KARMA IS A BEAUTIFUL THING, and it's wonderful to watch it finally come Harlan Diamond's way! The US Attorney's office should dig a little deeper because they definitely would find a lot more of the same type of corrupt behavior between Harlan Diamond/Executive Caterers and numerous other political office holders, for example, a certain Judge with the initials A.C., who has gotten Harlan out of many sticky legal situations in exchange for catering/party services. It's guaranteed that Harlan Diamond has broken a lot more laws than just this one. His business dealings and accounting practices should be looked into much more closely as they would reveal such things as socialites on his company's payroll and health insurance policy who have never been employees of Executive Caterers. Don't let Harlan’s seemingly endless generosity donating to countless causes/organizations fool you because there is always something in it for him. That is solely a persona he puts on for the public. Behind the scenes, he is a tyrant, a liar, a cheat, unethical, and abusive towards his employees, customers, and business associates. A closer probe into his business and political dealings, even with his current attorney, would be sure to reveal the truth behind the facade. He deserves to be convicted and shouldn’t be given an opportunity to buy his way out of this mess as he has done in the past with help from public officials. No amount of statements laced with a sweet-sounding South African accent from Charles Klass can hide the whole truth. In fact, he is aware of and participated in Mr. Diamond's illegal monetary deals with political parties and countless others as well over the years. Too bad Executive Caterers long-time VP, Jane Belsito, weren’t still around, because she would have gotten pulled in with Harlan, as she was absolutely aware of and fully-involved in this corruption incident as well as other similar occurrences. This is not an isolated incident. Harlan Diamond has routinely conducted business in this manner since the inception of his company over 40 years ago. If everyone truly knew what type of self-serving person and businessman with a delusional sense of entitlement he is, Executive Caterers would have been out of business decades ago. A word of wisdom to any potential or current customer of Executive Caterers’………..keep your eyes open during your event and a close watch on your bill. Harlan Diamond has always practiced what he terms as,“creative Jewish bookkeeping.” My hope is that this comment will initiate a larger investigation as the above information comes to light to both the public and law enforcement and that everyone involved suffers the consequences they rightfully deserve, which are well overdue.