I am married to Bill Wolfe and he called me before Christmas 2012 and told me he was dying of cancer. We have been married for 23 years plus been seperated for thee last 5 years. He told me that the doctors told him that he had between 6months and 2 years to live and that seems to be a long span of time if his cancer is that bad. He had told me had he was going to get a divorce, which should have happened long ago, but after he talked to me and told me all that he turned his phone off and the address he gave me was not where he was living. If anyone knows him or you would please tell him to get in touch or if you would message me back at Trying to find husband, I will keep checking back. His family has decided not to tell anything about him even though we are still married,they are such good people, looks like they would want to help him get things done instead of making things harder. Just need to know if his health is that bad and when he is getting a divorce, a publication divorce will only take 4 weeks and then it will be over. Billy please call, write, send carrier pegion whatever, but stop acting like a child, part of what happened to marraige. I would appriciate answer from anyone that knows anything as long as it's civil and helpful. Thank you.