Extra: More complaints against Florid...

Extra: More complaints against Florida's SunPass system

There are 55 comments on the WTSP Tampa Bay story from May 21, 2007, titled Extra: More complaints against Florida's SunPass system. In it, WTSP Tampa Bay reports that:

Many drivers continue to tell us they are experiencing major problems with their SunPass.

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Orlando, FL

#1 Sep 28, 2007
I for one was surprised to read this - I've had nothing but good experiences dealing with SunPass for over three years. I check my balance online every month and it's always been right. When my transponder battery died they mailed me a new one for free. They even mailed me some more Velcro strips when I got a new car. Maybe they just have a few bad apples that need plucking?
Lorrie Houghtaling

Wilson, NC

#2 Sep 28, 2007
I saw your story again last night and I am also a frustrated Sunpass user. I had a toll violation in March, but never received a notice. I had moved in Feb and sunpass tells me they do not forward the notice even though I had a forwarding on my mail. I updated my address with Sunpass, and in May updated it with the State when I registered my car for the year. June 28th a citiation was apparently issued again to the wrong address even though I had updated my address. I found out about this after the comply date and I am now being told I have no choice but to pay $90.50 for the .75 violation. I have been a sunpass holder since 2002 and believe this should have been handled differently. I have requested a court date, but do not know if it will be issued since I am past the comply date. The notice says my license may be suspended which I do not know if it has happened. I will also have to take off of work to deal with this. I think this is rediculious and can't believe time and money is being spent on such issues. Please keep me abrest if you find out anything that may help. My email is [email protected]
Get em Mike

Saint Petersburg, FL

#3 Sep 28, 2007
Keep up the pressure Mike!
Some of the stories that folks are sharing are ridiculous and down right scary! There is no way that so many folks are "making it up". Obviously, there is a flaw in their system somewhere.
this cannot be true

Lutz, FL

#4 Sep 28, 2007
The last time this happened, the Sunpass people said they had fixed all of the problems. These people must be lying about the great Sunpass system.
Alissa Santana

Lakeland, FL

#5 Oct 1, 2007
I'm a very frustrated Sunpass user also and LOTS of Help. I live in Bradenton and work in downtown St Pete. I recently received a "past due" ticket at the end of July for failure to pay toll. That has been the only ticket that I received. When I called about it they advised me that the ticket was from March and that 2 more have come up for April. I made a joking comment to the clerk saying that was funny that I got the ticket from Manatee county because it's usually the Pinellas side that doesn't register, so she looked up for Pinellas county and advised me that I had 3 for Pinellas. She gave the information to call them also. I have also called Sunpass they have taken care of 7 of them and advised me that they couldn't take care of any more or I would have to go to court. Now I have 3 more for Manatee & 2 more for Pinellas. I have written letters to ask for these to be taken care of, and now received a court appearance for 1 of them. The latest ticket that they have issued was from 5/16 here we are end of September/October. I went through my Sunpass account and counted the times that the Sunpass didn't register and just in June there were 7 times!!!! Yet I still haven't gotten any more tickets???? I have only received the 1.
When I called Sunpass I found out whne my renewal tag was sent to me I didn't advised them so the tag wasn't on file. Ok my fault, its not something that I would think of. When I called back to update to tag info the girl told me that the battery looked good??? I never changed the battery from the 1st call to this one. Since I have called them last to complain about numerous things, not receiving any notice and the tickets issuing isn't more current, I have not had any problems with the Sunpass not registering....Please help.. no time to keep writting letters..so far 16 tickets have been taken care of but that's from March & April only!!!!!!!!
Alissa Santana
[email protected]
Kenneth Morrow

Orlando, FL

#6 Oct 17, 2007
nothing but problems ....i am an owner operator and now have suspensions in three diffrent counties..
i cannot work since this has happend to me. I am so tired and upset over this..
I have requested a hearing..hope it all works out. If not i will loose my home and my truck.

West Palm Beach, FL

#7 May 5, 2008
It sounds dumb that sunpass can have a camera set up to give you a ticket by capturing your license plate but can't use that same system to look up your sunpass account with that license plate number in case your transponder doesn't go off. I lived in dade county before and from time to time the transponder would not go off, and they would use the plate to find my sunpass account.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#8 May 5, 2008
Sometimes I think that technology should make our lives easier and most of the times it does. But it is cases (situations) like this is where technology is just a big headache. I bet a lot of these people are thinking of going back to using the "pay as you go" method. As far as SunPass goes...I bet a lot of their rep's believe the computer system more than the people. SunPass should just waive these so called "fines", "violations", for the sake of their reputation. Quit making such a big stink out of someone not paying 1-10 out of 500, 1000, whatever amount of tolls they have paid that year.

Clearwater, FL

#9 Jul 30, 2008
I was reading a newspaper article the other day that a judge tossed out thousands of these cases because he felt the tech isn't working well. The devices are primitive compared to what could be done. The damn thing doesn't even tell you when the battery is low (i.e. there could be a light that goes out it could beep or something). I've never had a problem with mine working but I do find it annoying that in today's electronic funds transfer society it takes so long for them to charge the account from your credit card. Just always make sure you get a beep and always make sure the sign says thank you and you "shouldn't" have any problems but then anything computerized is always going to be subject to problems...sounds like a class action suit to me as the economy gets worse and the attorneys get hungry maybe someone will throw down the gauntlet, I've noticed a new sign at the toll booths lately so either sunpass is out or they just changed their name...competition will always improve service if you ask me.

Powder Springs, GA

#10 Aug 12, 2008
My son has recently received 2 tickets because the sunpass transponder wasn't working. The first time we thought it was the battery. Second time I called sunpass and they told us to bring it in. Sure enough the transponder was bad. Meanwhile he had money in his account and the tolls were being paid. Due to this he pleaded not guilty on both, when we went to the hearing which is Deerfield , we are in Plantation, the judge was looking for a no contest plea and for him to pay court costs otherwise we have to return in six weeks. we are going to fight both cases. But I truly think it is a waste of our time and taxpayers money.

Miami Beach, FL

#11 Sep 17, 2008
help!! i desperately need some info on filing a complaint against sun-pass.recently i received a letter in the mail saying that my driving license is being suspended. that's absurd. i always obey the laws.

Titusville, FL

#12 Nov 17, 2008
I was made to pay on the Polk Parkway on 11/08 and told my transponder was not working, but it did on the next three gates....would like to file a complaint, but can not find an address to send my receipt and complaint
Alexis Ortega

Delray Beach, FL

#13 Nov 28, 2008
Sun pass and MDX are stealing from the citizens
We have been hit with approx 120 tickets from sunpas that do not belong to us, they pick ip similar cars, and just placed the licensed plate on the ticket, most of the time on the picture taken the picture does not described the licensed plate. Paper holds whatever you put on them.

They are stealling money and selling transmitter numbers. If someone is interested in placing Sunpass a lawsuit I will be willing to participate.

We are hiring an attorney for this tickets and for some justice to be done.

Largo, FL

#14 Mar 17, 2009
Oh wah, wah, wah! You people sound a bunch of whiny cry babies, I've SunPass for the past 3 years and never had a problem. Maybe it's time you got rid of that piece of crap $25 transponder and paid $4.99 for the mini which works a lot better, No batteries and all you have to do it stick it on your windshild and that's it.

Laguna Beach, CA

#15 Jul 9, 2009
I had sunpass for 6 years, on January02 I move to California, change my address and I my wife stay in Miami driving my car for 2 month, sunpass should automatic charge my credit card every time it needs and on Jan25 they couldn't charged( don't really know why)because if was fine. Every time she went to sunpass, MDX got her a ticket which was about 2 to 4 times a day for a period of 4 weeks so went I got the first letter in CA by sunpass (NOT MDX) that I needed to update my account, It was on Mar05, I pay everything that was late about $40 and also said they were going to take care of a few violation that had on record and account was fine. The first week of June I receive by mail in CA a letter of Licence Suspension from the Court for 61 tickets that I fail to paid on Toll Violations by MDX. I took all the tickets to court.When I got my trial at the court I had to flight from CA lo Miami. MDX offer me to paid 30 tickets at $130 each and dismiss the rest minutes before the trial I told them NO. At the trial I explain the judge my situation and he say:

For the first ticket I find you guilty pay $212 and 3 points in your license, and now you got 2 options 1) Take MDX offer or 2) continue with 59 other tickets and by the end you will have 180 points in your license, your license suspended for LIFE and fines at $12,720. The judge was really rude like if I took advantage of the system. He say the Sunpass is not a credit card is a prepay system

I was force to take the offer with fine at $3950 and 3 point on first ticket.

Sunpass don't know if MDX give tickets to their customer. If MDX give you a ticket you are support to call with in 30 day after receive a MDX letter ( WHICH I NEVER recieve) and tell them that I have a active sunpass account.

Miami, FL

#16 Nov 17, 2009
Last friday I was arrested for having 45 suspensions against my license....ALL OF THEM SUNPASS VIOLATIONS!!!! I have attempted over and over to try and resolve them with sunpass, but no luck. THey are each at $300 a piece. I'm going to take these in front of a judge and hope and pray he has a heart.

Nashville, TN

#17 Nov 18, 2009
Paul wrote:
I for one was surprised to read this - I've had nothing but good experiences dealing with SunPass for over three years. I check my balance online every month and it's always been right. When my transponder battery died they mailed me a new one for free. They even mailed me some more Velcro strips when I got a new car. Maybe they just have a few bad apples that need plucking?

Jacksonville, FL

#18 Apr 19, 2010
I am not a sunpass account holder BUT I keep getting violations for a vehicle that is NOT mine! I don't use toll roads and are not ANYWHERE near HOmestead (where they say the violations occur) The picture shows a Nissa Altima and the tag number. I have a tag number VERY simular to this one (one number off) and I have recieved sevearal violations. If they would just run my tag number that the have listed as what they SAY is on the tag in the picture, they would see that it is NOT an altima but a FORD F250 SUPERDUTY DIESEL! No way close to being a Nissan! I can see the tag in the immages to be DIFFERENT than the tag they are listing on the violation and they are saying "sorry.. we will report it to the department" SO, so is this person getting these violations? I have recieved 3 of them in the pas 2 months and they are ALL the same Nissan car. I have called on all 3 and discussed this with them.
What gives on this?????
I see MANY of you are getting fines.. are they reading your tag right in the picture????
I mean they sent me a violation warning for a whole 25cents!!!!! It cost more to mail the dang letter than what it was worth and now I am demanding a letter indicating this was closed for my records just incase I am pulled over and they say i have tickets / or suspended license.

Tuscaloosa, AL

#19 Apr 23, 2010
I have had I would say about 120 violations from sunpass. I never received any violations notice. I changed my address with them online and on the phone, but they were still sending them to my old address. As it turns out, they had a system crash and reverted back to the old information that they had on file. I have been in and out of court for the past 2 and a half years and have been told to plead no contest to a few each time, and they would get rid of the rest. My license has been suspended several times and then reinstated. Every time I went to court, they would say no points assessed, but there are 13 points on my license, but I am not suspended because I paid a fine and took a 12 hour Advanced Driver Improvement course. The problem is that these points that are still there are keeping me from getting a cdl and a job with any trucking company. I have sent letters to the judge, and just went in December to court and spoke to a judge on a letter I wrote last year in December. I cannot wait that long as I am unemployed, and I cannot afford a lawyer, and the cheapest one wants $750 to take care of this, but it could take weeks or months. I was one of those thousands of people that got caught up in that whole sunpass fiasco. What can I do? Can anyone help me or am I just screwed until they come off next year in September?

Since: Mar 10

Account Closed

#20 Apr 27, 2010
give them hell and sue their retarded ariss then shove the sun pass up their ariss when ya git done them dumb bastards sent me a ticket in Tennessee. 3 years after i had been on vacation i wrote them a note with a black marker and told them to cume to Tennessee and they could have their money . then Rotflmao told them to kiss my ariss. still havent heard from them fools.

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