Tara Blvd Becoming Atlanta's Stewart...

Tara Blvd Becoming Atlanta's Stewart Avenue.

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Bill in Clayton County

Dallas, TX

#1 Feb 23, 2009
According to sources Highway 19/41 also known as Tara Blvd in Clayton County is quickly becoming a center for prostitution on the South side. You hear about raids around the business areas just south of the city all the time, now the pimps are moving the women out into the open as has been the case on the streets of Atlanta for years. I had not noticed how much of a problem it had become until last Saturday night on the way home from the Ga Dome. I spotted at least 7 Acrylic Heels wearing Jezebels outside strip mall areas and gas stations from Morrow Rd all the way to Highway 54. It was pretty obvious. According to friends on the County Police dept and the Sheriff's department, they are taking them off the streets as fast as they can. Just the other night they rounded up a bunch of these cockroaches and replaced them with undercover police officers, needles to say they had a successful sting operation.

Just another example of why Clayton county is NOT a place to raise your kids any longer.


Atlanta, GA

#2 Aug 27, 2009
I know I am going to get a lot of heat, but I totally agreed with you. I used to visit Tara Blvd as a child, back when it a very nice city. Unfortunately, I moved here, and for the past 6 years, I watched how Clayton County went into a downward spiral. Matter of fact, just the other night while coming home from work with my brother, I noticed two young women in high shorts and heels (mind you this is 2 A.M. in the morning). All I could do is shake my head. I doubt things will improve here. So I'm praying that I'll save enough money and move out.

Dahlonega, GA

#3 Aug 28, 2009
No heat from me Tiffany..........
Things will never get any better in Clayton County.
I grew up just off of Tara Blvd in Jonesboro, I've really seen the change. Its sad....

Clayton County - Been there done that never again...

Ballwin, MO

#4 Sep 3, 2009
I remember taking Tara Blvd. to the Dunkin Donuts near the old Winn Dixie at Flint River Rd. I miss those days as a kid when you could see the sights & not see so much filth. When I visited in April I saw how crappy the area has continued to get! I used to fish on the Flint River when I was younger & now it's so filthy too. What a shame for a place I grew up at to go so nasty.

Mableton, GA

#5 Jul 17, 2010
Do Your Own Math On Clayton County, Ga.

Start by building a Temple of Justice + building a state of the art prison facility + rezoning the county for apartment dwellings + provide section 8 housing for the poverty stricken residents + Blockbusting the neighborhoods + wait for Atlanta to demolish their government housing projects + throw out the welcome matte for our new residents + Rising crime rates + Elect incompetent officials + discredit the school system + let corruption go unchecked + Bring in the media to advertise the crime and our shady officials + Business Closings + And watch our property values plummets to nothing.

Grand Total : That is the reason why nothing is left in Clayton County, except for our memories

Clayton County has been the biggest scam in our State.

The wealthy opportunists , in this county will be a lot wealthier, after the rest of us leave our homes and pick up our stakes and anchors to move out of this corrupt county.
This county was already an affordable place to live, but then these opportunist, flam flim artist, and false prophets seen to it, that our home values will change radically when they moved in our section 8 residents.

If the real truth could ever be known about Clayton County, you would probably find that all of this county is built on nothing but a big fat lie. You would also probably find out that Clayton County has turn into, nothing but one big land scam, to seize property at very cheap low prices.
From all appearances; Our County Government appears to be nothing but a front,to maintain an image for the residents. Only in comedies and horror stories, would we find elected officials like we have now.This has to be nothing but a put on; Sanford and his son could do better than these clowns.

Everyone should know that when a county is overrun by poverty stricken residents that crime will rise and property values will take a nose dive.

Start by building a Temple of Justice, building a state of the art prison facility, provide section 8 housing for the poverty stricken residents, wait for Atlanta to demolish their government housing projects, and throw out the welcome matte for our new residents.

Elect incompetent officials that will lead the county through the primrose path to self destruction, discredit the school system, let corruption go unchecked, bring in the media to advertise the crime and our shady officials, and then watch as our property values plummet to nothing.

Quite a scam; If you donít believe me, look around and you will see the proof of what Iím talking about.

Don't blame the plummeting economy for Clayton County's hardships; Blockbusting has been going on, in this county since the '90s.

That is the reason why nothing is left in Clayton County, except for our memories


Decatur, GA

#6 Aug 2, 2010
As long as you have a man like Bell as your chairman of you county, and he came to us via atlanta, and everyone knew how crooked he was and he is no different now. Did anyone notice how many massage parlors opened in clayton when he came here. Clayton had more that fulton and decatur combined. When Hill couldnt get his cut from them he shut them down. which ticked off Bell. Than he worked with the other commisioners to get rid of one of the people who helped hill get rid of the parlors. who is a very good person. his name is turner.

Atlanta, GA

#7 Sep 19, 2010
And now the IRS has seized that Dunkin Donuts - -so much for healthy, thriving business in that area...just another blow to that corridor -- was one of the only reasons I ever took a detour to Tara...Good luck, Clayton County.
john 18

Riverdale, GA

#8 Oct 2, 2010

I live in jonesboro ga, near independence park and a supsicious green truck has been in my neighborhood trying to sell meat. does anyone know the company or have you seen this truck in your neighborhood. One person will get out and run and knock on your door trying to sell meat. if anyone knows the company name or # please let me know or look out, they may be based out of riverdale.

John 18E]
Clayton County Resident

Jonesboro, GA

#9 Oct 6, 2010
They actually use the prostitutes as "informants" now as well according to the police that my friend who owns a car lot on Tara Blvd was told.

Mableton, GA

#10 Feb 10, 2011
...Give Clayton County back to Victor Hill,in 2012
Ms hell yea

Dallas, TX

#11 May 30, 2012
I say let the girls alone its thier lives there not bothering anyone all you ladies must be jealous but im not..the guys no they like it.

Lawrenceville, GA

#12 May 30, 2012
Wow, what an ignorant comment... smh

Decatur, GA

#13 Jun 12, 2012
DoubleAction wrote:
...Give Clayton County back to Victor Hill,in 2012
Boy that's what we need in Clayton county another crook with the brains of an uneducated moron.
Sad Sad Sad

United States

#14 Aug 29, 2013
I could not have said it better. Shame on the city of Atlanta for kicking out its unwanted residents and sending them to Clayton County. Prior to that "so called" revitilazation of the city of Atlanta, Clayton county was a good place to live. Now those residents who previously lived in the low income housing now live in Clayton county.

We can forget trying to get it back to the way it was. Anyone with any sense and cares for their childs education wont move here so what does that leave us with?

Shame on the city of Atlanta, you took what was centralized to one area and spread it among multiple suburban areas. Clayton county is not the only county suffering from this so call revitalization.
Denise W

Hampton, GA

#15 Oct 27, 2013
I will be selling my house soon and moving out of Clayton. I can no longer stand living in this county. I am embarassed to let anyone know where I live. I truly believe that offering section 8 housing to come to Clayton is what hurt this county. After that happened, Clayton went down hill quickly. And the idiots who were on the school board who lost accreditation hurt property values too. Yet if it weren't for the loss of school accreditation, we would have gotten more of the low income housing people. Instead they were sent to Dekalb county.

Rex, GA

#16 Jan 13, 2014
The girls (and most of them are girls) are being victimized by male criminals (pimps, johns, and motel owners). Pimping should be a FELONY with HARD TIME and johns should get their names and faces published in the Clayton No-News Daily and the other neighborhood rags that dispense lame religious sermons. Quit worrying about strip clubs and go after the REAL problem: the pimps who brainwash and control underage girls to the point where they have to ask permission to use the public restroom. And the sex-offender hotel across from McDonald's playground on Old Dixie. Looking forward to getting out of this backwards hellhole and taking my tax dollars with me!!!!
The Truth Is

Savannah, GA

#17 May 7, 2014
A certain demographic ruined a great place to live. I hate to say something like that but the truth cannot be denied. Well, it can be denied but whomever would, would be lying to themselves.

Sorry, Denise W. You are over 20 years too late. I saw the tide coming and got out when the getting out was good. My former home in a "nice" neighborhood now looks like it belongs in East LA, just like the rest of the neighborhood. It breaks my heart. But I ended up in an area where my $80,000 house will now sell for over $300K. And it will only increase in value as long as I cut the grass.(That was luck.) But we're not going anywhere-especially to what used to be my hometown.
Its Obvious

Warrior, AL

#18 Jun 25, 2014
Blacks are the problem. There I said it. Everyone knows it but only a few will admit it.

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