Sex offender charged in deaths of mot...

Sex offender charged in deaths of mother, 2 girls

There are 108 comments on the story from May 25, 2007, titled Sex offender charged in deaths of mother, 2 girls. In it, reports that:

“This is probably the most heinous crime I've seen in 22 years as a prosecutor”

A West Virginia sex offender strangled a Carter County woman, raped and beat her 10-year-old daughter to death and then burned their mobile home, killing a 3-year-old child in the blaze, Kentucky State Police said yesterday.

The bodies of Jennifer Ison, 31, and her daughters, Shannah, 10, and Marissa, 3, were found early May 9 in the ashes of their mobile home in Hitchins. Marissa died of smoke inhalation, investigators said.

Robert L. Drown Jr., 27, was served with arrest warrants Wednesday in a Barboursville, W.Va., jail where he was taken into custody a week ago for failing to register as a sex offender. Read more

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Wagoner, OK

#1 May 25, 2007
I am a mother of 3 here in Carter Co. and I am very upset at what this man did to these 3 people. I hope this man gets the death penalty for what he did to this mom and her 2 kids. They didn't deserve what had happened to them. Better yet, take him out and do to him what he did to them, that would be the right justice.

Plummers Landing, KY

#2 May 29, 2007
When are they finally going to do something to stop these sick perverts from touching our kids. He already had a past record. I dont think they should be set free. Send them to Antartica or something.
Proud of our town

Elizabethtown, KY

#3 Sep 19, 2007
I think that was probally one of the worst crimes that has happened here, i think he should recieve the death penalty, he was in prison already once for rape, was released and has now raped and murdered 3 other poor victims, 2 of them innocent children , the very sad part is he was married to a pretty woman and she has 2 pretty girls, think how bad this must hurt his wife he also destroyed his own family , and its quite obvious there is definitely something wrong with this sicko!!!!! He needs to be killed the world is better off without these kind of disgusting freaks!!!!! And he also has proven, apparently he cant stop himself .

United States

#4 Sep 19, 2007
The wonderful mother and her children were members of my family. Jennifer had a laugh that could make the whole room light up and the babies were so sweet. I strongly agree that this sick monster deserves the death penalty but not before he gets some "Welcoming Committee" attention first. other prisoners hate sex offenders and people who hurt children. I believe that you can not be rebilitated if you are a sex offender and should be castrated or some other drastic measure taken before you are set back out in to society to pray on the innocent. Just continue to pray for the family.

Grayson, KY

#5 Dec 22, 2008
First off, he's trail still hasnt began so he still has not been proven guilty nor innocent. Also, I am glad that his trail had a change of venue. What do you mean by something wrong with this sicko? You can murder and commit numerous acts without having a psychological diagnosis.

Baird, TX

#6 Dec 22, 2008
I heard when Ben Burchett was arrested that he got ahold of this guy and beat the crap out of him. If this is true then Thank You Ben! This sick bastard needs to die. Innocent kids died because of his sick thoughts. Please just get him out of our town and out of this world.
Little Birdie

Flatwoods, KY

#7 Dec 23, 2008
You go Ben
Anything Ben did or could do to the trash wouldn t be good enough.


#8 Dec 27, 2008
Good Job Ben! Glad to see you still have your morals!

Nicholasville, KY

#9 Dec 29, 2008
when does this sicko go back to court.

Grayson, KY

#10 Jan 1, 2009
Even IF he did these crimes, he still does not deserve be be beaten, and he has the right to be free from being victimized. The key to this whole case is IF he committed the crimes. The trial still hasnt even began.

Cleveland, GA

#11 Jan 13, 2009
that mother and her 2 children didnt deserve what they got, youve got it all wrong matt, he deserves whatever possibly could happen to him!
no one needs to know

Ashland, KY

#12 Jan 14, 2009
matt i do get what your saying. i do believe a lot of people are imprisoned wrongly..this is one of the sadest cases i have EVER heard of and personally i dont believe two wrongs make a right... but if it was my family...i would say give the guy NO MERCY!!!

Ashland, KY

#13 Jan 16, 2009
i agree

United States

#14 Jan 16, 2009
He is a very lovley man whom i love and miss dearly hopes he gets out early for good behavior

Grayson, KY

#15 Jan 18, 2009
WEll outraged, you are totally wrong. He does not deserve whatever could happen to him. 1.) its not even been proved that he committed the murders, 2.) when/if they have shown his guilt then I will be the first to say that he deserves prison time, yes even if it is life w/o parole (and Im not even including "truth in sentence" where he has to do 80% of it, but he should do the full life sentence. But he does NOT deserve to be beat.
Little Orphan Annie

Broken Arrow, OK

#16 Jan 18, 2009
I agree with Matt 100%. This man has not yet had his day in court. From what I have heard, he probably IS guilty. But until an impartial jury of his peers makes their decision he is presumed innocent. His fate will be decided in the court, and he should be safe while he is being imprisoned. Believe me I am not taking up for him if he is guilty and I cannot begin to imagine how Ms Ison's family feels. I still do not think he should be beaten. If there is even the smallest chance that he is innocent (and there is, however small) then he should not be beaten. What if you were falsely accused and imprisoned for a crime, would you want to be tortured?
also informed

Chesterfield, MO

#17 Jan 18, 2009
Matt wrote:
2.) when/if they have shown his guilt then I will be the first to say that he deserves prison time, yes even if it is life w/o parole (and Im not even including "truth in sentence" where he has to do 80% of it, but he should do the full life sentence. But he does NOT deserve to be beat.
I've read several of your posts and you obviously work in some form of(or association with)law enforcement. I am well versed in this area as well.

I read your opinions on addiction and now I've read your opinion here. I couldn't disagree with you more.

Yes, everyone has the right to innocence until guilt is proven. Sentence vs. justice is another story entirely.

Am I reading you correctly, you believe justice for this is imprisionment? You believe that physical retribution would be wrong, or even unjust?

Well, I don't believe the sick bastard that did this deserves to be supported with my money for the rest of his sorry existance. I don't believe he is entitled to breathe. I honestly, and without hesitation, believe that there is no rehabilitation for this. I sincerely believe that these people are simply broken. It will certainly never happen, but I wholeheartedly believe that when a guilty sentence in rendered in a crime such as this, instead of banging a gavel, the judge should pull out a gun and put one right between his eyes. I wouldn't mind paying for that bullet nearly as much I mind supporting him, providing food, clothing, shelter, medical services, psychological service and an education for the bastard.
Little Orphan Annie

Broken Arrow, OK

#18 Jan 18, 2009
Also informed, I pray that you are never wrongly accused of something and then subjected to your own form of punishment. At the same time, I rejoice that you have no say in how criminals are treated.

Grayson, KY

#19 Jan 18, 2009
Well, I am not, nor will ever be associated with law enforcement, besides working to reform them or filing suits against them on behalf of others. I am a strong supporter of criminal justice reform and reform of the treatment of offenders. But, I disagree with you. All people deserves the right to food, clothing, shelter, med/psych servives as well as education. Just because someone has committed a crime, no matter how heinous it was does not warrent someone to be abused or maltreated. If you are using CP as a deterrence for others there are three properties of that should affect future deviance; 1.) certainty, the greater the certainty of punishment, the less likely an individual will engage in norm-violation, 2.) severity, the greater the severity of the punishment is, the less likely the will deviate from norms, and 3.) swiftness, if the punishment is immediate and swift, it will have a greater deterrence. So, with this in mind CP does not provide general deterrence. With the number of "botched" executions and executions off "offenders" that later shown to be innocent, there needs to be a major reform to executions if states wants to continue to use them.
also informed

Chesterfield, MO

#20 Jan 18, 2009
Little Orphan Annie wrote:
Also informed, I pray that you are never wrongly accused of something and then subjected to your own form of punishment. At the same time, I rejoice that you have no say in how criminals are treated.
You say this as if there are those wrongly accused and CONVICTED far more often than is the case. And don't rejoice too soon, you've made an assumption without any cause.

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