Hollis has just successfully made the situation at the Leland much WORSE. The Leland Community needs public vetting of their next police chief with the advice and consent of the duly elected Town Council. It is the only way to purge the air of impropriety and good ole boy politics that hovers over the town. An interim appointment from within is one thing, but to hire a new employee for the city as police chief and disregard the lawful hiring regulations of the Town is absurd. Why was it all done in secret and so fast? Do you really expect the citizens to believe that although you hired him, you do NOT know if he has applied for the job? ARE YOU INEPT? This is good ole boy politics. Let me guess. In two or three months you will tell us that he has done such a great job, we get to keep him as Chief. Hollis, you must go and Madame Mayor, YOU MUST get a handle on our town. Hollis has walked you off a ledge with this arbitrary appointment that ignores the Town Council and the citizens of Leland. For $68k we get a guy who led a two man police department. Unbelievable!!!!