hand lane, is only doing about 64 mph since it is governed electronically. The sheriffs car and the camera vehicle are moving faster than the slower moving truck. That is why the truck in the picture is blurred.

Kernersville, NC

#39 Aug 6, 2012
A sheriff has most likely never in the history of Sherrifdom pulled someone over for texting or any other phone use violation unless it has obviously appeared that the behavior is putting other drivers in jeopardy. Lay off the Sherrif's departments, guarantee you've probably never been pulled over by one for anything. If you want to target Law Enforcement target city cops and highway patrol. They're the sticklers.

Cleveland, OH

#40 Aug 9, 2012
So exactly what was done to this officer ,slap on the hand. Was he find. We have a right to know. Set a good example , a fine and suspension to let the public know this wasn't swept under the rug.
Not entierly sure anything was done to this officer.:( The article says, "Scott said it is still unclear whether the deputy in the picture was texting while driving because they were unable to identify the deputy."
This is Bull. Shit. They need to find who took the picture. Then they would be able to find out approx. what time it was taken and where it was taken. Then they should be able to narrow down who was behind the wheel. They should have a log on where officers are and when. And, if it was work related, they should have a record of the text that was sent. Besides all that, the deputiy should come forward and say, "Hey that's me in that pic."

Elmwood Park, IL

#41 Aug 9, 2012
The person taking the picture was in a vehicle going the SAME SPEED as the officer, the truck could be going faster or slower to cause the motion blur. Officers have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to be texting on a personal cell phone for job related reasons since 1. the have dedicated radios (CB) and computer with satellite up-link and. My guess is that this officer was driving at at least 45 MPH!!!, being that this is at least a 6 lane highway (3 in each direction). And if texting is allowed for job related purposes, then truck drivers should get to do it too. They aren't!

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