Indian Acres

Indian Acres

There are 493 comments on the Cecil Whig story from Jul 7, 2007, titled Indian Acres. In it, Cecil Whig reports that:

“The commissioners don't want to get into it until the decision stands”

Campground not intended for permanent tenants, judge says By Eugene Paik [email protected] A recent court decision could leave hundreds of Indian Acres residents homeless in the winter. via Cecil Whig

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Stop homeless

Williston, FL

#21 Feb 10, 2009
For over 30 years people have made Indian Acres their homes with enouragement from management and by the county themselves by allowing them to build homes there. Almost 400 people live at Indian Acres and could face eviction. These, mostly, Seniors have no where to go and there are no resources in the county for housing. Most have invested all of their savings in building homes there. There is talk about all the trouble but that is not true. There is a small full time community of residents who love their homes and the lives they built. There are trouble makers everywhere but they are the minority there. Maybe it was a mistake it got this far but the bigger mistake would be to put these good people on the street
PA Vacationer

Allentown, PA

#22 Feb 20, 2009
I agree that nobody should be evicted, however allowing full time residency could change the tax liability for all of the property owners. One reason we purchased here was the low tax rate due to the county zoning the area as a "funstead" or 3-season property. This classificatiom does not allow for full time residency. Unfortunately in this day and age you can't have the best of both worlds. My opinion is that the full time residents should pay full time county taxes since that is their primary residence. Good people should not have a problem with that.
Stop Homeless

Big Rapids, MI

#23 Feb 22, 2009
I understand that the full time residents are more then willing to pay FULL taxes and more if allowed to stay. They have approached the county with this plan. A few years back the County made a 20 year plan and backed out. Residents are trying to find affordable housing but most will end up on public assitance or Section 8. Right now they can support themselves and are more than willing to pay full time taxes. Its just a shame, with the economy and lack of affordable housing that a compromise can't be made. These people are eldely, disabled, and low income. There are not enough sevices for an addition of 400 people in the public welfare system. These people will lose everything.
Just bugged out

Edinburg, VA

#24 Mar 1, 2009
I was going to sell my lot, when my wife
and I saw the place after some years we
very upset. After talking to the parties that were interested in it and
decided to take the lot we just handed them the deed and told them to have a happy birthday. They will take care of the paper work and fees.When we get the new deed we will sign it and send it back so they can file it at the courthouse. I WISH THEM LUCK..
Just bugged out

Edinburg, VA

#25 Mar 1, 2009
correct no 24, Second line to read
we were very upset...
I A Property Owner

Little Valley, NY

#26 Mar 11, 2009
Sam, I have to say that what you heard is BULLSHIT. I am in IA everyday so I think I should know. How's this, I will check into if this Brittany N. Peart is in IA. If I did my math right, that would make her 23yrs. old and I'm thinking this is her picture on this myspace that came up when I googled her name . If I find out that she is there then I will try to talk to her and tell her to get in touch w/ her people that are worried about her and you stop bashing Indian Acres on this forum....FAIR ENOUGH??? I hope that she is safe as I have a daughter her age and can only imagine what her loved ones are going through. You can reach me at [email protected]
Concerned step mom

Dover, DE

#27 Mar 17, 2009
My step sons visit with their mother and grand mother and great grand mother in The Acres as its called. These people think it's ok to raise young children in a CAMPER. The Acres is a campground, not a neighborhood.I'm sorry but I don't see where it's ok to raise 3 young children in a camper where they can't talk a poop in the toilet and have to go to the bathhouse during the winter months even.Their mom is an addict and stays in there. I know what kind of crap lives in there! They need to clean up the place for the part timers who want to have a nice vacation spot.

Vineland, NJ

#28 Mar 18, 2009
i'm not the only person on here bashing this place. i'm telling you what i've heard from about 20 different people. at least.. .a whole bar full by crystal beach. and she just turned 22 in jan. she's a national missing person in the system. she needs to contact one of us or the cops. and even the people that ran the guard shack said that it's full of drug users. so i would talk to the people that do live there and go there everyday about bashing the place. it's bad when the guards are telling a stranger that such and such went to meet his dealer. her my space is pearty girl and she shows up for the cecil whig too.

Vineland, NJ

#29 Mar 18, 2009
ia property owner... that is not her page.. that is another friend that posted her missing poster on his page. after reading what you wrote again.. i find it disturbing that the only way you will look for my friend that may be hurt or in danger is if i stop saying what i've heard about idian acres. how screwed up does that sound alone?!?! she just disappeared with her keys in the car and everything and you're telling me that you'll look for her if i stop saying that i HEAR about a lot of drug acivity in there. i dont even live there or have a place there. you have a daughter her age as well... then think about what you said to me and if someone said that to you about looking for your missing loved one.
How can bob sleep

Muskegon, MI

#30 Mar 23, 2009
It's clear and simple. You see all kinds of Rv's Campers,Trailers And it's A Camp Ground For Family's to enjoy.
Now i heard they are going to let People live there all year. At who's expense. The campground needs repairs And updated .Just the seasonal people will be getting a lot less for there dollar
It has been mismanaged for so long Thanks To BOB
I think it's time to play hard ball Bob. You pay for our attorneys To Zoo you for misrepresentation .We bought as campground owners not as trash full time.I don' even know why i bother the place will keep going down as long as BOB the look the other way guy. Is in charge.
Just don't allow full time living

Tuscaloosa, AL

#31 Apr 1, 2009
my family have being going down to IA for two years now we love it. Some of you people need to get a life or a place with lots of rules. As far as school taxes, charge the ones going like there in private or religion schools its not that hard to know who they are.
Pa Camper

Lewes, DE

#32 Apr 6, 2009
Are there any property owners that would like to rent their lot to me for the month of May? I am looking for a lot with water and electric only as I have my own pop-up camper. I am willing to pay $200 for the month. May continue through the summer if we like the Acres. If you are owners please ask around for me.I figure if there owners that are not using their lot this is an opportunity for them to make some cash and a chance for me to take my family for some affordable camping. It would be my wife and I, our kids and two small dogs, no drinking or drugs. I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks in advance.
Indian Summer

Philadelphia, PA

#33 Apr 7, 2009
Pa Camper wrote:
I'm not looking to live there permanently. I am a teacher so I have off summers and I'm looking for a affordable seasonal campground. Buying at IA seems like a good alternative as long as I use it for a few years. Also, at retirement, I plan to spend half my summers up here and winters south so it would be great to have a place to come back to. I would prefer that it was zoned and enforced seasonal/campground. The talk about permanent residents, drugs and drinking are making me nervous about investing at IA. Thanks for your input.
Sir Indian Acres is a wonderful place, If you have no intention on living there at it is zoned what it should be then you dont lose out. I have been going there for years and love it, there is no more trouble there then a regular neighborhood unless your looking for it..
As for the full time 'ers we'll yes I can somewhat agree that 55 and up would be fine, but good people or not children should not be in there year round with no running water etc..
Pa Camper

Lewes, DE

#34 Apr 7, 2009
Thanks for the input Indian Summer. I think my family would enjoy Indian Acres. I was hoping, however, that there could be a way we could try it out first before investing. That is why I would like to find a owner who is not using their lot who would not mind renting first. If you know of anyone please pass the word on for me.
MD Camper_Boater

United States

#35 Apr 7, 2009
Pa Camper wrote:
Thanks for the input Indian Summer. I think my family would enjoy Indian Acres. I was hoping, however, that there could be a way we could try it out first before investing. That is why I would like to find a owner who is not using their lot who would not mind renting first. If you know of anyone please pass the word on for me.
I agree with Indian Summer there is nothing wrong with IA, I have a lot there that I use a lot in the summer I love it, and the boaters that go out there are some of the best people around.
I would not want to be anywhere else in the summer. All the marina's are close, Baltimore in less then hour, and nice places to go in Middletown & Elkton
I have never had a problem there in 7.5 years
Property Owner

Philadelphia, PA

#36 Apr 19, 2009
We have been coming to the acres for 15 years and until the last few years we didn't have any problems. Most of the people that come to the acres are very nice and don't cause any problems. The problems come when you have families living there all year long with kids who are allowed to run wild with no parental supervision. Indians Acres is not and was never intended to be for year-round living. It is zoned as a CAMPGROUND. If they let people stay will their campsites have to be up to code? If so a lot of sites won't meet code. Some of the sites look like a strong wind would blow them down, not to mention the trash and junk on their property. If the people who live there year-round can't afford to move, how are they going to pay for upgrades and increases in taxes? Sounds like a no win situation. If people have to move where will they go? If they get to stay it makes everyone elses property value go down. Maybe they just need to enforce the RULES!!!!!!

United States

#37 Apr 25, 2009
The question is simple...
By law, is IA a year-round facility or not?
How in the world can anyone make a purchase there without the facts.
The IA website home page says, "Indian Acres of Chesapeake Bay is open year-round for your enjoyment."
The IA website FAQ's page says, "Water is turned off to all sites during the winter months."
Here's a fact that I know is true. The Board of health will not allow occupancy without running water.

Grasonville, MD

#38 Apr 30, 2009
I own property near there and have had so much trouble with poachers from the Acres. Cecil
county picks up 30 kids a day to educate at a cost og about 6000. per year. Most residents pay 100.00/year in prop taxes. I see a problem here. Some home owners have raw sewage dumping from their trailers. When you buy there it is clearly a funstead on your deed. Time for the county commisioners to grow a set enforce the ruliong. Have it open for 3 months like it is supposed to be and then close it . That is what Crytal beach does. The problem comes with the year round residents.
Donna McFall

Howell, MI

#39 May 3, 2009
I have a deed that says I own my property and I can go there anytime or whenever I want! Let someone try to stop me.!!
Indian Acres has had this problem for years and I will be dead and gone before it is rectified! The park is a great park, As anywhere( vacation) you will have vandals, druggies,drinking etc.( has anyone been to Wild wood recently?) My brothers condo was vandalized over the winter totally over 100,000 dollars in damage.
I again say..... change the by-laws! Leave the older over 55 in the park to do what they choose, they worked hard and if they want to spend their life there who are we to tell them diffrent? As for the people living in the park, with children, most welfare programs offer section 8....get them out! They dont belong in a park, in a trailer with small kids of school age, have you thought about the pyshological aspect of these kids? I bet they all grow up as Drs and Lawyers! lol
As for me, I will continue to spend my time off at my place, and on the water. anytime I want!!!!
Mary S Bensalem PA

Horsham, PA

#40 May 26, 2009
We have owned property at Indian Acres since the early 80's. Everyone knows it is a campground, not a year round residence. The poor management of Indian Acres must have misinformed many of the older couples living in there, and it is a shame for the senior citizens that they could lose their "homes". However it is a campground plain and simple, the younger families should be thrown out, poor economy or not. There is not one good family in there, living year round. They are all deadbeats who drink and do drugs every day instead going out to find a job. IA is no place for children year round. There is nothing for them to do all winter but to get into trouble because their parents are too wasted to watch them. These families have several dogs, cars, motorcycles, and so much crap laying on their properties. Where do they get off buying all the crap instead of saving that money to buy a house or apartment. They are a drain on the park, the town, the county and the state. They use the facilities year round including schools, utilities, roads, etc.... Year rounders are the enemy of all those who use Indian Acres and Cecil County properly by following the rules. GET OUT YEAR ROUNDERS, YOU ARE RUINING IT FOR THOSE OF US WHO CARE AND TAKE CARE OF OUR SUMMER HOMES.

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