Murder suspect who shot himself after...

Murder suspect who shot himself after standoff dies

There are 35 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Sep 13, 2008, titled Murder suspect who shot himself after standoff dies. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

A murder suspect who shot himself in the head yesterday during a standoff with police died today at Grant Medical Center in Columbus.

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Bowling Green, OH

#25 Jan 20, 2009
mom lets not be suttle we know who they r that there is no helping lol

Bowling Green, OH

#30 Feb 15, 2009
LOL Poor Poor girls you need to open your eyes
Oh and I never wanted to be one :)
Have a good life We Are

Bowling Green, OH

#31 Feb 15, 2009
Oh and I don't or never did hate anyone
Just in case you need to know
feel free to vent on me if you like
LOL So Funny to read

Bowling Green, OH

#32 Feb 15, 2009
frow up girls please if u r going to have the name at least dont shame him by being your mother..there is no help for liz, lol she just hates to live my clothes ha ha ha ....all i know is that i won i got dad all to myself for 8 years and that was great 8 years and im sorry u guys always ran him off, and missed out on the real david slone your father.. just ask your mom about her night out at the bar with dad in newark and marty slone and brady workman and big joe mcclure who knew she could take a bit out of the slone family herself u liked those 11 guys on u in the bathroom and that big woman beating your ass because you was so drunk and with dad u let everyone in the bar happy that night and almost got dad killed, lol u forget u and dad faught about that when i was there u know what u are i dont have too say it , grow up jil try to be a mother why u can and always look up a house just might fall on your head like in the wizard of oz ha ha im gettin married to timmy and were moving back next to dads family were timmy lives and ill see ya losers later===and dads coming with me lol i still one i had him first and he was with me in the end just like a daughter should do stand by her dad not stay home because u have a boyfriend when u know your dads sick, or try and affoid him .. u guys r making a good show everyone thinks your nuts here funny because they had no idea he even had other kids wish u guys the best of what lfe u can live knowing how u treated him love u tanya c.your wright im not a slone anymore cant deal with u guys r nuts get help

Bowling Green, OH

#33 Feb 16, 2009
dad made me promise if anything happened too him, that i would awyways help u out. no matter what and i will do just that im sorry u fill this way. and u need too grow up and see the real picture ladies. your mom ran our father off, and so did liz so she could see and do, what she wanted and thats something u guys will have too live with not me cause i have no regrets u guys do and will. the way u treated him and the things u said and done ,and the pictures u tore up, because u cant replace moments u could have had with him only the ones u could have had. becca chose not too come in this summer it was her lose not dads nor mine . he only had one more year too live anyways thats what his otopsy report said ok she stayed in michigan with her boyfriend and liz chose jessy over him and megan came in and he was so sick he couldnt take care of her i did and liz im the one that got her food smokes and shoes and bathing suits and she stole my clothes , so she had a pretty good trip. let me tell u something little girls this is what daddy told me 'once you say something you can never take it back"..and dad is watching u guys and laughing his ass off at what u guys are doing, its funny u still have time too talk about me lol , nothing better too do love it dont have red headed kids jill nor big boned , because i have a brother and sister in wv that u guys know nothing about there mom is carrie dingess , and one name is toby 32 trs old and the other is tutur elizabeth slone 30yrs sorry your not the only ones who lost a dad ... and they want nothing too do with u guys and uncle doug has a son and a dughter misty hensley my age and i went too school with his son and his daughter went to logan ...u guys dont know anything ha ha..oh yea im getting married this spring and moving too wv and then we have also placed a bid on dads log home sorry liz!!!******u guys missed a chance to get too know who your father was a great man and i got that chance maybe only for 8years but i got it. and i cant help it u love to hate me

Bowling Green, OH

#34 Feb 22, 2009
suck another bottle down jill they will never run out of your favorite drink mother of the year
danielle kurmas

Monroe, MI

#35 Mar 4, 2009
Why can't you people act like adults! Do you really think calling your sister a whore or pointing fingers for your dad's death is going to bring him back! Do you think he would really like this? I saying this to both of you, by the way. I am well aware of what it feels like to loose people, and it hurts, its hard! Just recall the good and act like family! Don't sit around slandering each other online. So good luck to you Tanya rock on with the new Hubby! Way to stick up for your daughter Theresa, thats what family's for. lizzy poo be strong! And girls quit hating each other do you really think thats doing any good. God bless and best of luck!

Bowling Green, OH

#36 Mar 17, 2009
grow up girls this isnt gonna make dad happy in heaven u guys saying this i know we r all hurt but come on please . shoe him some respect just cause he is not here dont mean he does not see what we r doing too one another .. no matter what u will always be my sisters , i love you and i wish u guys the best in life

Bowling Green, OH

#37 Apr 15, 2009
u guys need too stop writing all this mean stuff!!!it is not right at all ....need too grow up me included , i know this ok but the way we r acting to one another is wrong and someone is gonna end up getting hurt , because the wrong thing gets said , so please lets stop ok. what happened was horrible i know i was there . and for that i wish i could take his place everyday and every breath i take is for him . he loved all of us . there is know need to keep pointing a finger at the other person.because its not making it any better ,this i do know we have to go on and grow and keep dads memory alive .i can do this can u?

Bowling Green, OH

#38 Apr 28, 2009
JILL Liz ....
Grow the Hell up because this CRAP is getting old!!!!!!!!!!Just know I LOVE YOU .....AND KNOW MATTER WHAT YOU SAY I LET IT ROLL OFF MY BACK BECAUSE I KNOW DEEP DOWN YOU LOVE ME AS MUCH AS I LOVE YOU .....BECAUSE that is how MY (father) would want me too be forever and always your sister and daugther jill i love you u r the only mother i have ever had i know u have a drinking problem but if u need any help what so ever i will always be here for you .. love always BIG SISSY or BAMBINO
Haydens fav baby megan

Oxford, MI

#39 Jun 7, 2009
what happend that night no one will ever no besides the oldest daughter, who has changed her stoire sooooo much but i belive she changed her storie because she was scared i mean can you amgen being there that night and watching the love of your life shot and kill your father i dont think so
her mother can fuck off and go to hell
but i love you tayna
big sissy

Lenore, WV

#40 Aug 6, 2009
i love you megan and im living were the rest of dads family lives know longer in ohio ..please be good and stay out of trouble
Megan Slone

Oxford, MI

#42 Nov 25, 2009
ranch532 wrote:
i grew up with the dymek family and learned many good things from his older brother..Ray was always a nice guy who would go out of his way to help most anyone..sad to see his family go thru this.. say a payer for Ray.
Hayden David Slone, my father. for these stupid peolpe that wrote a message to ray, well it made you look like a compleat dumb ass!
i hope that rays family must go through what i have gone through, he was a horrible man for my sister tayna and my father sall that, thats why my dad tryed to change it! i only may be 14 but i know what wrong from right and for one thing i know that takeing a father away from a family is a wrong! i do not have a father anymore to walk me down the ile someday and i hope that rays peace of shit family relizes it! me and my sisters will never be forgotten down there on buckeyed lake because you may have taken out one of the slones but let me tell you what there are also 4 other slones that are 10 times worse. ray was nothing but a peice of shit that tryed to act badass! then pointed the gun to him self like a lil bitch!
lol i think its fucking funny cuz his ass got donated to a collage that cut his nasty ass up! i hope all the babys from that family become insain and kill there family then kill them selfs! for rays family ill be seeing you hopfully this summer...
Megan Slone

Oxford, MI

#43 Sep 29, 2010
for ever single messeage on here from tanya and her mother to my sister elizabeth and to rays family, this truly was no ones fault besides rays, ray was a grown ass man and he knew what he was taking from four beautiful babys, im am now 15 years old and has been two years sence i last heard the sweestest voice a daughter could hear, and that was my daddys voice, for elizabeth and tanya you both are old enough to take care of your selfs and i hate to see both of my sisters go at it like this but i guess thats what you call family problems,
tanya, you did really hurt me by saying daddy didnt speak much of us and that you were his only favriot, because no matter what you thought daddy loved us all equaley, i love you with all my heart and im making daddy very proud right now because im being more grown up than you two are, you and your mother are grown ass woman and need to learn how to ignore some things and not other things, you and your mother had no right to call my mother a drunk slut, she is nothing close to that my mother raised me and made me who i am, my dad left me for four fucking years for you tanya becuase you were always to "sick" to take care of your own self, if you ask me i just think that you were jealous of me and my sisters, i am hayden david slones daughter i dont need a dna test to prove that, and nither do you tanya, you know who you are and know what happend that night so why sit your ass on a computer and run your mouth about your own family, you say you got married im happy for you. it amazes me how you say youve been so strong im so proud of you, i hope that you and elizabeth grow up and get a grip of life, i know i am, i have my drivers permet and i have all a's and b's in school which is what daddy always wanted from me, i live my own life, how? because i know that my dad loved me and is not in pain anymore and that he wouldnt want me to give up and take my own life because then he would have died in vain. another thing is that you sat there and wrote that daddy suffered and gasped for air? mom has a copy of the atopsy and it says that he died right away and most likely didnt feel a thing, why make people feel bad for you? i go to a new school and nobody knows what happend to my daddy because its nobody buisness but my own, im am a very bright girl for my age and im not sure what happend that night and i dont know if i want to know ether, all i know is that my daddy is in a much much better place then he was before. i miss you tanya and i dont believe you want to see me agian or my sisters or mother so this is my goodbye letter to you i wish you and your new and priorities in life the best of luck and hopefuly ill run into you some day, i love you with all my heart and soul just remember you can never be to young to give good advise, i love you daddy you were my #1 hero and you always will be in my heart and in the back of my mind in ever thing i do in live i hope your watching me succesed while others play foolsh childesh games with life i promise dad you BABY GIRL..... WILL MAKE YOU PROUD:) i love you- your mad meggie leigh<3
Elizabeth Slone

Gadsden, AL

#44 Oct 3, 2012
How is it that my name keeps being brought into all this when i havent wrote anything on here. Ive never even been on this site until now. I dont know what happend that night and ill never know. All i know is that night ripped a family apart thats never gonna be able to be repaired. I didnt pick anyone over anyone, i grew up and wanted to start my own life and family. Now i have to beautiful boys that i love very much. I dont want to fight with anyone and i know ive said alot of mean and stupid things but i was young and upset about my father, who wouldnt be. everyone has done and said things that wasnt meant.
this site is for family to come together and say nice things and good moments they want to remember about their love one. not for their family to all fight and say hateful things.
I love you Daddy and i think about you every day and miss you very much. I wish you would of been here to meet my boys. you would of loved them. And i know they would of loved you. we miss you dearly and love you even more. You will live forever more in me and my boys. I see you every day in Landens smile. Love you Daddy always your Peanut..

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