Manatee Bay's PTA has had it's charte...

Manatee Bay's PTA has had it's charter revoked by the Florida PTA.

There are 46 comments on the story from Oct 10, 2013, titled Manatee Bay's PTA has had it's charter revoked by the Florida PTA.. In it, reports that:

The reasons are numerous but the most glaring are the IRS compliance issues. Instead of telling the parents the truth why the PTA revoke the charter from Manatee Bay the Principal and the board AGAIN lie to the parents and told them that they are going to be better by having the PTO. Having the PTO Mrs. Devaughn Julie, Suzzy, Ingrid and all the other PTA board members will continue stealing from the children without any accountability they will continue "saying that they are volunteers" but that they pay themselves since they feel that they have the right to pay themselves with the children's money. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT MANATEE BAY PTO.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

#2 Oct 10, 2013

Hollywood, FL

#5 Oct 10, 2013
The only reason she wants PTO is because this principal and her corrupted followers won't have to report illegal activities and nobody will be watching them. But one good thing cane out of this, we as parents will not donate money to this school again.
I can't wait to get my daughter out of this dirty, stinking school.
They've turned it into a ghetto school. Dirty, lack of hygiene, teachers tell us there is no soap nor paper towels. They are asking us to help clean the school.
Why don't they demand for this principal and PTA board to give back the money stolen.
All of these people are in desperate need of money. Check out their bank accounts and credit, they are dirt poor and are making ends meet by stealing.
We want this principal to be taken to court for her corruption.

Miami, FL

#11 Oct 11, 2013
Ignorance at its greatest!!! Just when I think "they" have hit their limit with their stupidity, they outdo themselves again!!! REALLY!!! "Who paid for the water" for the car wash ???? That question alone proves your ignorance and shows how little you know about what is happening at OUR school. Get your facts straight and then try posting something worth an intellectual conversation. I know I will be waiting a long time because to have an educated statement it requires common sense.
Oh, and Linda, I am not too sure who your child is. First your referred to your child as your daughter and then again as your son, all in the same sentence. If you are going to make up false allegations at least try to make them believable. You are putting so much effort into this and now you are getting sloppy. Tisk Tisk. So sad to see that you do not have better things to do with your life.

United States

#12 Oct 11, 2013
Anyone who believes this blog is ignorant. The person starting it is a disgruntled ex employee with an agenda. If she keeps it up, I will call her out!
Proud MBE Parent

Pompano Beach, FL

#13 Oct 11, 2013
Ms. Chapman is a bully? Yeah, that's we parents are always trying to get our kids into her class. That's why she has the most supportive parents who always show up at all the school sponsored events to represent her class . How dare you call people bullies while using the internet to anonymously bully others! You all need to use some of that money of yours to buy yourselves a clue, and some class, too.

United States

#19 Oct 11, 2013
How do you get 'in the stage'? Two people with the same grammar error...hmm.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#21 Oct 11, 2013
Copperfield wrote:
How do you get 'in the stage'? Two people with the same grammar error...hmm.
yes do you know that iphones auto correct to whatever they want? YES when i went to get my kid I saw them running and heard the custodian the man with the white hair and gloves saying that everything had to be moved to the cafeteria that FLA PTA was going to pick up some stuff, I don't know who was the mother taking pictures but I was an eyewitness to everything and I am willing to testify.
Over it

Pompano Beach, FL

#25 Oct 11, 2013
Linda wrote:
My daughter has Ms Chapman she is a bully very arrogant all she does is scream and intimidates my son. We need to clean the school.
Ok Linda (AKA ROCIO, AKA Mariela, AKA Liliana, AKA Juliette, etc, etc). You are an awful liar. You can't even keep straight if you have a son or a daughter in Chapman's class. It's easy enough to check that there are like a whole 10 people on the forums right now, but you expect people to believe they all decided to randomly post on HERE within minutes of each other instead of just being one person posting under numerous names, but still using the same crappy grammar. You have made one slip up after another since you began this little blog project last year making it more and more obvious who YOU are. We all know what this is about. Does the October 1st School Board meeting ring any bells? I have tried to feel sorry for you, but you have no one to blame but yourself. You can keep living in that delusional world where you act the victim while calling people all kinds of awful names, but YOU are now irrelevant at MBE.
Jaime Vital

Miami, FL

#27 Oct 11, 2013
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Andrea Perez

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#35 Oct 12, 2013
My comment is my name. I am reading these posts and I find them mean. I can't stand mean, I think we are all better then that. So, you can keep this up, post on facebook or whatever else makes you feel empowered or you can Help.
Here's how:
I go to work each day and honestly try my best. I am trying to create a bunch of gardens at our school. I'm trying to build a STEM innovation program.
Some of you like me: think I'm a really good teacher.
Others of you don't. All I can say is I haven't taken a cent from you but I could use your help.
I need mulch for our gardens, I promise you you will see where it goes. I need hands to help paint the robotics lab we are putting together. I could use some help cleaning up some portables so that we can put together a Florida Heritage Museum where our kids can learn more about ,well, Florida.
So, I guess you can tell the world how horrible I am or you could actually, come in and help me. This stuff is getting in the way. By the way, all those evil ladies you mentioned: Julie, Suzzy Ingrid, those PTO moms you keep trashing: I know you're complaining about some imaginary corruption, but all I can say from my end: they help. Maybe you could put aside some of your anger and pick up a paint brush and stand beside us. I'm not taking sides. Wait a minute: yes I am: the side that says our kids come first and arguing adults just get in the way. Please help.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#36 Oct 12, 2013
Bina or Claudia or Concerned Parent or Maria or whatever you are calling yourself on this are a poor excuse for a human being and anyone who believes the shit that falls out of your mouth is an IDIOT!!! YOU are a bully, YOU are a liar, YOU are pathetic & YOU are screwing with the wrong people!!

How dare you call people out on this blog, You don't even know them. Manatee Bay is full of good, decent people!!

YOU made the decision to change schools (by the way, you are running out of elementary schools to terrorize and you still have another year of needing one)!!! So why don't YOU and your friends GET A LIFE!!!

WE are so glad you have NO REASON to be on our campus ever again & WE are glad to finally have a PTO so that they don't have to deal with and answer to people like YOU!!!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#37 Oct 12, 2013
Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.
Fun Fact

Pompano Beach, FL

#38 Oct 12, 2013
Every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming 1/10 of a calorie.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#39 Oct 12, 2013
just so you know, I'm not writing fun facts. I really want this to stop.
but I guess as the facts say: sometimes all you're doing here is banging
your head against a wall. Still need some mulch :)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#40 Oct 12, 2013
'Ron Mills' is at it again.'She' started up yet another blog. Her evil cohort (the former AP) is making comments and stating numerous mistruths under false names. How you can trash a school that you were once part of is disgusting.

Libel! How sickening that you would name people who haven't done anything wrong. Those who have done everything FOR the students. Pulling teachers in on your vendetta? Chapman? Really? She is a top-rate teacher - probably the most requested in kindergarten. Haley? What has she done to set you off? She lives and breathes MBE. Jefferson? Same thing. How has she been pulled in to your nonsense? She is a respected teacher of more than 20 years!

Leave Manatee Bay, the PTO, the principal, teachers, everyone ALONE! Let them do their jobs which is training up children!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#42 Oct 13, 2013
Isn't it funny how people that thrive to hurt others , always end up playing the victim?? In their sick mind it fulfills their need to feel above everyone else!!
Mrs Collazo

San Juan, Puerto Rico

#43 Oct 13, 2013

Can anyone tell me if these issues with the PTA/PTO and the Principal are already fixed? I'm planning to buy a house and I'm thinking now to choose Everglades instead of Manatee... Thanks for any feedback.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#44 Oct 13, 2013
Mrs Collazo wrote:
Can anyone tell me if these issues with the PTA/PTO and the Principal are already fixed? I'm planning to buy a house and I'm thinking now to choose Everglades instead of Manatee... Thanks for any feedback.
If you honestly believe what you are reading in this BLOG is true, then maybe Everglades is where you should go!! Maybe you can even become friends with the person who started all this drama and created this blog in the first place!! Just watch your back!!

Manatee Bay is THRILLED she is gone!!
AP tiered

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#48 Oct 14, 2013
The Broward County Council PTA came to our school and gutted our former PTA office. I know that there are bylaws that suggest this is legal and okay.
But as someone who promotes fundraisers and gives generously time after time, I can tell you that I never intended my donations to sit in storage for 3 years as a punishment for preceived wrongs. I watched the faces of this council. They came with boxes to pack up what they think belongs to them. I don't remember 1 cent they donated to our school or our community. I can count the thousands of dollars that our PTA and Student Council have raised over the years for other communities. If the point is that the Broward County Council of PTA's cares about all children, I did not see any evidence of that claim. I am ashamed to have ever given my dues to this organization. I have been at many other schools and the one thing I have to say: regardless of all this complaining and grand standing, is that those who volunteer at our school do it with heart and dedication. Maybe instead of taking our stuff, the Broward Council PTA could learn how to form dedicated teams who Do things for kids instead of wasting time putting people in their place. Yes, you have finally managed to sadden me and make me very upset. And the point was? By the way, to our new PTO is you are reading this: I get it. I said I worked at a lot of other schools. Manatee Bay is the first school that made an effort to establish a place where parents, teachers and volunteers could meet in a room that felt like home. In other words, they weren't trying to show off, they were trying to level the playing field. You could learn something if you could get past your own misconceptions.
Title of this Blog

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#50 Oct 14, 2013
Before one starts a blog, the person should be educated enough to spell correctly and use proper grammar. You should also be happy your children are receiving a top notch education at Manatee Bay instead of following in your educational footsteps (which probably includes either a communist country educational system or G.E.D.)

The grammar lesson is free!

1. "Its" is a possessive pronoun that is gender neutral. The word "its" is used to describe something that is connected to an animal or an inanimate object. It's easy to get confused because some people think of it's as the possessive form which is not true. It is, however true when talking about names as in "Jeanna's dog bit me." Be careful not to get the two mixed up. Some example sentences may include:

My oak tree loses its leaves in autumn.
My neighbor's cat never stays in its own yard.
Google needs to update its privacy policy.

2. "It's" is a contraction that is shorthand for "it is" or "it has." Some sample sentences include:

It's (it is) a nice day
It's (it has) been a nice day.
Before the city council approves the new mural, it's (it is) going to have to find money in the budget.

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