Several gay patrons have been robbed and/or carjacked at the gay bar/night club Metro ( ) by two African-American males wearing bandanas covering their entire face and carrying black revolver pistols. They have been targeting gays in the parking lot there for over a month and still haven't been caught. The police don't think they have any chance of catching these guys. They will steal your vehicle and money at gunpoint and use your vehicle to drive around and commit several more armed robberies. Stay away from the Metro in Jacksonville, Florida because it is very likely you may get carjacked and/or robbed. These men called a few of their victims fags, queers, and crackers. They are racist and homophobic. These are possible hate crimes. They target gays and white men. Please don't go to Metro until they catch these guys especially not on Thursday which is the day they like to attack the most. They hide behind the building across from Metro in front of the railroad tracks. These two black guys will cost you a lot of money and damage to your vehicle. If you go to the Metro I hope you have good vehicle insurance and home owner's insurance. You'll be lucky if you don't get shot or killed by them.