George Sanford

George Sanford

There are 29 comments on the Carrollton Free Press Standard story from Sep 16, 2010, titled George Sanford. In it, Carrollton Free Press Standard reports that:

Letter to Editor: I spent 30 years with the U. S. Air Force and was involved in the Vietnam, Cold and 1st Iraq Wars.

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Iraq Vet

United States

#21 Oct 17, 2010
Hate: Hatred of business, profit,private ownership,self determination,personal freedom. Theres you socialist/democrat hate list.

Fear: Only the gov can save you, the right will take away your social security, make YOU responsible for YOUR health and healhtcare, the repubs will re-enstate the draft!

Misinformation: All bills will be open for public display 5 days before the vote, we have to pass the the bill then see whats in it, transparency in gov, etc.

What else is the socialist party running on?
An American

Uhrichsville, OH

#22 Oct 18, 2010
So you want the American people not be responsible for their own actions, make it on their own but have the government take care of their needs and wants haha. That is where we're headed. You see thats the diference between the parties, I can't explain the diferences any easier for you to understand. Taking the wealth from one group of people and giving it to another is called theft, our government, through legislation, makes it legal. It is moraly wrong.
Iraq Vet

Lakemore, OH

#23 Oct 18, 2010
They dont call it theft. Thats an ugly word....and it way to obvious then. Hmm, what to do..what to do...
Redistribution of wealth, now theres a buzzword (phrase) we can use! And it has that social justice ring to it that makes stupid people think its legitimate!

Ashburn, VA

#24 Oct 19, 2010
american...why are you always against the money being spent here,but never say a word about any foriegn aid. we spend more money on other countries than we do our own.why not stop spending our tax money overseas and spend it here taking care of our own country? you have never said a word about all the tax money we give to help other countries just about money spent helping americans. i agree with you %100 about the wealth distrubition.but it has gone on for years.the only difference is this time is they want to fix our roads,schools,infrastructure instead of iraq,isreal,etc.. lets stop ALL foreign aid. just that would be enough to cut taxes quite a bit.then get rid of some of our bloated "intelligence" agencies we dont need. that would eliminate a couple of million overpaid gov. workers that recieve free healthcare. that should freeup a few billion. lets eliminate GOVERNMENT jobs and healthcare to cut taxes for once. i would still like to know what values reps. have to run on?
An American

Uhrichsville, OH

#25 Oct 19, 2010
I agree haha, I'm not for giving money to countries who hate us. Maybe to countries who are on our side to help them out of a economic bind. Too much money is given to foriegn aid. Roads, schools, and infrastructure are the resonsibility of the states, with exception to the federal highways. Much of our government have overlaping agencies, get rid of them, good point haha. Over 450,000 jobs were created over the last 20 months, all government but none in the private sector, why? This is nuts. The health care congress passed will put us over a trillion dollars of new spending, new taxes will have to pay for it. Health care, run by the private sector, would be more affordable.
Iraq Vet

Medina, OH

#26 Oct 19, 2010
We gov employees have to pay about half of our health plan. For me and my kids its about $150 a pay for Aultcare. We have several companies and plans to choose from.We pay a deductable and there is a yearly cap. Its nowhere as good as I thought it would be. Vision and dental are seperate and extra. Life insurance is extra for the kids and myself beyond the small amount the gov pays for.

When I was military there were copays to tricare depending on your military status at that time. Your illness or injury factored in as well (duty related?).

Now someone correct me if Im wrong, president, VP,congress and senate DO NOT pay into their healthcare.

One of my co workers who is about to retire just got word that his long time carrier Etna insurance, is going out of business due to having to absorb the costs associated with taking pre existing conditions. Now his pre estisting conditions will help sink another carrier. I do not know what the answer is, but it would appear the obamacare solution is failing before it even starts.
Iraq Vet

Medina, OH

#27 Oct 19, 2010
I keep saying it all the time....We prop up the economies of Germany, Japan, S.Korea, Italy, Spain and wherever else we have bases. Billions directly and indirectly pumped into their economies. Why? We have global capabilities from the US now. We dont need that headstart.

I say bring those boys and girls home. Seal up that damn Mexican border. Put the drones to work in a 3 mile no mans land all along that border. If you get past the drones, the self activating machine guns, the land mines and combat air patrols, the ground troops will finsh you off at the fenceline. I know it sounds terrible but face it. We are being invaded by over one MILLION illegals each year. The federal gov fails to secure the border at present. This solution works and uses resources we already have and have paid for.

You have to wonder why they want that border open like that.....

Severn, MD

#28 Oct 21, 2010
ed you forget to mention we have an unguarded border on the north. we have as many illeagal canadians,chinese,etc. as we do mexican. republic,timken,ashland,many others have more illeagal canadians than mexicans working for them. why is everyone focused only on the southern border? its just a diversion. as long as they have nafta and the rest of the "trade treaties" nothing will change.the drones and guns are kinda extreme. how about we bring our troops home and build their barricks,airstrips,etc., on the northern and southern borders? that would pretty well close the borders wouldnt it? it would cut the budget,help stimulate the economy,and seal the border.???
Iraq Vet

Clinton, OH

#29 Oct 21, 2010
Heaven help me....I will agree to that. We do have some bad guys getting in from the north too. And who really knows what all those damn smiling Canadians are really up to anyway. Make it happen!

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