Devil Jim Howard of Clay County Murde...

Devil Jim Howard of Clay County Murdered William Goebel

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Chief Red Bird

Louisville, KY

#1 Jun 11, 2012
Plus several other folks. He shot up Baldy George Baker, and most likely got Tom Baker, with the same sniping abilities he used for William Justus Goebel, the greatest Governor Kentucky would have ever had... just like RFK, we'll never know, since all those ideas, and plans for change, are now gone for good. Thanks Clay County... no only are yall the toilet of Kentucky, but you're also making it worse for the rest of us. When you got 80% Poverty and 80% vote Republican, that's a direct connection that's too foolish to ignore. 6 outta 120 counties in Kentucky voted Obama b/c yall racist as hell... no surprise that Devil Jim Howard sided w/ the Whites in their decades long feud, which took 100s of lives... maybe one of their descendents also got that Census worker... wouldn't surprise me none... right wing radical Republicans, like Tim McVeigh, and the rise of the militia, is nearly identical to the rise of the Nazis in 1930s Germany. The Dark Clouds of Fascism are gathering... and since it's bad for all of Amerika, then poor Kentucky will get it worse, and the toilet of Kentucky... well, you know what you all get, and that's exactly what you'll keep on getting.

F Jim Howard, Clay County's Pride and Joy, An Assassin... a Cowardly Assassin... who slayed the First New Dealer, predating FDR... Kentucky could have been something, it could have been great, but thanks to James B. Howard, aka Big Jim, aka Devil Jim, we all lost. Jim lived next to the Manchester Courthouse till he died there. When Jim shot up Tom Baker, he was standing in the Sheriff's Office on the Courthouse Square, and got him that way... same way he shot Goebel... when Clay County shot William Justus Goebel, they also shot Education, Healthcare, Dentalcare, Retirement, Union Protection, Consumer Protection, and the Middle Class. B/c of Clay County's Jim Howard, Ky is destined to be poor, sick, and dum forever. Yeah... thanks for nothing. Clay Co.
Chief Red Bird

Louisville, KY

#2 Jun 11, 2012
There's a reason Ky is called Dark and Bloody Ground, and recent Hatfields and McCoys have shown us how popular violence and outlawery is around Ky...

Kentucky is #1 in America for all of these categories:

#1 for Fastest Growing Prisons
#1 for Child Deaths in Child Abuse Cases
#1 for Animal Abuse
#1 for Cancer Deaths
#1 for Tooth Decay
#1 for Poorest Mental Health

The Kentucky People are the Craziest People in America.

We also top the list for beating our kittens and children, till we kill them.

Kentucky is #8 with Premature Deaths. The child-mortality rate is society's civilization litmus test. Our babies should not be dying. That means Kentucky's civilization is failing.

Kentucky is #49 for Physical Health, which no doubt contributes to our People's heart problems, our obesity, and our Cancer epidemic.

Kentucky is #10 for High Air Pollution, which also contributes to cancer deaths.

Kentucky is #9 with the most Work Related Deaths. Since we've got few unions, therefore little protection, we don't get the safest work environments, and then people unnecessarily die on the job.

Kentucky is #7 in Poverty. Even our legislatures are impoverished. They make less than $15,000 per year. Our legislature doesn't govern us for the money. They do it for sheer power.

Kentucky is #3 with Most Children in Poverty. 25%, 1 out of every 4, of our children are poor. 1 out of 4. Appalachia still looks the same as when Robert Kennedy visited it over 40 years ago.

60% of Letcher County KY doesn't even have running water. America is the richest country in the water, and some statistics Kentucky has makes it sound like a 3rd World Country. We've got all the coal in the world, but even Kentucky cities have difficulty keeping the lights on. In all 120 KY counties, our over-the-top lavish Courthouses mock our poor kids, as the Capitol Building does for the Whole State.

Kentucky is the 6th Fattest State in America. 37% of our children are fat (nearly 2 out of 5), and 31% of our adults are fat which has increased from 10% in 1990. In only 20 years, the number of fat people in Kentucky has tripled, which probably has something to do with our heart problems.

Kentucky is #8 for the Most Cardiovascular Deaths.

Kentucky is #9 for Sickness and Poor Health.

Kentucky is #2 for the most Preventable Hospitalizations. So when we finally do go to the hospital, it turns out to be for nothing. We Kentuckians are bad at managing our own healthcare.

Kentucky is #47 in Education. 40% of Kentuckians, 2 out of 5, are illiterate, and somebody needs to tell the illiterate that they are not alone, there's lots of support out there, and adult reading classes should be offered, since they won't be able to read this article. We are nearly the Dumbest State in America. Our Educational System is broken. KERA plus NCLB = KNECRLAB... a bunch of crazy nonsense.

Kentucky is #3 in America for having the most smoking-and-smoke-related deaths, we smoke till our teeth fall out and then die of cancer.

Kentucky is #4 in America for Binge Drinking which is pretty remarkable since 70 of Kentucky's 120 counties are Dry, which means there's no alcohol sales for the Majority of the State. But I guess that means that even law doesn't stop us from being a bunch of drunks.

Kentucky's children are being beaten to death. We Kentuckians are poor, sick, fat, dumb, toothless, and crazy. We are a bunch of illiterate drunken smokers, going through a Cancer Epidemic, with working people are falling to their deaths, while we're beating up our kittens and our puppies, and our babies are dying, prematurely. And many of these problems are related. Education should cure them all. Cancer is coming from our obesity epidemic, from the pollution, the poor health, the drinking and smoking and the coal mines.

All of this is happening to the 99%... doesn't seem right. I wonder how many Ky deaths poverty and bad healthcare has killed.
Mark Gibbs

Marion, IN

#3 Jan 12, 2013
your the racists... you pig! you want to point all thats wrong with kentucky and hillbillis but have no solutions. Kentuckians dont have to vote Obama to come into the 21 century you moron. As a matter of fact those states that support NObamunism will falter. IDIOT Sincerely a descendant of the HOWARDS
Lee Fairchild -Gibbs

Washington, OK

#4 Feb 8, 2014
Chief, I am sure you are correct in some of your rantings,,,,But Jim Howard was more of a peace loving man, and he shot Baldy George Baker in self defense as Baldy jumped off his horse and drew on him...Unfortunately for Baldy,,,Big Jim's aim was lots better....Also Jim Howard was in the courthouse as witnessed by several, when Bad Tom Baker was shot and killed...A deathbed confession by Chad Hall claims he was the killer in that one...Now for Goebel, i have no clue though i personally do not think a man would shoot the future Gov, then stay in town for 4 days like Big Jim Howard did, as he as there in Frankfort Ky. seeking a pardon for his killing of Baldy George Baker. this happened well over 100 years ago. The state of Ky has had plenty of time to recuperate from that. Its truly a shame to have to go that far back and find someone to blame. ps: Also a Howard descendant and 20 year USAF vet.
William Justus Goebel

Louisville, KY

#5 Mar 8, 2014
I saw the man who shot me, and his named was Jim Howard... though, maybe he had other qualities which endeared him to others

London, KY

#6 Oct 29, 2014
Hang on a sec. First, Jim Howard's guilt was never proven. Second, as I am a direct descendant of his, I can tell you that he denied being the shooter that killed Goebel. He had no reason to lie to his own family, especially after he was acquitted. He would've owned up to if if he had done it. Furthermore, I'm not so certain that Goebel would've been all that great.

London, KY

#7 Nov 24, 2015
ShakingMyHead wrote:
Hang on a sec. First, Jim Howard's guilt was never proven. Second, as I am a direct descendant of his, I can tell you that he denied being the shooter that killed Goebel. He had no reason to lie to his own family, especially after he was acquitted. He would've owned up to if if he had done it. Furthermore, I'm not so certain that Goebel would've been all that great.
Exactly, Jim always denied he was the shooter. I'm quite certain he told his family the truth.

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