Telling the truth

Capitol Heights, MD

#1 Jul 25, 2012
My name is Lisa (jones) Plamp I just want to let people know that I never turned Kim in to CPS Why would I turn in the only one of my sisters who helped me with mom? If i was that dirty I would have turned in the ones who treated mom like crap first IDOTS!! I am so sick of how you all treat each other are you ever going to grow up why do you all hate each other so much and why is it any of your alls business what everyone does??? You all have fought over everything from sleeping around to abortions and the sad thing is you all done it while mom was dying. She said you all would never change and she was right I'm surprised you all stopped long enough to go to the funeral. I just want to tell you to leave me out of your alls stupidity I could care less about what each of you do or what you all have and I really don't care about all the GOSSIP that you all spread about everyone!! You all think people don't know how disgusting you are but they do and you should be really ashamed off youreslves because I as family am ashamed of you!!Grow up leave each other alone and stay out of each others business your acting stupid=0). P.s I don't want to be mean and there is more to come if you want to come at me but I wouldn't advise it you will lose. I'm only saying these things because noone else has the balls to they just talk about how disgusting you are behind your backs so want to cause drama or doyou want to leave me alone?
Java Jjoe

Barnesville, OH

#2 Jul 26, 2012
Looks like a real nut case posting above posted by "telling the truth." Am thinking it is either someone totally unrelated to Doddridge just dropping in (an internet troll) or someone who is trying to "dilute" the other posts from being on the "front page" on the site and is just adding mindless threads to saturate the Doddridge topix site. Either way--this person is a nut case.
apple butter

Pennsboro, WV

#3 Jul 26, 2012
WHAT the heck are you talking about??? Is this like the song "Should I stay or should I go now""
and who cares if you and a family member had a fall out,go to Dear ABBY and tell them your Crap !!

Washington, DC

#4 Jul 26, 2012
Okey dokey then.....

Time to step away from the crack pipe...

Washington, DC

#5 Jul 26, 2012
I agree with telling the truth and by looking at this forum she is talking to Dear A0bby everyone on here is crying about something she just happens to be telling the truth and is not afraid to use her name.

Washington, DC

#6 Jul 26, 2012
Looks like the only nut case is telling the truths sisters who treated their mom like crap SHAME SHAME!

Washington, DC

#7 Jul 26, 2012
Gossip isn't funny anymore girls when the table is turned is it? I for one am glad people have opinions its a choice we all get to have and some will agree with you and some with me but more Importantly I don't really care !!! I think I proved my point stop the DRAMA!! P.s This is the last time I will be on here because its not worth my time and neither are you!! Good Bye=0).
Java Joe

United States

#8 Jul 26, 2012
What in the world is all this crap about?


#9 Jul 26, 2012
That girl wants to talk about drama and and spreading gossip and yet here she is doing exactly that. As for her not being afraid to use her name. Come on she seems to be someone who just wants attention.This is Doddridge. Does she not think that people talk about her too? People should not judge the rest of her family, because we do not know what is true and what is not, and even if we did it's not our place to do so.


#10 Jul 26, 2012
I cannot believe that Lisa has written about her sisters like she has. Did anyone else notice how she has made herself out to be the only good one.I would like to say that I personally know this family an I know that Lisas sisters did not treat their mother like that. They all loved her just as much as Lisa.As for her mothers funeral, Lisa should not have brought that up because she did not even go to it. When it comes to all the gossip and rumors, well let me tell you that anything and everthing that has been spread around about Lisas sisters, especially to other family members (aunts,uncles,etc) has been told by Lisa herself. I think that Lisa has alot of anger over things that have happened in her life and that perhaps she should seek some professional help in resolving these issues.We can not change things that have happened in the past, but we can move on and make sure not to repeat those things in the future. I think that if anyone should be ashamed than it should be Lisa. I truly believe that our loved ones that pass on are watching over us and saddly enough I do not think that her mom would be proud of what she did. I'm sorry that the other girls have to deal with a sister like that.
apple butter

Pennsboro, WV

#11 Jul 27, 2012
OK ! OK! I give up ? I wished my hair was longer and my legs were more shapely and that my mom and dad were kinder to me and did not like my brother more ? and that yesterday he got more candy then I did !!

There now I feel better. and oh yes,Peace on Earth !!

Washington, DC

#12 Jul 27, 2012
Hey Frustrated if you personally know this family where the hell were you when they were helping their ma? I'm sure they could of used your help! As for the funeral I personally know she didnt go beause she didn't want to see the person she loved so much in this world in a casket her ma even told her it was OK and by the way goes to show you how much you know she was at the funeral home all night with her mom after she died but that was not the point she was making. She was trying to tell the sisters that they need to quit worrying about their neighbors,friends family and childrens business and quit pointing out how wrong people are for making mistakes because they have bad things in their life to. I think she proved her point because they all keep getting on here trying to cover their asses its so funny!! Who are you again??? GOSSIP hurts everyone neighbors friends coworkers kids and familys!! Point made and everyone should remember the comandments if you believe in the Lord Love thy neighbor,mother brother sister etc Not hate,hurt gossip and the list could go. Enough said!!!!


#13 Jul 27, 2012
I don't under stand whoever commented last because you were trying to say that she could not go to the funeral because she did not want to see her mom that way but in the next sentence you state that she was with her the night before the funeral. Seems to me that if she was there one night that she should have had the courtesy to show for the funeral. Anyway I have not seen where any of the sisters have been on trying to cover their asses as you said. Lisas point was to make herself out to be the good one and to see if anyone out there would beleive her crap. It looks like you fell for it. You want to talk about gossip like she did. What the hell are you doing getting in their business and commenting on it if your so against it?

Pennsboro, WV

#14 Jul 27, 2012
I also know this family and have for many many years now.Lisa have you ever stopped and looked at yourself.You are the one that has caused most of the drama for this family and have excluded yourself,not any of your siblings.You make up shit and go and spread it all around about you're family and I know this because you have came to me and actually talked about them,but yet you want out of the drama.And for you to say that they were not there for your mother... now come on!EVERY SINGLE PERSON in your family was there for her.That is so low for you to even say that.You just want to play like you're little miss perfect and have never done anything wrong. But whatever makes you look good miss 'telling the truth'! maybe you should change the name to 'telling lies about my family'

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