man, If the rocks and boulders could tell stories,the Milton quarry was the place to go for everyone all around back from the 60's until ed Robinson bought the land,he did have his hands full for a quite a few years trying to keep those that had been going swimming there for so many years(not just his hands but he used a gun as well)if you google map the Milton quarry it is in the shape of the state of Vermont on the map,the water was so clean and clear green blue it was the place to go there were never any serious injuries that i was aware of in all the years of going there,as well there were excellent bull-pout fish and bass living in there,there were many of scorching hot days we had walked the distance to get there to cool off,it is a part of history and memories that will never be forgotten by thousands of us that had the chance to be a part of "THE MILTON QUARRY"