...Whatever happened to the Content of a Person's Character ?

......The Clayton County Voters was warned by Governor Purdue, on Television, to make the right choices, when our School System lost it's accreditation in 2008.

.......It won't be very long before the residents will be asking for The Governor's help again, for their own mistakes that they created.

.......If I was the Governor, I would tell Clayton County to sleep in the bed that they made.......I think, in a round about way, this is what he is saying to Clayton County. Let it happen, and let us see who will be the first to lodge the complaints.
.....Don't place the blame on our Governor, place the blame on the Voters of Clayton County.

.......I'm embarrassed to say this, but, I have been a resident of Clayton County, Ga. for 40 years, and this dysfunctional undertow is so sad that many of us has to laugh to keep from crying.

Believe this or not, Victor Hill is probably the least of the problems found in Clayton County; In other words, just another flea on this stray dog.