Broward County's uniform rules in ele...

Broward County's uniform rules in elementary, middle schools ma...

There are 97 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Jan 15, 2008, titled Broward County's uniform rules in elementary, middle schools ma.... In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

Some Broward elementary and middle school students could soon find it easier to dress as they wish instead of wearing required uniforms, while parents of high school students may be empowered to mandate ...

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Hollywood, FL

#85 Aug 5, 2008
FairPlay wrote:
<quoted text>
I assure you she was not given a warning. I also assure you that these pants look just like the other she wears every day – no stitching on the pockets, no labels. When I asked the administrator what exactly made that pair of pant’s “Jeans” he had no answer. So for the benefit of all persons who wonder as I do, what is a “Jean”
From American Heritage Dictionary:
jean (j&#275;n) Pronunciation Key
A heavy, strong, twilled cotton, used in making uniforms and work clothes.
jeans Pants made of jean, denim, or another durable fabric.
I believe that definition also describes Dockers and dickies uniform pants.
My daughter forgot her belt – ONCE all year – I went home and got it for her. 12 miles each way. She did not receive a warning because I got the belt to her on time – so to answer you question – no, she has never received a warning. This was her first offense and they wanted to send her to internal suspension. As it was they made her wear some ratty old used pants that were at least 1 size too small for her in order to allow her to go back to class. This is why parents are opposed to uniforms. She looked way more appropriate in the outfit I sent her to school in then the one she came home in. So – yes – I will demand my waiver in the first 10 days of school next year – just in case – god forbid – my kid forgets her BELT!
I understand what you and your daugther went through but it is the same if she was in daycare if she did not have a change of clothes they will give them a pair of clothes to wear. Uniform is so basic and we make so complex. We human and we forget things but you and your daugther should take it as a lesson learned. That's why it helps to plan a day ahead and this teaches the kids how to plan so things this small will not piss us off when we have bigger things to worry about

Hollywood, FL

#86 Aug 5, 2008
Summer is here wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't mean to argue with you, but you are wrong, because there a variations of uniforms. Patches are $ low income parents buy one patch and then the cheap shirts from Target for $5 and don't even sew the patch on! They pin them on with safety pins! You don't think that's embarassing? Also, don't forget you have sneakers, backpacks, lunchboxes and other things that kids get teased over. Uniforms do NOT stop this type of behavior. Uniforms DO NOT help with the atmosphere for learning in school.
What they do succeed at doing is identifying who belongs in the school and who doesn't. Aside from that, they are useless.
As for cost saving, I don't know about you other moms, but once the kids came home from school those uniforms needed to come off! So I had two wardrobes to buy for each child each year. Also, at the rate the kids grow in elementary and middle school you couldn't even turn the clothes over for the following year! And those Khaki uniform pants hold stains like the devil and the shirts don't hold up in the wash either.
And this is do mean to argue far as the so called liberals ruining this country...I want to plainly point out the great shape our right wing President has done for us. I don't think either party can fix the mess he's put us in. Stop blaming liberals for all our ills. It's our own fault for allowing this to happen to us.
Guess what it start with things like this small we blow up. I don't know about you but coming from nothing and having to struggle pay check to pay check uniform are better and a great ideal and have to worry if my kids getting teased and into fights because i can get the name brands clothes. See this is why something we should not have to vote about. Uniform is basic and we make it complex. And the pin on the short is a good ideal in case something happen in the family life and the children have to go to another school. Do you hear private schools debating on uniforms No Why cause it minor and study show that the children are more focus on there education instead of why should our kids wear uniforms.
no uniforms

Palm City, FL

#87 Jul 27, 2010
Uniforms are completely unnecessary in schools, in my opinion at least. Yes, in many professions uniforms are required. But it is a completely different situation in schools. Adults in the working world need the money that their jobs offer them, and understand that uniforms are necessary in certain professions. Children are forced to go to school, and many don't see the benefits that an education will give them later in life. School is made so much worse for them if they must wear uniforms. Also, the confidence level of children decreases when they don't feel that they look good. The ugly uniforms that kids are forced to wear in schools aren't even close to what would be acceptable in an office job. They make the girls especially look like boys. Women in the workforce would probably not be wearing an itchy polo shirt and khaki pants. Usually women wear stylish buisness attire to work. I don't agree with uniforms, but if it must be done then the uniforms should at least be attractive and leave some room for individuality. .
no uniforms

Palm City, FL

#88 Jul 27, 2010
Tired of liberalism wrote:
When does it end?
Uniforms eliminate a distraction. Lower income families don't have to worry about their children getting teased for not having the latest $200 shoes and $70 pants.
Everyone wears the same thing, nobody looks at girls wearing skimpy clothes, no children wear gang colors, nobody gets in trouble for wearing baggy pants.
This is public school. It may be free, but that doesn't mean parents have a right to change everything they don't like about it! Your child is there to learn and get structure! Believe me, many of these kids don't get ANY structure at's easily seen in the attitudes and actions of these kids.
The schools are the ONLY way we can guarantee the future of this nation. The more we loosen rules and cater to liberal ideas, the more likely the nation is to fall into the toilet.
They won't follow rules in school, why should they follow traffic laws? Insurance laws? It's already seen by all the non-insured people on the roads......
Uniforms most certainly do not save parents money. I know that my daughter needs clothing other than her school uniform to meet with friends outside of school and just to be comfortable at home, because those school uniforms are very itchy and annoying to wear.

Uniforms won't change anything about teasing. I don't know what school your children are going to, but if they surround themselves with the right people and make good friends, they and their friends can stick together regardless of what they wear. And also, children find anything to tease others about. Greasy hair and body odor is an obvious reason that people would get teased, but others are not so obvious and cannot be solved by a uniform. When my daughter went to a uniform school, she complained of being teased about the brand of pencil she used. All of the other children in her class were using something called smencils,(they are pencils that have different smells) but she was just using normal pencils. Should there be a writing utensil code as well? Because in the real world, when signing forms, black ink is sometimes required. We can't have our children breaking the rules and signing forms in pencil all because there was no writing utensil code.
Of course there shouldn't be a writing utensil code. It sounds quite rediculous, though many of the same arguments are used for having uniforms. Instead of uniforms, a strict dress code of appropriate normal clothing should be enforced. Whatever a child wants to wear, as long as they don't look like strippers and thugs going to school.
Uniform Rules

Hollywood, FL

#89 Aug 11, 2010
We have two home exchange students who will need uniforms for school. What canvas sneakers are the high school girls wearing these days, Keds, Vans, Converse, Puma? Thank you.
aqua m

Key Largo, FL

#90 Sep 4, 2010
i think that we they should get uniforms bacuase you save more money on new cloths and shoes and when they get up to go to school they dont take 15 mintues just to pick out the cloths for that day and all they have to do is do their hair and make up if they wear it . i think it would be better , thats what nobody understands or gets . Doesnt anyone wanna have extra money in their pocket for something special????
cind reed

Pompano Beach, FL

#91 Jul 21, 2011
why do the kids have to wear uniform an if they do they should be abel to wear out fits on thursday&friday

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#92 Aug 8, 2012
in my school they have a very strict policy on uniforms (irms) and i have always hated the uniform,expecially sence you have to go to a sertain store to buy it. everyone says its cheeper but i think it would be a whole lot cheeper if you could buy school clothes that you can also wear out of school, besides everytime i buy the uniform shirt its eather to small or too big and usually very itchy, plus what kid wouldent enjoy wearing jeans to school everyday. i just want to wear a band tee and some jeans everyday. (including my student id in a lanyard) as long as you have your id teachers and staff can reconize you. this year im getting that waiver.
uniform needed

United States

#93 Aug 9, 2012
Well my opinion is that they should enforce uniform in all broward schools it's need. it show the kids to be well dress and the kids don't pick on the kids that can't afford good clothes also that can cuase low self esteem on some children and it's much better for parents that have 5kids it's cheaper and convenient..I'm totally agreeing for uniform they should have votes in broward for these things mail to each parent and we remail back to the broward board with are vote....

Dania, FL

#94 Apr 19, 2013
i dont like uniforms

Pompano Beach, FL

#95 Jun 19, 2013
We should be able to wear what ever we want except that the school should have some rules like not to wear this not to wear that but we should still wear anything we want!

Pompano Beach, FL

#96 Aug 3, 2013
Im sorry, but as a single parent I cant afford uniforms for all my kids. on top of school supplies, that's why they are in public school. If I had money they would be in private schools. If there is so much violence in the schools, why are there no metal detectors at the entrances, no cameras. Even poor cities for example Richmond Virginia, have installed safety precautions such as metal detectors and cameras. Other cities remove the trouble maker students that have court cases and have a history of violence. why should good students suffer!
Cheryl M

Delray Beach, FL

#97 Feb 21, 2014
The problem with the schools is mostly parent involvement in the lives of THEIR own children who expect the schools to raise them on top of educating them... I have been to countless PTA and PTO meetings and have found that most public school parents do more complaining than they do getting involved and empowering the children... It's a village people... Get involved or sit down..
tony A

Elizabeth, NJ

#98 Aug 6, 2014
We should be able to where what we want states in our amendment 1and 9 implied rights (9) and freedom of speech (1) so therefore its violating the both of our amendments,but we could just have a dress code or security around campus to be safe I mean I'm just making a point

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#99 Aug 21, 2015
R u allowed to wear jean leggings
Smert peple

United States

#100 Aug 13, 2017
Uniforms are boring and stuff

Media, PA

#101 Sep 10, 2017
God is sending south florida and America a message today. Think about the force of nature and nature's God

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