I have been taught to respect authority, especially law enforcement. I have lived a long life without getting into trouble with the law and I plan to keep it that way. However,something happened this week with the Claiborne County Sheriff's Department that has stunned many people in this community. It is a very difficult time for any family when a loved one is lost. To those who loved this person, their faults are diminished by the love we have for that person. When someone dies, especially a very young person, it is difficult for everyone involved. This past Monday, Scott Patterson passed away of a heart attack. Whatever problems people have had with him, whatever crimes or activities he has been accused of, or whoever has an issue with this person or his family, he was someone's son, someone's brother, someone's uncle, and, most importantly, someone's father. As people grieve, it is usually a personal and private matter. People tend to grieve in their own way and answer to their own God. However, people in attendance at the funeral were more than a little surprised to see members of the Claiborne County Sheriff's Department attending the funeral, not to pay their respects, but to see is they could arrest anyone attending that might have an outstanding warrant. An officer Chapwell (I think) showed up at his home the night after he died and harrassed the person watching the home for information about people that he had on his list of "Chadwell's Most Wanted". He told this person that he "absolutely hated Scott Patterson" while he was sitting in Scott Patterson's home on his couch. Who has the nerve to tell a loved one of someone who just died how much he hated that person? Forget sending our officers to gun training school, send them to etiquette school. What an idiot!