SCI-Fayette prisoner slashes counselor

SCI-Fayette prisoner slashes counselor

There are 37 comments on the story from Dec 21, 2007, titled SCI-Fayette prisoner slashes counselor. In it, reports that:

“At first glance, the details are disturbing”

A female counselor at the State Correctional Institution at Fayette was seriously injured Friday morning when an inmate serving a life sentence assaulted her and slashed her face with a homemade weapon. via

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Far cry

United States

#21 May 3, 2009
So called "lifers" aren't the ones that are problems. They are the more respectful inmates in the system, and get alot of respect from CO's. They know the rules and regs, and you will rarely have any problems from a lifer. The inmate that slashed the councelor was transferred to another institution, not for the fear of others staff assaulting him, but it was the "lifers" that were going to police there own, and that's a fact.
A Mothers Plea4Help

San Francisco, CA

#22 Aug 2, 2009
If anyone knows what's going on at SCI-Fayette, my son is there. Please help!!! Please.
I received a call this morning at 1:00 am and was told that there was a fire in SMU where my son is and that he was burned in his cell. No one really knows how bad. But, I need to know. I want help. I have been begging everyone for help to see my son face to face, to be sure he is okay. Why is everyone ignoring my plea.
Please let me know if anyone knows anything about the fire or my son. I have been trying to see my son, Neilson Gonzalez for the past several months, after hearing he was brutally beaten by the COs at that prison. When I tried to go to visit my son and find out what had happened, they refused to let me in.
I got on my knees and begged them, I got out of control, so they say and then they barred me from that prison and any other prison in PA. Since the two beatings, I still have not been allowed to see my son, nor has anyone else been allowed to see him face to face. I am worried more than ever now, because of the phone call, I received very early this morning informing me of the fire and seeing in the PA Tribune, that SCI-Fayette is in lockdown, until the investigation is over. They are trying to kill my son and no one has been able to see Neilson, face to face for months. Please help me someone, soon, to see my son.
Ana Santiago
ana santiago

Brooklyn, NY

#23 Aug 2, 2009
hola my son is at sci fayette email me is bads in there

Connellsville, PA

#24 Nov 1, 2009
The prisoners at SCI Fayette are treated very well, too good if you ask me. They have SO many priveleges that people on the outside wish they had. The health care is amazing, the gym looks like it's for Olympic training, they have cable t.v., their very own Law library,they get a free education with a trade they can use when they get out, a very nice visiting room, and the facility is one of the cleanest I have ever seen. They are not abused. A lot of the inmates have jobs there and get paid, c'mon people a lot of them have murdered more than one person and they get paid to work in prison and they get to order food and snacks from the commissary. They get letters, phone calls, and visitors. If you looked up the word abuse in the dictionary I don't think you would find the above explanation.

Pittsburgh, PA

#25 Nov 19, 2009
im sorry too hear that but inthe same breath that's the samething that would happend if you take a lion and lock him in a cage for life and then let him out... he's gonna attack!!! she should reconsider her place of work, lol
Former Inmate

Oakdale, PA

#27 Jan 13, 2010
First off what happened tot hat counsellor is regretable. Shes a nice lady and most of the inmates all loved her, but to hear someone say we were treated to good up there makes my blood boil. Let me guess you were one of the CO's slamming us head first off the wall while we was hand cuffed and brakeing our TV's afterwards. How about how we get jipped on between 30-45 minutes of yard each time because you guys take your time so much. Yeah we get paid to work, when you only feed someone half meals instead of full ones we gotta be able to buy food somehow. Yeah I know we commited crimes and were being punished, but cruelty isnt part of that punishment. Its bad enough the way society treats us upon release. Ive learned from my mistakes and Im even looked up to as a role model now days, and have no inntentions of ever commiting a crime again. But That dont matter because I have an average of 3 job interveiws a week and still cant get a hired at a single one of them, not even McDonlads.
Ill be honest alot of the CO's in there were cool and treated you with respect, but there were alot in there that didnt

Summerville, SC

#28 Feb 5, 2010
Served time at Fayette... was there during the '08 jump off in the yard... it is a very dangerous place and one must take extreme precaution of who they interact with. The truth is, tragedies occur on the regular in that joint... If you want to be safer, go to Chester, a place where must people are worried about going home...

Turtle Creek, PA

#29 Feb 9, 2010
My husband works at SCI Fayette and I hear more stories both good AND bad on both parts. Yes there are terrible officers that treat inmates unfairly, but there are also others that improve the lives of some of these men tremendously.

My husband has more than a few inmates that truly confide in him and seek him out for advice. He takes pride in being fair. I just ask that before any of you call all inmates animals or all CO's brutal, know that there are plenty of inmates that are not heartless savages, many of them just got caught up in things many of us have been guilty of at one point or another in life. At the same time, realize that there are officers with a power issue that get out-of-control, but there are many others that have the true intent to keep order and encourage inmates day in and day out.

And for "Former Inmate" above... don't get discouraged on your job search! I too can't find a job ANYWHERE even with a medical background and many years of military service. Society pretty much sucks right now so be strong and stay true to yourself because good things are coming!

Broken Bow, OK

#30 May 9, 2010
OMG very sad about counsler and how scary it sounds my husband is a good person and he never tells me the things that happen there guess he doesn't want me to worry :(

Coal Center, PA

#31 Oct 23, 2010
jar wrote:
i work at SCI Fayette as an intern. this is very disturbing to hear.
I knoticed that you live near me - Stockdale . i am trying to gain employment in the SCI Facility - you are interning in what capacity . i am working on my bachelors now and have worked in HC Admin for years .amd also taking credits in Criminal Justice with concentration in Human Services... really could use some direction .. [email protected],com feel free to email me if you like ..

Darby, PA

#32 Nov 9, 2010
Does anyone know any phone #s up @ sc fayette where I can contact somebody about my husband

Cranberry Twp, PA

#33 Jan 16, 2011
how much did they pay u to give that line of shit. all u guards are no better then the inmates. except u can get away with it.

Wrightsville, PA

#34 Apr 7, 2011
Concerned Social Worker wrote:
This was very disturing to read since I am a woman and a social worker that currently works in the criminal justice system. As staff we have to be more careful when working with this particular population, I feel that sometimes we take our safety for granted. We need to consistently keep in mind that this population of people usually feel like they have nothing to loose and they are not in fear of us (staff).
I was in three different prisons in PA and they are all the same. The guards are all sick with power. They harass and beat inmates, they instigate prisoners until they snap. Prisoners who challenge the abuse through the grievence system are constantly targeted and abused. It has been founded and documented through studies and investigations that prison guards become sadistic once they know that they can do any thing they want to a prisoner and get away with it. They follow the "code of silence", which means that one guard will not tell on another guard, and any guard that does report abuse is immediately ostracised. If you want to know how prison really is then watch these two movies, both are based on real events, Felon is the first. Prison guards in California were intentionally putting rival gang members together and then betting on the fights. Then they would shoot the prisoners down. The next movie you should watch is The Experiment, once again this movie is based on a real experiment, just google "The Stanford Prison Experiment". After watching these two movies you might be able to figure out why people who are incacerated come out worse than when they went in. And please pass judgement on no one until you know what you are talking about.

Mount Morris, MI

#35 May 12, 2011
I have a family member doing. life there and he belong there some people are just bad and can't be helped sad to say.

Huntsville, AL

#36 Jul 17, 2011
concerned inmates mother wrote:
It was extremely upsetting both hearing and reading of the attack on the woman counseor at SCI Fayette. It is a constant worry for the safety of my son. All I can do is pray that nothing happens to him before he is able to come home. It is unfair that all get punished for what one or two do wrong there.
man I remember that morning like it was yesterday we were walking back from the chow hall and everyone was just walking past like nothing ever happened. they put us on lockdown for like a week for that they life flighted that counselor out of our main yard. and all because she couldnt let that inmate make a personal call from her office phone. i remember what the gaurds did to that mans face it wasnt very pretty. lets just say that that man was enjoying his next few meals through a straw. but hey u know what the say karma is a bitch!

Union, NJ

#37 Mar 6, 2012
I was on A-block when this happened and it was an unfortunate situation...I send my prayers to the counselor having met her before...however the physical and mental abuse the inmates took for a week after the incident was unlike anything I took place in in my life...officers were extra in their enforcement and should also be officer comes to mind the most...officer beachy....two wrongs don't make a right..

Cleveland, OH

#38 Dec 25, 2013
fishscale wrote:
I was on A-block when this happened and it was an unfortunate situation...I send my prayers to the counselor having met her before...however the physical and mental abuse the inmates took for a week after the incident was unlike anything I took place in in my life...officers were extra in their enforcement and should also be officer comes to mind the most...officer beachy....two wrongs don't make a right..
cos beachy yea I know him its kinda crazy when the cops are worse than the inmates I cant speak on the counselor situation I didnt know her however for a inmate to harm a co they are prevoked 9 out of ten times I dont see anyone making a big deal about inmates getting there asses beat on the daily not fed and so on people who never been inside this facility dont know shit not all cos are bad but the decent ones dont stop it I went to prison for conspiracy what that means is I knew something was going on and did nothing about it u so called good ones collect a check

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