Clarksburg, WV

#1 Jun 12, 2012
What a joke for super of schools. I guess they were not taught how to use the phones all maybe they are broke. Seems like they work on my end.
Get Real ---

Fairmont, WV

#2 Jun 12, 2012
Might NOT be the super may be those around him who are not passing msgs so people will get upset with him ---

(BTW have had issues with school stuff -- haven't had one complaint with how the super handled them!)

United States

#3 Jun 12, 2012
I guess I ain't in on the "joke" ?? what's it about?
Think about it

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#4 Jun 12, 2012
What I don't like about this supeer or this board is that they keep hiring people from outside of Doddridge County. We have perfectly good people who live here and always have, they apply for jobs in the county and then they give them to people from other counties. What's really interesting is how they like to complain about how our kids graduate and then leave because there's no jobs here.
Home School

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#5 Jun 12, 2012
There's so many things wrong with Doddridge County Schools my kids are home schooled.
surprised to hear it

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#6 Jun 12, 2012
Think about it wrote:
What I don't like about this supeer or this board is that they keep hiring people from outside of Doddridge County. We have perfectly good people who live here and always have, they apply for jobs in the county and then they give them to people from other counties.

Now that's a switch hearing that they don't hire locals- I thought the good old boy network was all that got hired in these parts --go figure

West Union, WV

#7 Jun 12, 2012
THE school system is a mess here in Doddridge county wv, its also a family thing and word of mouth has alot of pull or as i say BULL. They put kids in classes with other family members and lodge members and church friends so they can stay apart from others who are not in the INNER circle JERK GROUP of Fat Gossips and back stabbers !! Thats it in a nut shell FOLKS

If you get welfare or food stamps and any state aid then your kids are put in the LOWER rooms with the others,if you think iam wrong then I challange you to check it out.

the staff and sup's and all try to run the place with an IRON fist and think we are all dumb and they got it going. this goes even with the aids and vol who give there time and are treated like crap. We have also faced this trouble with my two sons and one daughter and you best hope none of your kids are in special ED classes,thats when your really looked down on !! Also a FACT.
DCES Parent

United States

#8 Jun 12, 2012
What I think is interesting is at DCES the teacher's kids get the best teachers and if you're poor or on free lunch you get the bad ones. They tell everybody they're picking the best teacher for your child.
Just Thinking

Weston, WV

#9 Jun 12, 2012
The only way that you are going to get your children the education that they need and that you want for them is to become INVOLVED!!!

The GOOD OLE BOYS are hard at work at every BOE MEETING -- they are fed what to say and do and simply nod their affirmative answer and probably do not even realize what they are saying yes to --

Look at them -- You have the self proclaimed preacher for the president Who (IMO) buys his way to the seat with his donations from other people ---

Then ther eis the electric man --- what is his claim to fame?

Then the dgood ole boy dozer operator and one that doesn't even send his own kid to the in county schools ---

the 5th one is an X school teacher and I would say has more sense than the other 5 put together ---

So what do they do at their meetings -- they rubber stamp what the state says they are required to do ---- It's the state that sets the rules for hiring ---- the state that says what books are used and what classes that are taught ---

It's the Unions that keep people from being fired after the school system realizes that someone isn't doing their jobs ---

Then there are the employees who are moved up into another position because they couldn't do the one they actually hired to do PLUS the ADMIN types that should have left 10 years ago but they are afraid to retire!(Leaving our kids with outdated personal opinions of the king/queen that is in charge!)

READ the rule changes that are being posted -- Attend the meetings and speak out --- BE A PART OF YOUR CHILD'S EDUCATION -- Not just when things are bad but when they are good also --- BE THE NIGHTMARE PARENT THAT THE BOE DOES NOT WANT TO SEE AT THEIR MEETINGS AND THE TEACHERS DO NOT WANT TO SEE IN THEIR SCHOOLS!!!!

STAND UP FOR YOUR KID or sit down and stop moaning!
DCES Parent

United States

#10 Jun 13, 2012
I don't know who you are Just Thinking, but you got the BOE pegged just right. One thing you left out is our county took money from the state, so they have to listen to some of what the state says, but our board members are elected by the people, so aren't they supposed to listen to us? I agree, people need to attend the board meetings and let the board know if they're not happy.

West Union, WV

#11 Jun 13, 2012
I just got to thinking about something when it comes to the school system,most major companys have a weight watchers program to help out with fat people so they can live longer and not cause tax payers more money in medical cost,Right ??
My Question is this, why have they not used this same federal program to help out the teachers here in Doddridge County for their Obesity !
Just Thinking

Weston, WV

#12 Jun 13, 2012
The State School Board makes the rules --- right or wrong --- IMO -- The local BOE is there to take the "heat" from the unjust and unsound rules that the State places into effect.

As for weight watchers --- The ONLY comment thatI am going to make about that is that I worry about the meals that are being served to the kids -- The teachers have a choice -- Most of the kids who eat free lunches don't --- The Lunch program was set up back when the kids needed the extra calories and a high carb diet --- Our children no longer need that but yet, very little has been changed in the lunch program ---

WV is one of the states with the higest obeisty rate --- They are also one of the highests in free lunches -- So does anyone else see the relationship?????

BTW -- GOOD LUCK to you parents and students --Moms and DADs stay close -- know what is going on with your kids and all of you will survive!

West Union, WV

#13 Jun 13, 2012
Some times people say that the schools ahve to follow federal laws and things that are placed in law right? But you know just as well as I do they pussy foot around alot of stuff because alot of us are not educated in the laws they are to follow and they know this and use it against us !! and intill we say something and put our foot down and say it in written they can jsut blow it off,even if one of our kids are in some sort of problem with a problem child who may cause harm to others they will still not act intill someone is hurt ?? Maybe,it depends on who you are in Doddridge county wv and if you have someone on the board or a family member who is or was a teacher in this county, and as for a free lunch you should see them teachers eat free all day long just like the kids who really need them meals , ITS all about control and how they look down at alot of us all day long !! just like sup's and people at the bus garage like ross and so many more who think they are running the show . and they are not even Teachers but stick there nose into crap that has nothing to do with the kids education. MORE redneck BS.
Doddridge County Parent

United States

#14 Jun 13, 2012
As for the lunches for the kids, they should have a choice. I think it would be nice if the kids had options about what they can eat. How about fruit offered all the time, bananas, apples, pears, oranges that they could get anytime, breakfast, lunch or snack? How about a salad bar at lunch time with healthy choices every day? How about a cold food or hot food choice each day at lunch? If we want them to eat healthy, we've got to make healthy eating a smart, appealing, option for them. Maybe the teachers would like the choices too. It would help if they decide to do Weight Watchers
The State makes the rules, as long as the county follows them, no one has a problem. We as residents and parents need to make sure that everyone in our school system is following the rules.

West Union, WV

#15 Jun 19, 2012
How is it that when a teacher is not worth their weight in Salt they can still hold a job with bad work habbits and amental problem ?? I have also noticed that some fo these teachers went to school with the partents of there now students and if they had a problem with lets say Dad or Mom they will hold this grudge over the kids for no apparant
reason or reasons ! How can one get in touch with the office in charleston WV to report this and other acts that are not legal ? I do know if you go and make a report here in town it will be blocked and a heads up alert is given to the teacher by the sup's and other personal who are mostly family and realted friends !! so talk about a catch 22 !!
spider women

West Union, WV

#16 Jun 28, 2012
how are any of these statements going to effect anything ??

Snowshoe, WV

#17 Jun 29, 2012
Looks to me like the High school students are treated like inmates rather than students and then they wonder why they do not know how to act when they graduate.

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