Sheriff Election Coming Soon 2010

Sheriff Election Coming Soon 2010

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Elkton, MD

#1 Jul 22, 2009
Check out this guys website and you'll see that he intends to clean up our drug problem. He seems to be a person who is comparible to old Sheriff Dewitt.SLATERFORSHERIFF.COM
Business Owner

Elkton, MD

#2 Jul 22, 2009
We need someone who will clean up the drug problem we have in this county. We need a different Sheriff who is going to make a change for all of the citizens. We need to stop having all these burglaries. We need to feel safe! I've read several sheriff candidate websites. Dan Slater seems to have hit the nail on the head. He will recieve my support. Feel free to browse at SLATERFORSHERIFF.COM

Conway, SC

#3 Jul 22, 2009
there definately needs to be change. the ideas of the candidates I LIKE the most are CHRIS SUUTTON. I know he has the supervisor experience and visions that we need in cecil county law enforcement. i suggust you check his website out at
Matthew - Perryville

Baltimore, MD

#4 Jul 24, 2009
I have checked out both Dan Slater ( ) and Chris Sutton's ( ) websites. Both have good ideas and goals however Mr. Slater HAS hit the nail on the head. Mr. Slater's ideas appeal to me and therefore, he has my vote. Cecil is behind the times when it comes to policing and Mr. Slater has a vision that is going to make Cecil safer.
Cecil resident

Myrtle Beach, SC

#5 Jul 24, 2009
I like Dan Slater and he has good ideas but I beleive that we need Chris Sutton to be the next Sheriff of Cecil County. He has the right vision and ideas to make Cecil County a safe place to live. It is easy to have suggestions on what we need to happen but there is a reality to how we can get that done and I beleive that Chris Sutton will work hard everyday to make that happen. He has survived political punishment from his last run for Sheriff and still has the desire to lead the the Sheriff's office to move in a positive direction. I encourage you to vote for Chris Sutton for Sheriff because I sure am.
On The Mark

Elkton, MD

#6 Jul 26, 2009
While on vacation in myrtle beach I,ve viewed the websites on the up coming Sheriffs Election and enjoyed both Slater's and Sutton's sites. I would definetly have to acknowledge that Dan Slater has really spoken the truth about our crime problem in ceil county. He made sense! Slater seems to have the compassion to get the job done. I think he will create a all-star administration that will guide the Sheriffs Department in a new direction. Check out his site at SLATERFORSHERIFF.COM
not that dumb

Kansas City, MO

#7 Jul 29, 2009
Isn't Jack DeWitt the good ole boy that ran a cock fighting ring? Everyone knew about it. If someone Slater is like him, then there's my reason to vote against him.

Elkton, MD

#8 Jul 30, 2009
At least Jack Dewitt was visible to the public when he was Sheriff. Sheriff Barry Janney is not very visible and you never see him. I think Slater will be a visible Sheriff. I think Slater will clean up the drug and burglary problem we now have. Those good-ol-boy days of cock fighting are over,the Sheriffs Dept.has professionalism and good deputies now. I heard from many of my friends that Slater is a nice,fair man,but has a no-non-sense approach to drug dealers.Drugs and burlaries and thefts related to drug addiction for money are our issues! Slater will have my vote.

Elkton, MD

#9 Jul 30, 2009
You never see Barry Janney for four years, until election time and then he is everyones friend,he at businesses asking for money and donations,smiling and joking out in the streets pretending to be friendly asking for votes.Now that he has another Deputy running against him he is scrambling.I saw him at the republican booth at the fair,where was he the last eight years.Where were you Barry Janney when this county being raped by burglars and thieves.Where were you Barry Janney when all the drug dealers decended on our county and flooded our neighborhoods with drugs,shootings,robberies and murders. Where are you Barry Janney? What are you going to do Barry Janney for all that you have not done? What game plan have you done Barry Janney to solve these issues? Barry Janney has done nothing to help us. Well since I'm a nice person and won't kick a man while he's down, I'll tell you what I'll do Barry Janney to give you a hand.I'LL VOTE FOR THE OTHER GUY AND HELP YOU CLEAN OUT YOUR DESK!!!!

Elkton, MD

#10 Jul 30, 2009
Slater and Sutton, Sutton and Slater, both of these guys are nice and I think they will clean up this county. They should join forces and get that ego-maniac Barry Janney out of office. Oh, Barrrry this is your concious calling, your going to loose the election because you did nothing, don't run again because your going to loooose! Slater and Sutton/Sutton and Slater/Slater and Sutton/Sutton and Slater/Slater and Sutton.
Retirement is Over

Elkton, MD

#11 Jul 30, 2009
I'm sick and tired of the greedy broke back do nothing but collect his pay check on our tax payer expense Barry Janney! He retired form the Maryland State Police for a broken back and get a State disability retirement check monthly.Barry the broke back Janney has now collected a pay check from the Cecil County Taxpayers for seven years now and has not done a dam thing but play golf and play frat boy. Barry Janney your retirement home to you and all your other state police buddies is over, all of you got paid enough money for no service to the public. Barry Janney needs to go and take the old retired farts with him.
lost in lancaster

Crofton, MD

#12 Aug 3, 2009
Dan Slater is a dead beat dad. He has a 17 year old daughter that he doesn't even acknowledge and didn't support until a year ago.

Elkton, MD

#13 Aug 5, 2009
This election will be a good one, with numerous candidates to choose from. See ya at the polls.
Who Cares

Elkton, MD

#15 Aug 6, 2009
Only thing that matters to me is that we need a change in the sheriffs department, I know that personal attacks will be put out there,but its the desire to make a change in our community that makes a difference.Who cares what people say! I live in a drug infested neighborhood and slater is the only candidate with drug enforcement experience. I know slater will make a great sheriff and go after the drug dealers.
not that dumb

Kansas City, MO

#17 Aug 12, 2009
If you are looking for change from the good ole boy network, then why would you vote for a candidate that has wine and cheese functions at Dove Valley (Harry Hebron's vineyard)? Clearly, Slater is in Harry's pocket. You'll remember that Harry's last campaign was heavily financed by the real estate interests. More of the same corruption, just new masks covering the old faces.
canoe dude

Scottdale, PA

#18 Aug 12, 2009
I have lived behind Chris Sutton for at least 8 years and now live next to Barry Janney. Isn't that a coincidence. I'll take Barry as a neighbor way over Chris. Mr. Sutton and his " right to keep barking dogs " drove me and my next door neighbor nuts for several years. Chris was an extremely ignorant neighbor. Not the only one by far with dogs, just the only one who saw his particular need more important than neighborly courtesy.

Rising Sun, MD

#19 Aug 12, 2009
I knew jack dewitt and respected him in so many ways. he was a man of his word and when he spoke, he spoke the truth too everyone. when i first started in law enforcement before moving on too the state for retiremnet reasons, i worked for the cecil county sheriffs dept. in those days i worked by myself on the road and had one deputy working in side the old jail on north street. my bcak up came from the elkton police and other depts in the county. the mso was always to busy to come when i needed him. just like today as it was then, the msp have this thing about how much they are better then the sheriffs. like i said, i retired from the state and the only thing that makes them better is that they had deep pockets when it came to getting money and things needed. here in the county, jack had to always beg the county goverment for money to get things. people dont remember that the sheriffs dept didnt get there first patrol cars untill 1970. that was after then sheriff mogel had to go too annapolis and have laws passed stating that the county goverment would have to buy cars. thos edays are long gone but it seems now that when someone retired from the state, the best place to come and relax and earn more money is with the cecil county sheriffs dept. our own county retiremnet home for state employees...come on people, we need one of our own as sheriff, chris sutton is our for him, it is time for a change...
Old neighbor

Water View, VA

#20 Aug 12, 2009
Canine dude
It is funny that all of the neighbors I talked to referred to you as the neighborhood whiner and always complaining about something. The tactics that you tried to do were obsered and ridiculous are neihborhood is so much quieter and everyone gets along now that you are gone. I am glad you like your new neihbor better maybe you should become friends with him live happily ever after Chris Sutton is a wonderful neighbor and we wish him well.
canoe dude

Scottdale, PA

#21 Aug 13, 2009
old neighbor,
I suspect you are a relative of Chris's, mostly because you can't spell, and you are defending him with outright lies. I do have a letter from Kennedy with the barking dog ordinance specifically mentioning Corporal Sutton. I have video tape from Thanksgiving ( I think '03 ) where Chris let his dogs bark all day. This went on for many years. Where I used to live was a pleasant and respectful place until Chris moved in and then one afternoon brought his dogs home. I rememeber that night. They barked until 3 am. Chris came over and said " I was wondering if they would bother anyone ". Go figure. And he wants to be Sheriff? I await your rabid ranting " old neighbor " which I suspect you are not.
No clue

Houston, TX

#23 Aug 13, 2009
This county is a frickin joke! Who really cares about what happenes here? THis govt and the plyares have shown no changes in years.

That being said. I want Slater to kick butt! Oh, and go ahead and give me an X mark for saying so. I will support this guy form no to the end. To get rid of the trash in this county!!!

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