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Carrollton Free Press Standard News | Governor's budget flatlines funding for area school districts

There are 13 comments on the Carrollton Free Press Standard story from Feb 12, 2013, titled Carrollton Free Press Standard News | Governor's budget flatlines funding for area school districts. In it, Carrollton Free Press Standard reports that:

School superintendents in the Carroll County area are very disappointed with Governor John Kasich's proposed budget for school districts and joint vocational Schools.

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Dover, OH

#1 Feb 12, 2013
The governor makes another move to slowly close more schools and privatize education.
Bob-OhioVietnam- war-vet

New York, NY

#2 Feb 14, 2013
Kssich is, in my opinion, just about the worst Governor in Ohio history. His campaign was financed by the Koch Brothers. Their goal is the destruction of all Unions, public and private. They are worth at least $50 Billion and are using some of their money to fund the Republican war on the Middle-class. In fact, people like the Koch's OWN the Republican Party, that's why everything the Republican Party has been doing since 2008 is to weaken the Middle-class and enrich the Already-Rich. It actually took off with Rotten Ronnie Reagan.

How many "Joe Average" Carroll County voters voted for Mitt the Quarter Billionaire Twitt? WHY did you do that? Racism? Or, have you been brain-washed by FOX fake news and GGG (C) and A. That's God, Guns, Gays, Coal and Abortion. Those things have been used by the Republican Party to divert attention away from the Party goal of reducing the Middle-class to, say, 100 years ago. HAVEN'T YOU REPUBLICAN VOTERS NOTICED WHERE THE (R) PARTY HAS BEEN GOING? NO tax increases on the millionaires and billionaires! DO YOU really think it's OK for people like Romney to hide their mega incomes in places like the Cayman Islands? DO YOU? Mitt refused to reveal his income tax info from his Bain Capital days PRECISELY because he was hiding mega-millions in the Cayman Islands. He actually admitted he had a Cayman Islands account, but made (as usual) excuses for it. AND, WHY would you vote for a guy who took a $77,000 tax deduction for ONE HORSE! That's not an Urban Legend---HE DID IT!

Let's cut to the chase, folks. Unless you are a millionaire or billionaire, YOU, like me, are "Joe Average." You don't live in a mansion (or own 5 or 6 of them), don't have a yacht (or 2 or 3), don't have a private jet and hide millions (we don't have it to hide) in off-shore bank accounts. These mega-rich people (but not all) are PLUTOCRATS---they are out to own and run our country just like the Gilded Age robber barons did before the Great Depression, which THEY caused! It certainly wasn't "Joe Average" who caused the 1929 crash AND it wasn't "Joe Average" who caused the 2008-2009 economic melt-down---it was wildly GREEDY people like Romney, the Bushes and John Kasich! AND, YOU should think TWICE about voting for Pig Boy Bob Gibbs! He took an award from "60 PLUS", an organization, owned by the Rich, that is trying to PRIVATIZE Social Security! That's right---PRIVATIZE Social Security! So, it's clear to me that BOB GIBBS is a member of the Plutocratic crew who are out to destroy the Middle-class.

SO, you had better WAKE-UP to what Gibbs, Kasich, Portman, Renacci and the entire Republican Party are doing----moving massive U.S. wealth into the pockets of the already-fabulously-wealthy. Sure, they are against increasing the minimum wage for "Joe Average", but at the same time refusing to make the richest Americans pay their fair share of taxes. ARE YOU AWARE that companies like GE and Boeing PAID ZERO federal taxes AND, not only have they been paying ZERO for years, they are actually getting a TAX CREDIT! YOU are paying them!!!

NO "Joe Average" should be voting for any of these Plutocratic rats---all Republicans. STOP being a sucker for GGG-C and A. IF you don't have a roof over your head and food on the table, none of that GGG-C-and A matters! DON'T be a lemming and fall for their FOX propaganda. ASK yourself how 250 American families control more wealth than 145 million Americans! Take a close look at FORBES magazine and the 500 richest Americans. Do you really think they care about you? Romney was shown to be nothing but an extremely greedy LIAR. At least a majority of voters saw through his phony behavior and B.S. speeches to send him packing. He's disappeared, hasn't he? With his $250 million plus, I don't think he's hurting too badly, now is he? His biggest problem, which mansion to stay in tonight?
Get a Clue

David, KY

#3 Feb 14, 2013
Soup sandwich anyone??

Coshocton, OH

#4 Feb 15, 2013
Bob, you are so right, but you will never change the feeble, indoctrinated minds of people who have voted Republican forever. I really enjoyed your rant and warning, but of course you know that Randy Miller will be back to attack your ideas because he is so smart.
I AM AR 15

Dover, OH

#5 Feb 15, 2013
Alice and Bob, you are the ones on the attack, not Randy. He's on defence with you two all the time. Check all your other posts. As for indoctrination, it's those on the left that truly can not think original thoughts on their own. But it is fun (sometimes) to read the ignorance you two spew.

New York, NY

#6 Feb 16, 2013
Bob I have worked hard all of my life to improve my life and obtain wealth. Why is it that when someone does well, and obtains wealth people who did not apply themselves want to see them destroyed. If, and when I make my million dollars and people like you want it taken away from me. I will do whatever I can to keep your hands off of it! My tax money is to be used for defending our nation, public services, police fire, schools. Not to support a persons way of life because they did not apply themselves to be prepare for life. Don't tell me a disabled person can not make it in this country without Government aid! I know several who have and the deserve to keep there money as much as a well to do person. The more I have in wealth the more I can help people who are in true need, who my community and civic organizations deem in needs to go to. Not you and your Government! Get off my back.

Columbus, OH

#7 Feb 16, 2013
I AM AR 15, it is very difficult to not attack someone who is constantly spewing his opinions in public. You lay yourself open, so be ready. I don't agree with many Republican ideas but I am not a Democrat. I don't agree with subsidizing undeserving people, but I don't want many to suffer because some get away with abuse. I am fairly well off financially and don't mind paying my fair share, but I do think the super wealthy are getting away with far too little in taxes. And I find it interesting that you have analyzed what Bob and I have said. Hmmm. Maybe you agree.

Worker, if you are in the millionaire range then just pay up and then enjoy the rest. You'll have plenty left. Quit worrying about what an abuser of they system gets away with and look at the good for those who really need help.
I AM AR 15

Dover, OH

#8 Feb 16, 2013
FYI for all liberals, conservatives, libertarians, left, right, and one plan will ever suit all. Some will always abuse and some will always be abused. There is no cure all. For every Republican crook there is a Democrat crook. For every Koch brother there is a George Soros. For every justice you have someone else has injustice. It's MY belief that those who claim to be deprived were never taught values from their parents, who were never taught values from their parents, who were never taught values from their parents...........

Columbus, OH

#9 Feb 17, 2013
Deprived. What is the definition? Do you think that someone born with limited mental function should be cared for by us? Do you think someone born with a debilitating physcal handicap should be cared for by us? Do you think someone who was born to parents who didn't know how to parent and led him/her in the wrong direction should be cared for by us? Do you not see that if the wealthy and super wealthy would step forward that the burden of caring for others would be less difficult? Does one family really need billions of dollars? Yes, they might have earned it, but if one looks at the history of those who are wealthy, injustices exist. Can the Walmart family pay employees more per hour and offer full time positions with benefits? Can they afford it? Yes. Would this be beneficial for all of us? Yes. More income tax revenue. Fewer needing government health care assistance. Come on, you know this is how it goes.
Randy Miller

Dover, OH

#10 Feb 17, 2013
Yes and they donate billions to all the causes you mentioned and continue to do so. Government wastes it, penneys on the dollar get to the needy. Charities are much more efficient. Example Romney gave more to charities than in taxes.

Cardington, OH

#11 Feb 18, 2013
He gave lots to the Mormon church. What do they do for people? Really. Does Mitt wear those magical underwear? Are you kidding me? Charities like the Catholic church which has to use billions of dollars to bail out priests who have molested young boys. Narrowmindedness is rampant.
Randy Miller

Uhrichsville, OH

#12 Feb 19, 2013
Don't you give to your church or don't you go? All churches help the needy, even the Mormon church. He also gave to non-church charities. Don't judge religious charities by a few bad apples, that's narrowmindedness.

United States

#13 Feb 21, 2013
I think Walmart should give more to its employees and to charities; their fourth quarter sales was 5.6 billion dollars. And, no, I don't go to church, but one does not need church to do good. I bet you go and pray that the government doesn't turn against you and take more money from you.

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