I'm not so sure about all this EDC money, has it really helped. Furniture Brands, Google, dog food plant, trash container place and who knows what other places yet they always fall short on the jobs they produce. Dog food plant looks bare, I was told trash container place just closed three neighboring places, consolidating here for the benefits and brought their own employees with them mostly commuting from neighboring counties. Our county is kinda like the kid on the playground no one wants to play with, so he offers them candy for fake friendships, then once the candy is gone or recess time is over, his candy is gone and so are the "friends". Maybe we should invest funds into the small, family owned businesses already here that are struggling to survive yet don't qualify for all the funding projects provided by state and federal sources. Maybe we should try to save jobs 10 or 20 at a time that already exist and stop focusing solely on 150million dollar investments and promises of 100's of jobs that seldom work out well. I seen where the new owners of the broyhill offices received an interest free million dollar loan from BREM, yet if the family owned business down the street needed a $5,000 loan for inventory for their business to survive or needed a couple months extension on their power bill they would be laughed out the door. Go figure