Is it true that Donnie Lindsey, DCAA ...
I wonder

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#41 Mar 7, 2011
JUST ME wrote:
Here's one for you --- I heard late today the DCAA BOD are meeting on Thurs. Evening for an Executive session concerning the AA Director's leaving ----
This should be good --- Wonder IF they will change the Director's Job Description to make it something that a buddy can fill???????
Interesting. And isn't one county commissioner supposed to be assigned to EACH and EVERY commission-appointed Board for the purpose of attending their meetings and overseeing their activities?

I sure hope whichever commissioner is assigned to the DCAA Board will go to that DCAA executive session meeting on Thursday... because after all... it is a county employee whom the commission had hired that is going to be the topic of discussion at their meeting.

Desperate measures for desperate times for the DCAA Board. LOL They brought all this mess on themselves by their lack of research BEFORE they fulfilled "the agenda." Now they are in full "spin" mode... damage control, and they are back-peddling like hell to be in compliance of federal and state regulations. IN MY OPINION.
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#42 Mar 7, 2011
In my opinion also ! LOL

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#43 Mar 7, 2011
I don't know that it is REQUIRED for a Commissioner to be assigned -- I do know that the DCEMS and DC F & R by-laws DO require a Commissioner to be assigned to them.

Has the DCAA ever been fully licensed? Last that I heard the state had only given them a temp license.

Desperate? well, maybe not desperate -- just really unprepared for the questions that will soon be asked and they will have to answer -- with the biggest question being WHY? AND IMO -- THAT is the reason donnie is running!)

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#44 Mar 8, 2011
When he "runs away", assuming in April, will he have been in the job for a year even?
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#45 Mar 8, 2011

Donald C. Lindsey or “Donnie” will assume the directorship on July 1, 2010 for the Doddridge County Ambulance Authority. A graduate of West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and an Associate’s degree in Paramedic Science from Fairmont State College, Donnie has a long history of fire and rescue service. During the interview process he mentioned that one of his lifelong dreams was to run an ambulance service.

"Providing a life long dream to run an ambulance service" PRICELESS!!!!!
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#46 Mar 8, 2011
4/27-2010 DCAA Minutes
New Business:
Reviewed applications for applicable experience and education requirements for Ambulance Authority position. Five candidates were chosen for interviews: Donald Lindsey, Olan Leonard, Kenneth Brian Shreves , Roland Kniceley and Stephen McIntire. Three candidates were not chosen for interviews: William Bonto, Richard A. Skinner and Frank Robinette. Barbara Knight was to contact each candidate and schedule interviews as necessary for May 6, 2010 at St. Patrick’s community center.
Meeting adjourned.
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#47 Mar 8, 2011
Do you think that the Commissioners recieved the information needed to levy the fire and rescue levy on the county?

Assessors are required to visit all real estate at least once every three years but all property is to be market value on an annual basis.

The Assessor shall finish the work of assessment and complete the land and personal property books not later than the 30th day of January.

Land and Personal Property books are to completed in time to submit to the Board of Equalization and Review no later than the first day of February of that assessment year. The Assessor and assistants shall attend the Board of Equalization and Review and render any possible assistance in connection with the valuation of property.

The Assessor shall annually, not later than the third day of March, furnish to the Recorder or Clerk of Cities and Towns, Secretary to the Board of Education, State Board of Education and the County Commission, along with Public Utilities, certification of the assessed values for the current year.

The levying bodies are required to use these values to prepare their budget estimates and lay the levies.

Once levy rates are certified to the Auditor, they are certified to the Assessor and are entered into the computer to allow the Sheriff to print tax tickets.

Assessors determine values and in turn, the levies set by levying bodies, including excess levies, determine tax revenue.
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#48 Mar 8, 2011
Hey thanks for all the research, Local Yokel, and for publishing it on the forum!

You are proof that there are indeed many other folks (besides me and a handful of other "trouble makers") who are working behind the scenes to help out. Yes folks… there ARE many of us, but some are operating “under the radar” to help us out. LOL

Working quietly behind the scenes to help dig up the facts, find copies of laws pertaining to PROPER government procedures, review meeting minutes, financial reports,etc.,...all with the goal of exposing the fact that PROPER procedures are NOT being followed by our two inept commissioners, who are under the marching orders of the "old guard politicos."

They all have to be ousted… we don’t need their kind of politics!

IN MY OPINION, they all were pushing their agenda of replacing the DCEMS and they found a willing soldier by the name of Donnie "who had a lifelong dream of running his own squad" and they brought him on board to do “their bidding” and just look where we are now!

He's leaving after only 8 months? Some dream! Was he qualified to handle the job? I won’t comment on that. Let’s wait for the rest of this story to unfold.

But, IN MY OPINION, it's like I keep saying over and over…... all of these folks (commissioners, DCAA Board members, Director, and certain politicos ) NEVER took the time to fully understand what they were getting the county into.

IN MY OPINION, they NEVER did their homework first to determine exactly what all is involved with forming a government squad.

IN MY OPINION, they hadn't a clue about such things as proper purchasing, delivery, and inventory procedures, proper financial reporting, adherence to labor laws, etc.. Instead, they just plowed full speed ahead …because they had an “agenda.”

And, IN MY OPINION, that “agenda” was NOT in the best interest of the county citizens…AND… it was NOT at all about “patient care.”

Of course, all of the above is my personal OPINION and assessment of the events. Thank you for your contributions to the public disclosure effort, Local Yokel !

West Union, WV

#49 Mar 8, 2011
And back to Donnie:
He is leaving. And how many of his friends who have been feeding at the Doddridge County public trough are going with him? Will enough continue to work here to run the DCAA? Going to JanCare is he?

How many want to take this bet: JanCare is going to propose to takeover ems for Doddridge County? Angie Pratt was a big proponent of bringing in JanCare. Let's see if she gets that wish, too?

(JanCare EXCEPT for the Melitus area, of course. We have to keep Salem VFD a float at $1500/month.)
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#50 Mar 8, 2011
Have to agree with your opinion on JanCare taking over. As for the Miletus area, there is an added reason for keeping Salem VFD on the payroll. DCAA doesn't have quick enough response time, IMO.

Taken from the DCAA minutes for March 10, 2010
4. 911 Center Advisory Board – The Ambulance Authority can still attend meetings but will not be seeking a position until after a director is hired. At the request of the president of the Ambulance Authority the 911 Center provided run data on the runs DCES has taken in areas previously serviced by Salem Volunteer Fire Dept.*****On Mar 2, 2010, it took 26 minutes for an ambulance from West Union to get to a Miletus call. The Clark family attended our meeting to express their concerns about ambulance response times.(Acknowledged Guests-Bruce Clark & Missy Clark (rep Richard Clark)

5. Contract renewals –SVFD & DCES —Lewis motion to accept the terms from Salem Volunteer Fire Department to modify contracts (pending resolution of #2) Clint second. Passed. The contracts will be on an annual basis and have a 30 day termination clause with the area assigned to Salem Volunteer Fire Department identified in an Appendix attachment. The Salem Volunteer Fire Department will receive $1500 per month payable to their insurance carrier for providing services to Doddridge County.

****6. Budget requests for next County Commission fiscal year (executive session)

7. Next meeting date March 25, 2010 @ 6pm
8. Other business

Public Comments:
1. See comments above from Clark Family (under 911 Center Advisory Board)

Local Yokel

Little Valley, NY

#51 Mar 8, 2011
This is the pending resolution #2 Lewis made the motion on and Clint seconded.
From March 19, 2010

2. County Commission response for clarification – Barbara Knight attended the latest County Commission meeting and was informed that the Ambulance Authority Director will be an employee of the county with county benefits but will report to the Ambulance Authority. The County Commission will advertise the position and would like to be involved in the interview process but the decision to hire will belong to the Ambulance Authority.
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#52 Mar 8, 2011
Sorry, wrong date meeting date on both meeting posts, should be March 11, 2010.

Bridgeport, WV

#53 Mar 8, 2011
Do you REALLY believe that the Commission will turn their baby over to JAN CARE?????? I know their Attorney looked into them setting up a station and providing service here but found it was NOT financially feasible --- But MAYBE IF they are subsidized by the Commission??????
always looking

Bridgeport, WV

#54 Mar 8, 2011
Today DCAA unit 606 was spotted running calls for Jancare in Marion county with DCAA employees on the truck. Also, a Jancare unit was spotted with employees in DCAA uniform. Maby it will be renamed DJCAA - Doddridge Jancare Ambulance Authority? Who were the AA employees clocked in with... doddridge county surly would not pay for their employees to run calls in marion county. or maby that is one of the agencits donnie said they were assisting in the paper?

West Union, WV

#55 Mar 8, 2011
Sniff, sniff. I smell sumpin' stinky. Why on earth would people in DCAA uniforms be staffing JanCare ambulances? Tellin' you I want the blinkiety blank uniforms returned!

Bridgeport, WV

#56 Mar 8, 2011
Apx an hour ago they were on Rock Run ----

IF you wouldn't mind -- why don't you call someone that has been involved and give them the specifics -- Time --- employee description --

You know the ones who ghave been staying on top of this ----

TAKE A PICTURE the next time ---

West Union, WV

#57 Mar 8, 2011
BOY it never ends does it ??
Totally Confused

Fairmont, WV

#58 Mar 8, 2011
A partnership with JanCare is out of the question. The AA supporters do not want our tax dollars going to support a private corporation. I think Mr. Trent stated it best when he said he did not want his tax dollars going to bail out a private corporation. The AA supporters obviously want big government with open check book. The only way a private ambulance service comes to this county is with a taxpayer subsidy. The amount of business will not sustain a private for profit company.

Bridgeport, WV

#59 Mar 8, 2011
DING, DING DING -- Did I just read that the only way a PRIVATE AGENCY (like DCEMS) can exist in this county is with a gov subsidy??????????

Why JAN Care -- we already have a PRIVATE NOT FOR PROFIT EMS Service in the county why would we want a PRIVATE FOR PROFIT like JAN CARE here???????

This is train is running full throttle half on half off the tracks --- You know -- Like that one movie --- where the boss tried to stop it but it takes another train to hook on and pull the opposite direction to keep it from wrecking and they succeed in getting it stopped????

I think that we are right at the point of the first FAILURE of getting this train stopped and now we need to pull it into an opposite direction to slow it down and keep it from wrecking us (and our county)!

Maybe the Commission needs to ask for FULL reimbursement for the pay this pay period -- since it looks like the Commission's DCAA account won't cover the amount of the next pay period!

Bridgeport, WV

#60 Mar 8, 2011
And YES -- A FULL accounting of every uniform, cell phone, mile on the chase car, thermometer, swab, needle and bandage needs to be given BEFORE ANYONE leaves the employment of the DCAA!

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