Has Ryan Smithwick Candidate for DA e...
melissa marie

Tucker, GA

#21 Apr 4, 2014
Liz wrote:
The Hill family as in Jim Hill is hauling Mr. Smithwick around. So too has other democrats. Mr. Smithwick you must really think you're a smart operator. We're not going to be fooled by you nor are your power-play friends going to prevail. Now Mr. Smithwich answer the question. Do you have a criminal record, charges or anything that the people of Brunswick, Columbus and Bladen need to know about? We deserve the right to know who we may elect to represent the people of this fine district.
you do know he is Republican right? It looks to me that everyone on here is calling him a Dem.
melissa marie

Tucker, GA

#22 Apr 4, 2014
I'm worried by reading all the post's on this topic. The majority are calling him names based on the idea that he is a Dem. Guys come on now before you rant and call us evil Dem's, please know and educate yourself that Ryan Smithwick, is a Republican going for District 13. It's sad when people vote and have no idea what or who they are voting for. I will tell you I call myself a Dem, it's the party I most vote for...but I have been known to vote for a Republican a time or two. I vote based on facts and what I want......I never vote blind. It is just wrong to do so. Do your homework. I could care less if you vote for him but dont make it about his affiliates dem/ rep , make it about your educated choice and put away the name calling.
melissa marie

Tucker, GA

#23 Apr 4, 2014
Paul Whittiker wrote:
Have his record in hand. I will scan and publish tomorrow. I personally do not see how he could serve as a DA. But if he's a RINO and a plant by the democrats, they will do anything to regain power. What have the democrats given us? Easley a former DA/Governor now a convicted criminal. His partner Rex Gore a former DA now convicted criminal. And talk about RC Soles? Let's not go back down that road. My vote will go to Jon David.
Ryan Smithwick, Republican, District 13
Make sure you know his party before you post. Educate yourself please.
Roger Smith

Whiteville, NC

#25 Apr 5, 2014
I tried to post this to the WECT Site but it would not let me, So much for free speech.
Wow I cannot believe this is still ongoing. This mess stared when David got elected district attorney. This(Batten's revenge letter on TV) should not have been news but Justin Smith the TV6 reporter is kin to the guy who ran against David the last time. Butch Pope. Justin actually worked for Mike McIntyre the democratic congressman. Butch was defeated. For Pete's sake let's move on guys. That corrupt political machine down in Columbus appears to have dug up another candidate. Ryan Smithwick. Just listen to him talk. He cannot even communicate. He admits to David's allegations that he is inexperienced when he himself says he's never tried a murder case. Yet he wants to get elected and he thinks he should be paid by the taxpayers to learn on the job? You cannot play around with the office of the district attorney. Or at least you should not. David is making those judges and lawyers work. He's not one of them. They're mad. They're obviously trying to put someone in they can control. That someone is Ryan Smithwick. Oh yeah look at the board of elections site. Smithwick was a democrat last year. Smells funny. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and goes "quack quack" its not an elephant. Its a RINO. Anywhere else and this Smithwick would not even be news. TV6 who started this has allowed Butch Pope's cousin to use his job to punch back at David. You lost Butch. Do not be a sore loser. Move on.

Whiteville, NC

#26 Apr 5, 2014
Is it true he was fired in Charlotte or what?

Whiteville, NC

#27 Apr 5, 2014
To Melissa Marie
You obviously do not know those crooks down in Columbus County who are seeking to control the district. I do not read on here where anyone is attacking democrats as a whole. Nor do I see where the Smithwick guy is called a democrat. The corrupt political machine of RC Soles is democrat, a few democrats. Do some research. Smithwick a very new a republican is their guy. You want more information? Google Columbus County Corruption. Look at the Jolly incident. Follow the republican judges stories. Follow a Operation Soccer. There is more information on who Smithwick is and where he came from if you follow Rex Gore's friends. You know the convicted formed DA.

Charlotte, NC

#28 Apr 7, 2014
I agree. Dennis Worley, Butch Pope and Poley Barefoot are promoting him from behind the curtain. You lost Butch. Be a better sport, accept and move on.

Ocean Isle Beach, NC

#29 Apr 7, 2014
Interestingly, the people who posted on this blog are the exact same cities as the other blog using different names. I did not think that the people of Tampa, Benson and Romania had such a strong interest in local Brunswick County politics. I think credibility is a huge issue on these blogs as it is apparent that people posting on here have the most to gain with a Jon David election. You should not slander Ryan Smithwick. As all of you know, Ryan is a great person who is extremely well respected by the entire community. Wrongfully slandering someone's reputation is not only illegal, it is also hurtful and for that you should be ashamed.

Whiteville, NC

#30 Apr 8, 2014
Here's a good repost response from another site you wrote on Steve:

One last thing. Columbus County, Bladen and Brunswick County folks live, work and have moved all over. Yes my 22-year old daughter(for example) who lives in Virginia, while in school, deserves to comment about back room politics in the county she was raised-if she so chooses. That's the American way. You say things that are not completely correct. I have seen Jon David next to several law enforcement personnel most recently. were you not at Lewis Hatcher's swearing in? He called on Jon David to come up and gave him(Jon) a lengthy personal (favorable)comment. I hear that the sheriff and the district attorney have been at several functions together here recently and, when I look in the newspaper I see the two working together. Did you not see the shooting and high speed chase a few weeks back? Steve it's often easy to start rumors but way too hard to debate the facts.

Murfreesboro, TN

#31 Apr 8, 2014
I just saw some statistics about DV court in Brunswick county. Are these accurate and if they are shouldn't there be a change at the district attorneys office? 95 guilty verdicts to 495 dismissals? That doesn't sound good. Why would the district attorney john David stand for this?
Me again

Whiteville, NC

#32 Apr 9, 2014
Not accurate. Trying to pull a rabbit out of a stolen dirty hat again?
Josh Bender

Raleigh, NC

#33 Apr 9, 2014
Vote Jon David for DA!!!!!!!!!! Send the good ole boys a message we're fed up with controlling lawyers.
Stop corruption

Whiteville, NC

#35 Apr 10, 2014
Nothing new here. Google Support Jon David against Corruption.
Here's a repost:

May 26, 2011 in News | Comments (0)
Statement from 7th District GOP Chairman Frank Williams:
“I am sorry that I could not attend today’s event, but am tied up working on some pressing deadlines for clients.
“I have had the opportunity to get to know Jon David over the past couple of years. Speaking as someone who was born and raised here in southeastern North Carolina, I am proud that he is our District Attorney.
“As a candidate, Jon David consistently stated that he would change things if he were elected and that cases would be handled in the courtroom, not the back room. As our District Attorney, he is working hard to do just that. Unfortunately, there are those who support the status quo, and they are fighting against the positive changes Jon is bringing about as our District Attorney.
“As District Attorney, Jon David is upsetting the apple cart by taking a firm stand against a long-entrenched culture of corruption. As concerned citizens, we must stand behind him.”
Tags: Bladen County, Brunswick County, Columbus County, Democrat Corruption, Public Safety
End Corruption

Whiteville, NC

#36 Apr 10, 2014
There rarely comes a time in history where Free men and women can take a stand and make a difference, there are so many lies and mis-truths out there that it is difficult to choose a course of action, HOWEVER WHEN A WEAK POINT IS AVAILABLE, IN THE WAVE OF TYRANNY, Then Free Men And Women should STRIKE AND TAKE A STAND AT THAT POINT!
Vote Jon David for District Attorney.
Help save our district.
A vote for Jon David sends a message loud and clear that we will not give in to corruption.
Amy Harrelson

Sumter, SC

#37 Apr 10, 2014
Steve or Mr Smithwick or whoever is on here for Ryan Smithwick. This is for you. I live at Little River but I also own property in Bolivia. In either case, Mr. Smithwick does not have the qualifications to meet or exceed Jon David's experience. That's a simple fact. Do you think that the taxpayers should elect a prosecutor that has never tried a murder trial? Absolutely not. Mr. Smithwick might do well to go back and work as an ADA for 10 more years and request to sit in with an experienced prosecutor handling murder trials. There are some good comments on Wwaytv3's site under Chris Batten's hateful revenge comments. You really get a feel where this is going and how it will play out. Most voters are not being fooled and the fact that Mr. Smithwick has not raised much money says much. I am voting for Jon David for DA.

Charlotte, NC

#38 Apr 10, 2014
Thanks for the comments Amy from Little River. However, since you are a resident from little river, it would be improper for you to vote in the Brunswick County election. I also don't believe you understand the role of a district attorney. Jon David professes his ability to try a murder case as his major qualification to be district attorney. The problem is a district attorney does much more and probably shouldn't be trying these murder cases. The district attorney is responsible for many assistants DAs. Jon touts the changes he has made in the staff as now having the perfect staff YET there are now more dismissals than ever, victims don't hear from the DAs office for many months at a time and there is little to no communication with law enforcement. These aren't rumors, they are facts. Speak to current law enforcement, Jon has had three years to make his mark at the das office and it is worse now than when he inherited it. Nothing has changed. Back room deals that happened before still happen now. This isn't about corrupt lawyers supporting Smithwick and anyone who says it is, is lying. Ask all the clerks in all three counties. They see what has happened. This is about having someone who is honest, ethical and more importantly, cares about the entire three counties and their citizens, in office. And if you believe this, the only possible way to vote is for Ryan Smithwick.

Whiteville, NC

#39 Apr 10, 2014
Steve there you go again. If one didn't know any better they'd think you were a politician or a lawyer. I have spoken with the Columbus and Bladen clerks. Both say Jon's numbers are better. In fact I also know that the Columbus clerk was at Jon's most recent event at Bud's Barn. You say things that just are not so. Matter of fact the Columbus County Sheriff was also in attendance as were other members of the law enforcement community. Your facts do not add up. Your candidate has raised very little money and appears to have very little support. A historian might recall Hitler claiming to have phantom forces that were enroute to save Berlin. We all know about that story don't we? We also know that the Furher said that if you tell a lie long enough most people would believe it. The News Papers and Internet media will support that Jon is a working DA that is in very many places. Please stop fibbing "Steve" or whoever you are. That's highly unethical. It's immoral. And once again, like the "facts" from your unelectable inexperienced candidate-it's patently false.
Amy Pruett

Fayetteville, NC

#40 Apr 11, 2014
Hey y'all I heard Cindy Hooks and Ryan Smithwick were endorsing Mike "Too Tall" Walker for Columbus County Sheriff. Too Tall is certainly the most experienced candidate and will be there to clean up this corruption mess that has harmed Columbus County.
Crystal Jenrette

Raleigh, NC

#41 Apr 14, 2014
I'm really shocked by what I'm reading Mr. Ryan Smithwick is a outstanding lawyer and I believe will make a great DA.

Ash, NC

#42 Apr 15, 2014
I agree Crystal. Don't worry, most of the people on this post are employees of the district attorney's office. It is very easy to see who they are. It is also very sad that they feel the need to make up lies to distort the facts. Over a 5 to 1 dismissal rate vs. convictions for domestic violence cases since May of 2013, dismissals of cases where the defendant has been in jail for years costing the county tax payers tremendous amounts of money and little to no communication with law enforcement in all counties. Law enforcement, from the sheriffs dept, to the police, to the troopers, to the clerks who actually work in the courthouses are fed up with the current administration. Community leaders in all three counties are ready for a new DA as the last four years didn't change anything. John David is taking money from the people he swore off in 2010, the good ole boy network. Yet all you here on these posts is the corrupt lawyers want David gone. The truth is in the facts and those are very hard to ignore. I would love to here some actually facts about how John has improved crime, reduced delay, and improved law enforcement communication in these counties. Don't worry Crystal, you won't hear any facts as the facts are not on David's side. Make sure you tell your friends to vote for Ryan Smithwick during early voting or on May 6th.

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