Hunter for sheriff...
James Johnston

Lake City, FL

#2 Aug 28, 2008
The following refers to John Gootee (the sheriff's son)...

Well John... it seems like the whole world is closing in on you and the kingdom. You won't be able to hide behind daddy much longer. Daddy isn't going to keep you from going to jail for DUI anymore! Too many times from Phishheads and Beef's have you drove drunk and got lucky. FHP will be head hunting for you for sure. You have NOT made a lot of good friends driving tan and black cars, with your smart a**, obnoxious, better-than-thou-attitude. I find it funny to see all the deputies pretend to kiss your a** hoping that you won't tell daddy that you got a little offended because they didn't bow. It is sad to see my fellow proud deputies have to suffer for the sake of a job and their families welfare. A change is needed! A change is needed to bring this agency back up to reality and up to date.

P.S. John, you always were an a**. You prove it regularly now more than ever. You were fired for excessive use of force after several incidents and you shouldn't be a cop anymore! Your past will always haunt you. Of course you can always drink yourself back into the hospital again if this is too much for you.
James Johnston

Lake City, FL

#3 Aug 28, 2008
John always was an a*s and will always be an a*s. What I was amazed to see was a Union County Sheriff's Office patrol car in his driveway a few weeks ago. I am thinking to myself maybe he just has another room mate that works there? NOPE, I am driving through Union County TODAY and what do you think I see???? Lil' Goat driving said patrol car in Union County wearing a uniform. What a disgrace!!!!! I truely feel sorry for the people of Lake Butler and Union County for having to put up with him. Has Jerry Whitehead lost his mind along with the goat in hiring a person that certainly has anger management problems to go along with his alcohol abuse?

Will Whitehead protect him as his piece of crap Daddy Sheriff has done?
James Johnston

Lake City, FL

#4 Aug 28, 2008
The MASTER List - Almost half MIA

What you find here is a list of over 80 people who have quit, fired, or simply run away from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office since Bill Gootee took power. The only thing I have to say about this is just how thoroughly disgusted I am with Gootee. How could we let this happen?

Keep in mind that the current total staffing at the Sheriff's Office is at approximately 220. That means he's lost approximately half of the total force in only three years!

*Reasons for departure are not fully clear in all cases.

Note that this list continues to grow and is not complete by any means.

Sworn personnel
M. Hunter - Major
A. Hunter - Patrol
C. Brown - Patrol
K. Martin - Detetective
D. Brown - Detective
G. Kimble - Detective
J. McCardle - Detective
S. Lee - Patrol
J. McFarland - Patrol
J. Swisher - Patrol (later returned)
R. Nydam - Detective Lieutenant
D. Braswell - Patrol
J. Joyner - Patrol
R. Metrick - Task Force
J. Ward - Patrol
W. Ross - Patrol
S. Bivins - Patrol
J. Jewett - Patrol
C. Campbell - Patrol
D. Crosby - Patrol
G. Moore - Patrol
J. Lucas - Detective Lieutenant
R. Johnson - Dispatch Lieutenant
M. Williams - Patrol
James Johnston

Lake City, FL

#5 Aug 28, 2008
Non-sworn personnel

C. Ogden - Dispatch - Resigned for better position
V. Carter - Dispatch - Terminated
A. Hollingsworth - Dispatch - Resigned for better position
Y. Ball - Dispatch - Resigned for better position
J. Gross - Dispatch - Resigned for better position
M. Hall - Dispatch - Resigned for better position
C. Collins - Dispatch - Resigned for better position
V. Williams - Records - Resigned under Investigation
T. Simpkins - Records - Resigned under Investigation
J. Robinson - Clerk - Resigned
S. Solis - Dispatch - Resigned for better position
L. Hosleter - Crime Scene - Terminated
T. Hicks - Dispatch - Resigned for better position
D. Sauls - Dispatch - Terminated @ Election
W. Keen - Admin.- Resigned
J. Siegmiester - Admin.- Resigned under Investigation.
D. Lee - Admin.- Termintaed
G. Rooney - Crime Scene Asst.- Terminated
B. Minnich - Dispatch - Resigned
S. Weeks - Dispatch - Terminated
A. Bryant - Dispatch - Resigned for better position
S. Dwyer - Dispatch - Resigned for better position
S. Howard - Dispatch - Resigned for better position
V. Stock - Warrants - Resigned

County Jail

V. Smithey - Jail - Resigned
R. Adler - Corrections - Resigned
C. Allan - Corrections - Resigned
P. Barcia - Corrections - Resigned
A. Biss - Corrections - Resigned
R. Biss - Corrections - Resigned
R. Brott - Corrections - Resigned
D. Burgess - Corrections - Resigned
J. Collins - Classification - Resigned
J. Cook - Corrections - Resigned
T. Craver - Corrections - Resigned
T. Daughtry - Corrections - Resigned
K. Dunmore - Corrections - Resigned
G. Duren - Corrections - Resigned
H. Glover - Medical - Resigned
P. Green - Corrections - Resigned
T. Hester - Corrections - Resigned
A. Hill - Corrections - Resigned
S. Hill - Corrections - Resigned
M. Howard - Corrections - Resigned
J. Jackson - Corrections - Resigned
M. Jerry - Food service - Resigned
D. Jones - Corresctions - Resigned for retirement
S. Riley - Corrections - Resigned
T. Lamonda - Corrections - Resigned
W. Main - Corrections - Resigned
P. McKee - Corrections - Resigned
A. Meeks - Corrections - Resigned under investigation
M. Sexton - Corrections - Resigned
P. Nicely - Corrections - Resigned
S. Patel - Corrections - Resigned
M. Pellicer - Corrections - Resigned
B. Rucker - Corrections - Resigned
F. Brookins - Corrections - Resigned
C. Smith - Corrections - Resigned
C. Smith - Corrections - Resigned
J. Southerland - Corrections - Resigned
A. Tunsil - Corrections - Resigned
R. Worden - Resigned under investigation
R. Yarborough - Corrections - Resigned

Courthouse / Civil Services

James Johnston

Lake City, FL

#6 Aug 28, 2008
Final Threats.

It came to my attention late yesterday that the Son of A Goat (Gootee's son), or as some like to call him the Baby Goat, has taken one last opportunity to make threats against our very own Deputy Sheriffs. This worthless excuse for a human being and complete waste of air embodies all that we despise about Gootee. Indeed, he is an exact replica of Bill Gootee without any polish. He speaks exactly what Bill Gootee will do and does not think twice about what he's saying. In fact, it's our best way to get any truth from any of the Gootee clan.

Baby Goat took the opportunity to tell a sworn and certified Deputy Sheriff that they knew he supported another candidate and that he would be taken care of after the election.

This is what you can and should expect from Gootee. Vindictive and disrespectful to all. What a way to end such a terrible administration. Have your son go out and threaten your very own deputies so they do not feel free to exercise their constitutional rights. At least we can say he hasn't changed in 4 years.

Get the word out and GO VOTENOGOAT!

Your Webmaster


Can the PBA and get a "real union" to prevent such BS from ever happening again. Governor, are you reading this? Perhaps it needs to be forwarded to your office? Ok, consider it on its way to Tallahassee then...:)
James Johnston

Lake City, FL

#7 Aug 28, 2008
Acknowledging receipt of your email
Tuesday, August 26, 2008 2:15 PM
From: "Governor Charlie Crist"
To: James Johnston

Thank you for contacting Governor Charlie Crist.

Due to the volume of emails sent to the Governor, there may be a delay in responding to your email. Please know that the Governor's office is making every effort to respond to your inquiry.


Automatic response to your email
Tuesday, August 26, 2008 2:15 PM
From: "Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp"

I have received your recent email and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me.
James Johnston

Lake City, FL

#8 Aug 29, 2008
As of September 2007 the Columbia County sheriff earns $111,837 per year...

Lake City, FL

#9 Sep 3, 2008
Hey Buzz is James Johnston your new screen name. You are the biggest loser in Lake City. I guess since you don't and have never had a girlfriend all you do is post stupid crap all day. How pathetic is your life. Why don't you use your real name Julius Busse Carey. I guess your afraid someone might find out about your child porn arrest back in 1989. I suppose if your on your computer our children are safe to play outside. Scum bag..
James Johnston

Lake City, FL

#10 Sep 4, 2008
Hey Tin Star Maggot--
What's your story with a Live Oak handle when you're really the son of a Goat from Lake City? John Gootee, talk about a loser, you certainly are (or is this Cole Brannaka?) for trying to threaten "real deputies" here and about these parts for voting against your worthless father. Your dad's crime rate clearance of 16% will prevent him from getting that HUGE pension in 2012. Oh well he doesn't deserve same. What's so hard to understand about that?

Yes, James Johnston is Julius Busse Carey, June 30, 1954. Go ahead on and run it. You'll find no child molestor status on me creep. Pray I don't find out your "true name" for I'll sue your butt for slanderous lies!:)

You're the one who's the scumbag fool...

Lake City, FL

#11 Sep 5, 2008
Private Carter

Lake City, FL

#12 Sep 5, 2008
I only have "several" folks after me for speaking out for truth & justice. I only do same because it's the American way. For instance over 1,000 EndTimers and I are at war and always will be. Then there's Colvin Brannaka, Pvt Carter, & Greg Delgado, or any other crooked or evil lawdog who thinks he's "somebody" due to their tin star status. So you could be anyone.

One thing is for sure you aren't a deputy. At most you're a VA security guard. Washington was crazy issuing you idiots weapons (as if you were "real" policemen). LoL...

~ A Religious Cult 1 ~
George Burton

Lake City, FL

#13 Oct 25, 2008
Leads in Raulerson homicide trickle in--
October 24, 2008

Bubba Gump wrote on Oct 24, 2008 7:08 AM:
" How convenient that the filming of the AMW episode will take place AFTER the elections. Just a sad, sad attempt at getting votes. "

BillDecoder wrote on Oct 24, 2008 10:19 AM:
" Prime Time Quality Crime .... now thats something to boast about folks!
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for using everything available to catch these animals but I think Bill Gootee is building false hopes for election coverage:
1. "film crews MAY do a dramatization"
(and they may not?)
2. "THE plans are" (not THEIR plans are?)
3. I BELIEVE they are going to be down here SOME TIME AFTER the first or second week in November.(when's that? After the election.. thats when)
So, the PLANS are that Bill BELIEVES that the filming MAY be done at an unknown time in the near or distant future.
Really sounds like no one has made any commitment to do anything at all. "
Secret Agent

United States

#14 Oct 30, 2008
I was just at the court house and heard the courthouse officers talking about getting punished for talking to certian citizens that weren't gootee supporters. I thought the purpose of them being there was to provide security and assist visitors of our county courthouse, sometimes this would mean having to talk with individuals that might not have the same political views as their master(of desaster) the goat. Are they supose to tell these citizens I'm sorry I can't answer your question or assist you because you don't support my idiot (I mean boss) this is preventing these officers from doing their jobs and that's not right. Brewington is just job scared he want get to stay at the courthouse where he can play kissy kiss with the ladies up there. Time to do some real police work. Has anyone heard what happen to the man arrested for supporting the votenogoat website????
Buzz Carey

Lake City, FL

#15 Nov 4, 2008
There's a new sheriff in town...


Mark Hunter has pulled it off! The Goat was whipped & "soundly" too.

Mark Hunter 14,933 (54.2%)
Bill Gootee 12,610 (45.7%)
Joe Kannady

Lake City, FL

#16 Nov 8, 2008
Hunter’s watchdog pledge to be tested--
Friday, November 7, 2008

Mark Hunter’s victory in the Columbia County sheriff’s race has shown that voters want improved results from the county’s top law enforcement officer. This victory — in a race that showcased two dedicated men with vastly different views toward law enforcement management — is a mandate for operational change.

Hunter’s task is no easy one. He campaigned on the platform of establishing a proactive sheriff’s department. He indicated he would increase the number of deputies on the road and hold all deputies to a high standard of conduct as they patrol in their respective zones of the county.

This change will be welcomed by many who live in the far-reaching rural areas of the county.

Cracks in the 911 system were a definitive issue in the campaign. Recent problems saw the county commission take over the 911 system and remove it from the sheriff’s department’s oversight, but thousands of dollars were spent in attempted fixes to this system. Residents, now more than ever, will require their sheriff to pinch every penny without sacrificing basic life-saving services.

The days of excessive spending must be over. Hunter has pledged to be an efficient steward of taxpayer dollars. We will hold him to this.

The crime rate in Columbia County has grown in recent years and it is alarming. The new sheriff must step up and work to get this in check. Again, this was one of the positions on which Hunter campaigned. The people have put their trust in him to deliver results.

Mark Hunter was very clear on his views during this campaign. He did not mince words when it came time to discuss his plan or point out what he saw as inefficiencies in the current department. He was clear in his intent to work hard for the people of Columbia County.

Hunter has the support of the electorate in Columbia County. He is enthusiastic and ready to get to work. We wish him well in his endeavors.


The following are comments from the readers. In no way do they represent the view of .
BuzzC wrote on Nov 7, 2008 8:03 AM:
" Hunter has pledged to be an efficient steward of taxpayer dollars. We will hold him to this.


Oh yeah LCR?
You surely didn't hold Gootee any which way. And all because of his illegal giving you an office of taxpayer paid for free furniture... "
Defeat of Gootee a loss for all of us
Published: Friday, November 7, 2008 6:13 AM EST
To the Editor:
I am sad today with the choice that some of our Columbia County citizens made in their choice for sheriff.
Bill Gootee put his heart and soul into not only his job as sheriff, but into our community.
Mark Hunter is a true politician and I do not mean that in a good way. I attended a festival at the fairgrounds, at which I was still undecided on who to vote for, when I passed by Mark Hunter’s tent, and heard him bad mouthing our current sheriff.
people of columbia

Lake City, FL

#18 Dec 8, 2008
mark is all ready acting like bill gootee in so may ways. he cannot are will not call any body back even those who help on camp. i have called left messsage with him hes home his family. so people of coulmbia couty we are still in the goat era even with new dick head runing the show.bill may be leaving us but his way of serving us still remain the same god please help us in columbia county mark record seams to be folling bill bulls**t ways maybe att can fix the phones so they can call peopleback
Bobby McDaniel

Lake City, FL

#19 Feb 28, 2009
Mark Hunter's new sheriff site is online @

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