I don't agree with this. this is not fair to the teachers if they are not going to be paid for the day off. These teachers work hard and deserve their pay. This also put more of a financial burden on the parents of these children now having to pay a sitter or daycare a full day of child care. My opinion is that all these county employees should not be driving their vehicles around town and home. I see plenty of these vehichles driving around weekends and sfter hours, this would help cut down on gas costs to the county and then be saved for schools, teacher. The policemen who live in other counties should not be driving their vehicles home either. I personally know one who lives in Amelia and he drives his car home each night and then uses it to drop off his child at school and his wife at work. If they are outside of the county the cars should stay home. There are many other things that can be done as well. The children who are not legal immigrants should not be allowed to recieve funds from chesterfield county or be in the schools. This is also taking money from our schools and teachers. These teachers work hard and should not have to work four days and then have no pay the 5th. They also need to quit building these expensive new high schools--make due with what they have..(the new one on Genito) is not needed. The kids in these elementary schools are shoved into trailers while the older kids get multi million dollar high schools in which they tear up in a couple of years. Wake up Chesterfield!!!!!!!!!!