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Colvin Brannaka

Lake City, FL

#1 Nov 1, 2008
Couple Says Meade Ministries Tore Their Family Apart--
October 31, 2008
First Coast News

LAKE CITY, FL -- puppymom wrote:
I lived in Lake City, FL when Charles Meade first came there,early 1980's. He bought a small house and right away had a fence put around it along with an alarm system. It wasn't long before he started getting people from Lake City to join his "Church". He has his memebers to believe that Doctors can do no good and I can not tell you the number of children that have died while in this Cult. In 1989 there was maybe a few children in the cemetary there and now the childrens section is full. DCF has investigated them but they are untouchable. It is unbelievable how much power this man has over these people. My brother's ex inlaws are even members of his power, no TV, no books, no Radio, nothing connected to the outside world and this was a family that were very social and now they give everything to Charles Meade. What a waste, only God knows where we will end when the time comes and he has made them believe that Lake City is the only place that will be left when the world comes to an end. In the end all I can say is God Bless these people and I hope they find what they are looking for. Charles Meade will have to answer for his actions and only he can.
10/31/2008 7:10 AM EDT on firstcoastnews.com


girlpower wrote:
Why don't the FBI investigate them,like some of the other cults? How are so many people being brain washed by these people? I don't understand how this man has so many followers.
10/31/2008 7:51 AM EDT on firstcoastnews.com


SHELLBLUE60 wrote:
I agree girlpower-Why cant the FBI just investigate this cult?Remember Waaco? He seems like the type of crazy man that would put his members in danger before he was caught.I read the Bible every day and this vile man is NOT following the teachings of God and Jesus.He must have re-written his own version to suit his evil ways.But some day he will be dealt with -Heaven or Hell-pray it is Hell.
10/31/2008 9:13 AM EDT on firstcoastnews.com


loveFL wrote:
puppymom: Iv'e heard from numerous people I know in Lake Butler area about this cult. They have all said the same things as you. Plus they all drive Cadellaics (sp?) and Toyotas I believe. My friend drove through on of "their" neighborhoods not that long ago on a trip to Lake City. She said it was so strange! A lot of homes had the gates around them, and you could see people staring out the windows the more she drove around the neighborhood. Then a Caddy started to follow her at one point, and she got the heck out of there. I feel for the kids the most. They are innocent!! This Meade guy is beyond crazy!!! I feel for the Peterson's! I couldn't imagine not seeing my child/children for that many years. I don't know how they have the courage to go on, but I give them props for not giving up!!! Because that is exactly what Meade wants!!! God Bless the Peterson's, and all families affected by cults!! I can't even believe cults still exist in 2008!!!
10/31/2008 9:40 AM EDT on firstcoastnews.com


Elkton, FL

#3 Nov 5, 2008
are you guys all high ? not too sure where you get the no tv, radio, and outside world contact but you need to get a clue what your talking about. everyone I know is normal and all have tv's and are regular people. your insane to say things you have no idea about and asume things such as you do . look at it like this , if your parents didnt agree with anything you and your family did or the church they went to would you still talk and want them to be around ? the Petersons are some looney folks from what I see. and there is no graveyard you fools . get a clue seriously.
the mom

Lake City, FL

#6 Feb 16, 2009
To dear, foggy jdogLC...perhaps you need to get your facts straight. They do keep control over everything. They live the fat life while some are suffering. I worked with a girl who married an Endtimer and decided o leave the church. Well, not only did she not get to keep her really nice car (which she received for having children-per the agreement) but, she didn't get to keep her children!! She was harassed and threatened and her own family who remained with the church came into the restaurant where we worked and wouldn't even speak to her!! I being the loud mouth I am asked how they could not even speak to their child and they said it was how it was. OMG!!! there are many stories like that and many more where grandparents can't see their grandchildren, and many where children..innocent children who aren't old enough to make the choice to refuse treatment or to even be a member of the cult, who have suffered and died. And several times people who were not part of the cult and that hadn't been INTIMIDATED into selling to their houses to them, saw the rescues and police cars going into Southwood Acres and down Thrasher Rd. without sirens or lights to investigate a problem and find someone had died. Ever see any of those in the paper??? So, Mr. jdogLC and all you bleeding hearts, go on defending them but, remember what goes around eventually comes around.
Cole Brannaka

Lake City, FL

#7 Mar 31, 2009
Looks like Chucky Sparks is building a "palace" for either himself or the old one directly across from Satan's den on CR 240. That's otherwise known as The EndTimer's Den of False Hope...:)
Cole Brannaka

Lake City, FL

#8 Mar 31, 2009
Here's another interesting take on the zombies...

Sgt Carter - Lake City VA

Lake City, FL

#9 Apr 6, 2009
Meade Ministries, Inc.(The EndTimer's) suck!
happy in the Lord

Green Cove Springs, FL

#10 May 4, 2009
Y'all need to get a life. If you'd get busy and serve the Living God (i.e.: Jesus) you wouldn't have time to gossip about things you don't know anything about. Such petty nonsense, you make me laugh. I'm so grateful to have come upon Meade's ministry. the sum total of this ministry is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart soul and mind, and thy neighbor as thyself. It's as simple as that!
out west

Montgomery, AL

#11 May 14, 2009
I can speak from first hand experience being a former member that endtimers SUCK!!!!!!!!!!Thank you Sgt Carter, and all else who is with me.

Satsuma, FL

#12 May 17, 2009
you guys are just jelouse of them.
in the lc

United States

#13 May 17, 2009
cult or not if, he were a baptist and just gave his version of the bible like so many others have through time, and not called themselves end-timers would anybody care. the truth is I don't approve of thier religion, from what I hear. but it seems that what I see, they are all very good buisiness owners. and without meade ministries NOW Lake city can close the town up.
local lc

United States

#14 Jun 1, 2009
well all I can say is Don't Hate just cause you Ain't.

Looks like chubby ol BuzzC is going looney

would help chubby buzzard if you could post with some wisdom instead of just wacking out whatever mental thoughts come to your walnut sized brain.
endtimers_babysi tter

Decatur, GA

#15 Jul 27, 2009
this post must have been by an endtimer, or else some clueless person trying to act like they know something that they most definitely do not. i've babysat for endtimers for 9 years. even though people do exaggerate (sp?) stories about them, most rumors you here are true. many of them do have a televisions, but that is only allowed because the endtimer children are not allowed to go to school (public or private) and most of them use the "abecca" (sp?) homeschool program, which is like a video school. they are not allowed to watch normal movies or television, but a few of them do sneak and do it anyways. once i was watching a little movie with the children while babysitting and the mother freaked out when they got home because we left the blinds open and all the other endtimers driving by could see. they are getting more lenient when it comes to books. the children are now allowed the "beirstien bears" and other very mild things like that. the rumors about not going to doctors is sadly true and i know people who have died because of mild conditions that could have been treated. there are some who go to the dr. when things are serious but it is looked down upon seriously, because they think if you have faith in God, he will heal you.(i'm a very strong christian and i know God can heal unimaginable things, but i also know that He put a brain in my head and a doctor down the street for a reason) even getting sick or hurt is a negative thing to them beacuse they believe that if you have faith in God he will not let you get hurt or sick. i've lived in the middle of the neighborhood that most people call "endtimer-ville" my entire life so i think its humorous that someone from jacksonville (nearly an hour and a half away) thinks they know everything about this cult. these people are anything but normal and anyone in lake city can tell you that!
former member

Chesterfield, MO

#16 Aug 17, 2009
i cant belive you people can i ask you this when have these people ever done any of you wrong they could have a site just like this one bad mouthing you so hmm that says a lot if you ask me these people are the best thing that ever came to lake city
out west

Tucson, AZ

#17 Sep 5, 2009
former member wrote:
i cant belive you people can i ask you this when have these people ever done any of you wrong they could have a site just like this one bad mouthing you so hmm that says a lot if you ask me these people are the best thing that ever came to lake city
Then why are you a "former member"? Yet you are sticking up for them. And what's with all the run-on sentencing?

Lake City, FL

#18 Sep 21, 2009
I know a few end timers, a good friend of mine was one and they may seem alittle strang at first. When people see them in public they often stick together in a group, not to be confused as being a cult. They are not very socialable to "outsides". I believe they like to keep their families protected from the world. They own many businesses here in Lake City were I live which has grown the town and gave many job opportunities at this economic time of need. Everyone is so focused on the negitive about these people, but they have a good side as well.

Gadsden, AL

#19 Nov 8, 2009
To all you defenders of this cult...here's the definition of a cult: followers of an unorthodox, extremist, or false religion or sect who often live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader. So I think that just about covers it...
Any questions?

Gadsden, AL

#20 Nov 8, 2009
happy in the Lord wrote:
Y'all need to get a life. If you'd get busy and serve the Living God (i.e.: Jesus) you wouldn't have time to gossip about things you don't know anything about. Such petty nonsense, you make me laugh. I'm so grateful to have come upon Meade's ministry. the sum total of this ministry is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart soul and mind, and thy neighbor as thyself. It's as simple as that!
Can we say "brainwashed" or is that a bad word for you guys?:)

Lake City, FL

#21 Nov 18, 2009
ok so really all of yall that dont even live in daggum lake city are saying we dont know what we are talkin about need to go on somewhere else. Yall dont know nothin about them. you dont live near them and you sure as heck dont associate with them. so just like us how in the heck would you know that we aint right???? personally, i have lived in lake city my whole life and honestly they dont tell people about their religion so thats a hint for you that they aint right about what they think they know. Mr. Meade is just someone looking for money.

Gadsden, AL

#22 Nov 19, 2009
LOL!!! Oh...wow so you're not defending them, but you think we have no idea what we're talking about? I don't know about everyone else, but I thoroughly researched this topic and came to the conclusion that it is indeed a cult. I don't just spew nonsense. And by the way "daggum" is not (not ain't) a word. You really live up to your "redneckgurr12012" name. Thanks for the laugh!

United States

#23 Dec 19, 2009
hey all this nonsence about no newspapers why then do I see papers in the drives of members when i go to work (not the wed. classified the lake cith reporter,jacksonville times exc.) and tvs why the direct tv satilite dishes on the corners of some endtimers homes. the mind control crap is usallly given because some members are so religious in their ways that they take most everything to the extreme ,but on the other hand most are just down to earth family orriented people which have lage familys of their own so why worry about old relitives that do not truly care about them except during birthdays and holidays its a shame that one could try to come and interfere with a family that is so closely tied. Without endtimers lake city would be a small nothing town no nice strip malls, good restraunts,construction companys, retail stores and all the other companies that influence and work with the public schooling system all the way to disney theme parks working in the carribean islands and throughout america. the

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