Spiritual Ceremony: Native American C...

Spiritual Ceremony: Native American Church Blesses Land in Emery County

There are 37 comments on the Fox13Now story from Jun 10, 2009, titled Spiritual Ceremony: Native American Church Blesses Land in Emery County. In it, Fox13Now reports that:

About 20 people gathered in a desolate stretch of Emery County on Monday to exercise their religious rights.

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Utah NAC

Kaysville, UT

#23 Jun 22, 2009
Save your prayers James, God doesn't listen to liars or wicked people with a reprobate mind. It's nothing but hot air and hollywood sideshow antics. You are the most insincere and deceptive person I know of.

Springdale, AR

#24 Jun 26, 2009
Mooney is a total fraud.
utah-nac is right. mooney is no
native. His misuse of our medicine
is an abhorant to all members of
the native church
david fields

Pell City, AL

#25 Jul 24, 2010
I would like to have more info, on being a member of your church. My skin is pale my heart is red!May grand father bless you from on high! Your brother by spirit.Pale buffalo!
Religious Freedom

Paia, HI

#26 Sep 22, 2010
HELLO jeffrey merkey!
medicine truth

Kalispell, MT

#27 Dec 4, 2010
This must be Bryson wrote:
The State of Utah and the Federal government got their lunches handed to them when they challenged Mooney's right to practice the use of Peyote in his religious ceremonies. What makes you think they are going to press forward with this infringement and denial of religious right? You are one ignorant person to think for a second any agency has the money, time, and energy to even challenge the ruling. Remember, it is a ruling that has been handed down and is the now the ruling law. Mooney has every right to practice his religion. It's not hurting anyone and it certainly not some hippy compound as you describe. I am sickened by your intolerance. James is harmless.
To who ever says James is harmless. Anytime, medicine is abused like these two Nick and James have done, and this comes from the white people they exploited and misled, no matter who does the abusing of medicine, there is a consequence. Mooney and Stark played with it and played with their own white people to get money from them and play like they are spiritual medicine men and leaders. I was open, and saw, and heard, and got the truth. The medicine was given to the native peoples by the Creator to help heal their world, to give them a saving grace in the mist of the white world we live in. These two guys, just capitilized on it, the only innocent one, is the spirit of the medicine. The only right is the one the Creator gave to the Native people. That law is above all. So,thank you, for talking about rights. We as Indian people need to watch self rightious non-Indians like you, who think you know because you gobbled up medicine like a fool. It is deep and connected to the people's history and spirit. Spirit knows, Mooney, Stark, you got off because Spirit pities children and fools. I am Native And I know about the meetings you ran for white people. You just made the shit up as you went along. We know..because the medicine will always bring out the truth.
medicine truth

Kalispell, MT

#28 Dec 4, 2010
Mooney and Stark exploited vulnerable white people, some with hearts in the right place. I got to know a few of them, and he ran some king of bogus meeting. That is scary. The medicine brings out the truth. I was open to non-indians for a long time, and because of that, I was allowed to see the effect Mooney had on some white people and Stark, in his sadly ridiculous shaman act. The medicine is innocent. It is people that make it wrong and harmful. The Creator gave it to his Native children for so many good purposes. Now I know, the truth, and it must be returned for caretaking to the responsible, humble, Native American...and we know who we are. Creator will let us know if he wants a non-Indian called in. We are not prejudiced because we practice his prudence. Mr. Mooney, you got off because the Creator pities children and fools.
medicine truth

Kalispell, MT

#29 Dec 5, 2010
Mooney, you also got off because there is a bigger picture all of us must look at. There are the traditional native people in utah who won't let no white person, or even mexican, black, whatever in their meetings, except in some cases when they are married into a native family. To those, look at what people do with the medicine and within your own circles, are your hearts pure and are you remember to pray for the land and the peoples access to ancestral land? Are you checking to make sure your own are not taking advantage or acting racist toward people just because of the color of their skin? Look at the issues and how people are using the medicine, not just the race. If you make it a race issue, and it gives people like Mooney, a race card to pull and rally non-indians to believe they have a right...and they themselves will not respect the native american's right to religious freedom, and right to keep it all Indian. Mooney getting off is Creator's sense of humor at work. He wants to look into our own circles as Native people and focus on returning to a proper use and a wholesome attitute of mind and heart. The people in a tribal way must put checks and balances on their road man to ensure "straightness". Thank you.
blue azul

Kalispell, MT

#30 Dec 5, 2010
What is this I hear about pot? That Mooneys organization is trying to protect their use of pot?
Oh My God! Mooney, the medicine stands by itself, if you really got a clue from the elders of South Dakota, like you say, you would know, all of our elders, us Indian people, tell us, the medicine stands by itself. No other plant medicines, no alcohol, no violence, no malicious thought. That is one of the key purposes of the medicine, to purge all of those things. That is why Native people stand up to you...you and yours are thinking your holy enough to mix it. Research what the Huichols warn, there are false prohets with this medicine. Thank God, for you, God's grace can still turn you around, if you listen. Listen to the truth, somehow when you come full circle, your apology and amends to the Native people and Native spiritual principle, will actually be what helps the down and out white people you are exploiting.
true believer

Kalispell, MT

#31 Dec 5, 2010
It is interesting to me that Mooneys names have went from flaming eagle to raging bear. Even these names suggest someone out of control and of self will run riot. The most important thing is to have them legally be bound to call themselves something other than Native American Church. Mooney does not represent Native American Spirituality. To all you white relatives...apparently he is restricted from using medicine, and now he wants to make pot your medicine. My hope is that you all find a way to get well without having to fall victim to this scam. Throughout time, people like him, have taken advantage of the vulnerable. Part of your recovery is to get the truth. And here is your truth. Free yourselves from his illusion. Creator will open up the true doors you need for you and your families.
Tyler Favel

Spokane, WA

#32 Jan 31, 2011
Peyote Is For Sacred Reason's Only Not To Sell.It Mean's Alot To Us Native American Church Memeber's. That Aint Right To Sell This Holy Sacrament As a Gateway Drug.This Peyote Has Alot Of Power And Healing.We Don't Like To Hear About Our Way Of Life In This Kind Of Use.So Watch What You Say OR Do.Peyote Well Come Back On Who Ever Use's It The Wrong Way Say Think Before You Do Anything.
Why So Angry

United States

#33 Feb 1, 2011
Why are you all so angry? If Mooney is no good why are you paying so much attention to him. When you point at someone three fingers are pointing back at you. Leave it alone and get a life .. Peyote does not belong to anyone .. it's a gift for everyone .. get over it.

Houston, TX

#34 Feb 25, 2011
Why So Angry wrote:
Why are you all so angry? If Mooney is no good why are you paying so much attention to him. When you point at someone three fingers are pointing back at you. Leave it alone and get a life .. Peyote does not belong to anyone .. it's a gift for everyone .. get over it.
To Hayward California,
It is the same principle as how the earth and sky are contaminated. Look what has been done there...is it anger, or is it just simple truth. When this sacrament is gone, because everyone is entitled to it..then what. It's roots, it's survival is compromised and may become extinct from abuse. For us, it is sacred and integral to our cultural preservation...not for hippies who grow pot, and taint and desegrate it and try to take it over...posing is spiritual abuse. Why do you think it is ok to do that to the native world? That is called theft. Study the history. You came here thinking everything is for you...it is a gift but was not meant to be used the way you say. California people, non indians abuse and exploit everything. Get your own life and stop messing with our way of life...where is you compassion for the native? That gift was meant for native survival, not for you to take and use and play with. I know Cal folks..u be trippin..u are either white or a mixed sell out.

Houston, TX

#35 Feb 25, 2011
Tyler Favel wrote:
Peyote Is For Sacred Reason's Only Not To Sell.It Mean's Alot To Us Native American Church Memeber's. That Aint Right To Sell This Holy Sacrament As a Gateway Drug.This Peyote Has Alot Of Power And Healing.We Don't Like To Hear About Our Way Of Life In This Kind Of Use.So Watch What You Say OR Do.Peyote Well Come Back On Who Ever Use's It The Wrong Way Say Think Before You Do Anything.
Thank you so much for clearing it up. I am so glad you speak the truth like that. I been through a lot and have a voice. They call some of us racist for getting to the heart of the matter..and that simple truth is that some native road men have sold the road to non-indians and they make something out of it that I don't believe the Creator intended. They taint it, and desecrate it. Even the best of them play God with it. I believe we must take care of it.

Las Vegas, NV

#36 Jul 19, 2012
Was googling for James' site and came across this page. I've seen this verbal bashing among our own people, I see it everyday. Anger is unhealthy, shortens your life quicker than anything and it is not the way of our people. We gifted food and agricultural knowledge just as I'm sure we gifted medicine before the Europeans began taking. An even after we were never a racist people, our families still married white men and women. So to talk like this is foreign to me. I am Cherokee, have my CDIB & blue cards by CNO. But, I'm rather disappointed by the comment of "being a number". NO IDEA what my family went through an what the DAWES did to us. Not just books, etc but from the stories of racism against our people by my grandmother. Need for a number? It's about preserving and honoring those before us. Learning our culture. The # is still an unfortunate political part of it. To those that are not eligible for membership and are documented through other records not accepted by tribes, my humble apologies. Again, I'm not a fan of the politics behind things or how worse they've become. In short, you all need to find happiness within, nothing is ever resolved out of anger, greed or envy. Profess not protest.-Justine Baker

Las Vegas, NV

#37 Jul 19, 2012
P.S. If the B.I.A. works for us and not the government or special interest groups, please let me know. So far, I continue to come across things that have me question the motivation for decisions and actions made by the B.I.A. None of which seem to truly benefit our people. An I am deeply sincere in my request for wanting to know. Wado,-Justine Baker [email protected]

Since: Jul 12

Las Vegas, NV

#38 Jul 19, 2012
"I am happy you got your card, some people need a number to feel some sort of belonging to something." is the quote I was referring to. I don't know why you would say such a thing James. It truly saddens me, considering you just held my cards in your hands a few hours earlier and seemed to appreciate/respect them. Anyway, was just looking for your site, came across this page and haven't even seen whatever it is people were initially upset about.-Justine
Jeff Gardner

Salt Lake City, UT

#39 Jun 7, 2016
Utah NAC wrote:
Mooney does not have 7,000 members. He is also not a Native American and is under a Federal Court Order barring him from using peyote. Our church is only comprised of Indians who are members of a Federally recognized tribes. Mooney's organization is 100% non-indians and its run like a Jim Jones style hippie compound complete with guns and a "compound".
It amazes me how stupid Utah News agencies are about this fraud. He was caught selling peyote for money, charging upwards of $12,000 for admittance to his "Ceremonies" and was prosecuted.
I can assure you that very soon the Emery County Sheriff will be arresting his members if they start using peyote down there. My advice, unless you want your name on a list maintained from the FBI and DEA stay away from this guy.

Utah Native American Church
Been utilizing Peyote in Emery County since 2009 with the Sherriff's dept. Knowing when and where the Ceremonies would be held. They have promissed non interference and have kept that promise as they chose to honor their oaths.

Many times I have had interaction with Emery county sherriff's in which they were aware of my being in possession of peoyte at the time. And I have never been harrassed on that account.

When I do an entity search on Native American Churches in Utah only two names come up.
Both start with "Oklevueha"

So who are you that hides behind a fake name?

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